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  1. Steadings AFC will now play their home games at Beveridge Park Committee
  2. Due to pitch shortage the Langtoun Thistle v McPhails game has now been reversed this will now be played at King George V 11am. Wed 23rd Langtoun Thistle v Styx will now be played at Randolph Park 6-45pm Committee Langtoun Thistle have folded
  3. Fife Teams First Round Ties Due 15th October Minto Lounge v Horseshoe Bar Corstorphine Dynamo v Yeoman Harvester v Pitreavie Villa Whitehackle v Wheatsheaf Craigshill Thistle v Lochore Castle Livingstone Community v Bruce Arms Easthouses v Athletico Rosyth Byes West End Bar Dunfermline Utd Committee
  4. Fife Sunday Amateur Football League Sun 20th Aug Premier League Ground Time Referee Notes Bogarts v Torleys Ravenscraig 11am C Pounder Crown Inn OFF Lochore Castle King George V Leven 11am N Martin Off McPhails v Langtoun Thistle King George V 11am C Flucker Pitreavie Villa v Yeoman St Leonards D/line 11am T Richmond Styx AFC v Minto Lounge Beveridge Park 11am D MacKinnon 2nd Division Athletico Rosyth v Cupar Town Rosyth 11am A Duncan Bruce Arms v Wemyss Thistle Limekilns 11am S Campbell Carousel Utd v Sky AFC Kinghorn 11am N Martin Glenrothes Rovers v Hayfield Strollers Warout Park 11am C Wilson Steadings v Novar Rovers Utd Beveridge Park 11am I Gilfillan West End Bar v CISWO Halbeath 11am A Scott Wheatsheaf v Dunfermline United Randolph Park 11am J Cooper Idle Maltings Lochore Castle Wed 23rd Aug Premier League Ground Referee Notes Bogarts v Yeoman Ravenscraig 6-45pm C Hutchison Langtoun Thistle v Styx Randolph Park 6-45pm S Campbell Lochore Castle v Maltings AFC Dallas Doyle Park 6-45pm J Stewart McPhails OFF Crown Inn King George V Leven 6-45pm C Wilson Off Minto Lounge v Torleys Moore Park Lochgelly 6-45pm N Martin 2nd Division CISWO v Glenrothes Rovers Dovecot Park 6-45pm T Bisset Cupar Town v Steadings Duffus Park Cupar 6-45pm C Flucker Dunfermline United v Bruce Arms Pitreavie Park 6-45pm J Campbell Hayfield Strollers v Wheatsheaf Randolph Park 6-45pm A Duncan Novar Rovers Utd v Carousel Utd Beveridge Park 6-45pm A Scott Sky AFC v Athletico Rosyth Dalgety Bay 6-45pm T Richmond Wemyss Thistle v West End Bar Coalown of Wemyss 6-45pm J Cooper Idle Pitreavie Villa McPhails Sun 27th Aug Premier League Ground Referee Notes Crown Inn OFF Bogarts King George V Leven 11am C Flucker Off Maltings AFC v Langtoun Thistle Culross 11am T Richmond McPhails v Yeoman King George V Leven 11am B McLaren Pitreavie Villa v Minto Lounge St Leonards D/line 11am J Campbell Styx v Lochore Castle Beveridge Park 11am C Hutchison 2nd Division Athletico Rosyth v CISWO Rosyth Institute 11am I Gilfillan Bruce Arms v Cupar Town Limekilns 11am D Hope Carousel Utd v Dunfermline United Kinghorn 11am J Stewart Novar Rovers Utd v Sky AFC Beveridge Park 11am T Bisset West End Bar v Hayfield Strollers Halbeath 11am N Martin Wheatsheaf v Wemyss Thistle Randolph Park 11am D Campbell Free Steadings Idle Glenrothes Rovers /Torleys / Bogarts Wed 30th Aug Premier League Ground Referee Notes Bogarts v Styx Ravenscraig 6-45pm B McLaren Langtoun Thistle OFF Crown Inn Beveridge Park 6-45pm J Cooper Off Lochore Castle v Minto Lounge Dallas Doyle Park 6-45pm D MacKinnon Pitreavie Villa v Maltings AFC St Leonards D/line 6-45pm S Campbell Torleys v McPhails Moore Park Lochgelly 6-45pm J Campbell 2nd Division CISWO v Carousel Utd Dovecot Park 6-45pm C Wilson Cupar Town v Glenrothes Rovers Duffus Park 6-45pm C Flucker Dunfermline United v Athletico Rosyth Pitreavie Park 6-45pm C Hutchison Hayfield Strollers v Novar Rovers Utd Randolph Park 6-45pm D Campbell Sky AFC v