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  1. Monthly meeting Tuesday 11th December in the Ciswo Club Glenrothes 7pm All teams to attend Committee
  2. JS Anderson Cup 2nd Round West Fife Albion v Cairneyhill Athletic now at Queen Anne High School 11am (Astro) Premier League Lochore Castle v Glenrothes Rovers 1-15pm Lumphinans (Astro) Committee
  3. Games off JS Anderson Cup 2nd Rnd Glenrothes Rovers v Gunners Off Change of Venue CEF League Cup 1st Rnd Novar Rovers v Minto Lounge now at Lumphinans 1pm CEF League Cup 2nd Rnd Lochore Castle v Yeoman OFF 2nd Division West Fife Albion v Kinross Colts OFF Committee
  4. chappy1

    Results 18th

    All the scores are in pinned topics at the top of the Sunday Section and on the League Website Committee
  5. Wheatsheaf v The Empire now at Beveridge Park 11am. Committee
  6. 18th November East of Scot Cup Ground Time Referee Notes Fixture Update 4th Round 90mins+pens Lochore Castle 2-2 Hillpark Lochore 2-4 pens 2PM TBC Sky 2-5 Newtown Ams Dalgety Bay 2PM TBC Fife Sunday Trophy 1st Round 90mins+pens Glenrothes Rovers 4-3 Novar Rovers Overstenton 11am J Campbell JS Anderson Cup 90 mins+pens 2nd Round Wellesley 5-2 Minto Lounge Savoy Park 11am G Wilson Premier League Styx 2-2 Gunners Beveridge Park 11am J Stewart Yeoman 2-1 Athletico Rosyth Townhill 11am E Paul 2nd Division Cairneyhill Athletic 5-3 Dunfermline United Queen Anne H/School 11am D Chapple Ciswo 3-7 Bruce Arms Warout Park 11am A Watt Dunfermline Town 5-1 West Fife Albion Bellyeoman 11am D Campbell Torleys 2-0 Kinross Colts Moore Park 11am D Hope Wheatsheaf 3-2 The Empire Randolph Park 11am C Flucker Idle Steadings Sun 25th November Fife Sunday Trophy 90 mins+pens 2nd Round Wellesley 8-3 Sky Savoy Park 11am D Campbell CEF League Cup 90 mins+pens 1st Round Novar Rovers Utd 1-5 Minto Lounge Lumphinans 1pm C Pounder Cairneyhill Athletic 6-1 Styx Queen Anne H/School 11am S Campbell CEF League Cup 90 mins+pens 2nd Round Lochore Castle P Yeoman TBC OFF B McLaren The Empire 4-4 Steadings 3-4 Pens 11am N Martin CEF League Cup 90 mins+pens 1/4 Final Bruce Arms TBC Torleys Limekilns 11am A Duncan JS Anderson Cup 90 mins+pens 2nd Round Athletico Rosyth 0-3 Dunfermline United Rosyth Institute 11am G Wilson Glenrothes Rovers P Gunners Overstenton 11am E Paul OFF 2nd Division West Fife Albion P Kinross Colts Halbeath 11am A Scott OFF Wheatsheaf 3-3 Ciswo Randolph Park 11am D Chapple Idle Dunfermline Town Sun 2nd December Scottish Cup 4th Rd 90 mins+pens East Kilbride Utd AFC 6-3 Styx AFC TBC TBC TBC Bingham Athletic AFC 0-8 Wellesley AFC TBC TBC OFF Due 9/12 Newtown AFC 1-2 Minto Lounge TBC TBC TBC Fife Sunday Trophy 90 mins+pens 2nd Round The Empire P Torleys Savoy Park 11am C Pounder (off) Yeoman P Wheatsheaf Townhill 11am A Duncan (off) JS Anderson Cup 90 mins+pens 2nd Round West Fife Albion 0-11 Cairneyhill Athletic Queen Anne (Astro) 11am T Richmond Premier League Lochore Castle 3-2 Glenrothes Rovers Lumphinans (Astro) 1-15pm G Wilson Gunners P Steadings Ravenscraig Park 11am J Campbell off 2nd Division Dunfermline United P Bruce Arms Pitreavie S Campbell off Novar Rovers P Ciswo Beveridge Park 11am C Flucker (off) Sky P Dunfermline Town Dalgety Bay 1pm A Watt (off) Idle Athletico Rosyth / Kinross Colts Sun 9th December Premier League Athletico Rosyth P Gunners Rosyth Institute 11am D Chapple (off) Minto Lounge P Yeoman Moore Park 11am N Martin (off) Steadings 1-6 Styx Beveridge Park 11am D Chapple Wellesley P Lochore Castle Savoy Park 11am OFF 2nd Division Bruce Arms P Wheatsheaf Limekilns (off) D Campbell Ciswo 0-4 Torleys Warout Park 11am N Martin Dunfermline Town 11-2 The Empire Bellyeoman 11am J Campbell Dunfermline United 9-0 West Fife Albion Fleet Grounds (Astro) 12 Noon C Flucker Novar Rovers 1-3 Cairneyhill Athletic Beveridge Park 11am G Wilson Sky 5-2 Kinross Colts Dalgety Bay 1pm J Stewart Idle Glenrothes Rovers Sun 16th December Fife Sunday Trophy 90 mins+pens 2nd Round Lochore Castle v Steadings TBC 1pm G Wilson Styx v Minto Lounge Beveridge Park 11am TBC Dunfermline United v Athletico Rosyth Pitreavie 11am TBC Premier League Gunners v Glenrothes Rovers Ravenscraig Park 11am A Duncan Yeoman v Wellesley Townhill 11am A Watt 2nd Division Ciswo v Cairneyhill Athletic Warout Park 11am D Hope Dunfermline Town v Wheatsheaf Bellyeoman 11am S Campbell Kinross Colts v Novar Rovers Kinross 11am D Chapple The Empire v Sky Savoy Park 11am A Scott Bruce Arms v Torleys Limekilns 11am C Flucker Idle West Fife Albion
  7. Moore Park off Waterlogged Park Scottish Cup 3rd Round Tie Minto Lounge v Brunswick AFC now at Fleet Grounds Rosyth 2pm Committee
  8. Anyone having trouble accessing the website should Google the link below or try the link at the top of the Fife Sunday Football section. fifesundayamateurfootballleague.webs.com Committee
  9. East of Scotland Cup 4th Round Lochore Castle v Hillpark Sky AFC v Newtown Amts 2nd Division Dunfermline Town v West Fife Albion Idle Steadings / Yeoman Committee
  10. Due to a waterlogged park Premier League game Minto Lounge v Wellesley 11am is now at Lumphinans (Astro) Committee
  11. Monthly meeting Tuesday 16th October in the CISWO Club Glenrothes 7pm All teams to attend Committee
  12. JS Anderson Cup 1st Round Steadings P The Empire OFF 2nd Division Ciswo P Torleys OFF Glenrothes Rovers v Lochore Castle OFF Glenrothes Rovers unable to field a team. Committee
  13. Scottish Cup 2nd Round Lochore Castle v Minto Lounge now at Lochore Welfare Junior Park 2pm kick off. Committee
  14. Wheatsheaf AFC have received a bye due to their opponents Baillieston (Folding) Committee
  15. chappy1

    players releasing themsells

    Barry click on the link at the top of the Fife Sunday League section on the forum and it will take you into the Website and you can open all the pages. You can also Google it and save it to your favourites Committee