Bruce Arms Dalgety Bay 6-45pm A Scott Wemyss Thistle v Steadings Coalown of Wemyss 6-45pm J Stewart Wheatsheaf v West End Bar Randolph Park 6-45pm D Hope Idle Yeoman Langtoun Thistle Sun 3rd Sept Scottish Cup 1st Rd 90 mins + pens Time Referee Notes Athletico Rosyth v Blackburn Newtown Rosyth Institute 1pm TBC Bathville Thisle AFC v The Bruce Arms AFC TBC TBC TBC Carousel Utd AFC v Bathgate Thistle AFC Kinghorn 1pm TBC Carron Thistle AFC v Hayfield Strollers TBC TBC TBC Carronvale AFC v Pitreavie Villa AFC TBC TBC TBC Crown Inn AFC OFF Greenhill Thistle AFC King George V Leven 1pm TBC Dunfermline Utd v Bowhouse Utd AFC Pitreavie 1pm TBC Edinburgh Caledonian v Glenrothes Rovers TBC TBC TBC Horseshoe AFC v Langtown Thistle TBC TBC TBC Livingston North AFC v Yeomen AFC TBC TBC TBC Lochore Castle AFC v Whiteshackle AFC Dallas Doyle 1pm TBC Maltings AFC v Edinburgh Athletic Culross 1pm TBC McPhails AFC v Styx AFC King George V Leven 11am TBC Roseburn Thistle AFC v Torleys AFC TBC TBC TBC Sky AFC v Blackburn Utd AFC Dalgety Bay 1pm TBC St Bernards AFC v Wheatsheaf Inn AFC TBC TBC TBC Steadings AFC v Cupar Town AFC Beveridge Park 11am TBC Wemyss Thistle AFC v West End Bar AFC Coalown of Wemyss 11am TBC 2nd Division Novar Rovers Utd v CISWO Beveridge Park 11am A Scott Free Minto Lounge Idle Bogarts Sun 10th Sept Premier League Ground Time Referee Notes Bogarts v Langtoun Thistle Ravenscraig 11am C Wilson Maltings AFC v McPhails Culross 11am A Duncan Styx OFF Crown Inn Beveridge Park 11am A Scott Off Torleys v Pitreavie Villa Moore Park Lochgelly 11am C Flucker Yeoman v Minto Lounge Townhill 11am J Stewart 2nd Division Ciswo v Dunfermline United Dovecot Park 11am I Gilfillan Glenrothes Rovers v Athletico Rosyth Warout Park 11am D Hope Hayfield Strollers v Bruce Arms Randolph Park 11am J Cooper Sky AFC v Cupar Town Dalgety Bay 11am S Campbell Steadings v Wheatsheaf Beveridge Park 11am D MacKinnon Wemyss Thistle v Novar Rovers Utd Coaltown of Wemyss 1pm T Richmond West End Bar v Carousel Utd Halbeath 11am J Campbell Idle Lochore Castle Styx
  5. League starts up again 20th August all player registration forms for this season should be given to Registration Secretary Wattie Moodie ASAP. Committee
  6. League Meeting in the CISWO Club Glenrothes Tuesday 8th August 7pm All teams to attend. Committee
  7. Fixtures

    They will be given to the teams at the league meeting on Tuesday Then put on the League Website and the Football Forum in pinned topics Committee
  8. Premier League Bogarts AFC Ravenscraig Park Kirkcaldy (Eddys Bar) Crown Inn AFC King George V Leven (Folded) Jokers AFC St Leonards Dunfermline (Folded) Langtoun Thistle AFC Beveridge Park Kirkcaldy (Templehall Tavern) Lochore Castle AFC Dallas Doyle Ballingry Maltings AFC Culross McPhails AFC King George V Leven Minto Lounge AFC Moore Park Lochgelly Pitreavie Villa AFC St Leonards Dunfermline (Coadys) Styx AFC Beveridge Park Kirkcaldy Torleys AFC Moore Park Lochgelly Yeoman AFC Townhill Dunfermline (Lauders) Division 2 Athletico Rosyth AFC Rosyth Institute Rosyth Bruce Arms AFC Limekilns Carousel United AFC Myres Park Kinghorn Ciswo AFC Dovecot Park Glenrothes Cupar Town AFC Duffus Park Cupar (New team) Dunfermline United AFC Pitreavie Park Dunfermline Glenrothes Rovers AFC Warout Park Glenrothes Hayfield Strollers AFC Randolph Park Kirkcaldy (New team) Novar Rovers United AFC Beveridge Park Kirkcaldy (Novar join FC Ingolstadt) Sky AFC Dalgety Bay Sports Centre Steadings AFC Beveridge Park Park Kirkcaldy Wemyss Thistle AFC Coaltown of Wemyss (Victoria Rovers) West End Bar Halbeath (New Team) Wheatsheaf Inn AFC Randolph Park Kirkcaldy (New team) Committee