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  1. Fife Sunday Amateur Football League Sun 25th October East League Ground Time Referee Notes White Heather v Dynamo KB Beveridge Park 11am N Martin Ciswo v Bayview Thistle Dovecot Park 11am A Watt Weavers v FC Brig Beveridge Park 11am D Chapple Fife Arms v Kingdom Rovers Randolph Park 11am B McLaren Idle Cowdenbeath Colts West League Cowdenbeath Utd v Dunfermline Town Violet Park 11am T Richmond Yeoman v Rosyth Sundays Bellyeoman Park 11am J Stewart Bruce Arms v Lochore Castle Limekilns 11am S Clark Sky v Athletico FC Dalgety Bay 1pm G Wilson Sun 1st Nov East League Cowdenbeath Colts v White Heather Violet Park 11am D Chapple Bayview Thistle v Weavers New Bayview 10-30am I Wilson FC Brig v Fife Arms Savoy Park 11am C Flucker Kingdom Rovers v Dynamo KB Myers Park 11am J Campbell Idle Ciswo West League Dunfermline Town v Bruce Arms Rosyth Institute 11am S Campbell Rosyth Sundays v Sky Fleet Grounds 12 noon G Campbell Lochore Castle v Yeoman Dallas Doyle 1pm A Duncan Athletico FC v Cowdenbeath Utd Dulloch Park 11am A Scott Sun 8th Nov East League Cowdenbeath Colts v Ciswo Violet Park 11am N Martin Weavers v Kingdom Rovers Beveridge Park 11am B McLaren Fife Arms v White Heather Randolph Park 11am G Wilson Dynamo KB v Bayview Thistle Savoy Park 11am C Pounder Idle FC Brig West League Bruce Arms v Rosyth Sundays Limekilns 11am T Richmond Sky v Dunfermline Town Dalgety Bay 1pm J Stewart Yeoman v Athletico FC Townhill 1pm A Watt Lochore Castle v Cowdenbeath Utd Dallas Doyle 1pm S Campbell Sun 15th Nov East League FC Brig v Cowdenbeath Colts Savoy Park 11am A Duncan White Heather v Bayview Thistle Beveridge Park 11am S Clark Ciswo v Weavers Dovecot Park 11am C Flucker Fife Arms v Dynamo KB Randolph Park 11am D Hope Idle Kingdom Rovers West League Cowdenbeath Utd v Yeoman Violet Park 11am G Campbell Sky v Bruce Arms Dalgety Bay 1pm A Scott Dunfermline Town v Rosyth Sundays Rosyth Institute 11am I Wilson Athletico FC v Lochore Castle Dulloch Park 11am D Chapple Sun 22nd Nov East League Kingdom Rovers v Ciswo Myers Park 11am D Hope Bayview Thistle v Cowdenbeath Colts King George V 11am T Richmond White Heather v Weavers Beveridge Park 11am A Watt Dynamo KB v FC Brig Savoy Park 11am J Stewart Idle Fife Arms West League Yeoman v Dunfermline Town Townhill 11am S Campbell Rosyth Sundays v Cowdenbeath United Fleet Grounds 12 noon J Campbell Lochore Castle v Sky Dallas Doyle 1pm N Martin Bruce Arms v Athletico FC Limekilns 11am B McLaren
  2. Hi Guys can you get your player registration forms for season 2020/21 to Registration Secretary Martin ASAP. Regards John Committee
  3. All teams require insurance cover with sports guard to play any games after the 1st October Regards John Committee
  4. Any new teams wishing to join the Fife Sunday Amateur Football League for hopefully season 20-21 should contact a member of the committee. Committee
  5. No games are allowed unless both teams have at least 1 qualified Covid Officer who has completed the online test in attendance at the games. A self declaration form must be filled in and both this form and the test certificate should be given or sent to the league secretary. Before arranging friendlies you should make sure that any opponents you are playing have these things in place. All other safety precautions at the games should be overseen by the Covid Officers from both teams who should confer with the referee. At present changing rooms and showers will not be available for the teams or officials. Committee
  6. League winners based on average points per game Premier League FC Brig 2nd Division Kingdom Rovers Committee
  7. Safa have said there will be no return before the 10 June if that stays in place we will have to see if we can recover any of the season . The pitch fees are something that can be dealt with once we know how we will proceed. Committee
  8. No problem Skip did not notice the date of the entry. The info wont go wrong anyway. FSAFL Committee
  9. All friendlies and bounce games are forbidden by the SAFA during this virus alert and training is at the teams discretion although no bounce games are permitted during training. All referees have been instructed not to referee any friendlies or bounce games until further notice. Fife Sunday AFL Committee
  10. All games called off by the SAFA due to the Corona Virus until further notice. Committee
  11. JS Anderson Cup 2nd Round Lochore Castle v Torleys now at Kinross 1pm Committee
  12. Torleys are continuing to take part in the league this season The fixtures have been updated to show this Committee
  13. Hi Barry the leagues are shown below 2nd division will play each other 3 times Premier 2nd Division Bruce Arms Athletico Rosyth Cairneyhill Athletic Ciswo Dunfermline Town Cowdenbeath Utd Lochore Castle Fife Arms (The Empire) Sky Kingdom Rovers (Novar Rovers) Styx Rosyth Sundays Torleys West Fife Albion Wellesley Wheatsheaf White Heather (Gunners) Windsor Rovers Yeoman Committee
  14. Could all teams get their players signed and get them to Registration Secretary Martin Whitehead ASAP so that he can start registering the players for this season 2019/2020. Committee.
  15. Barry If all teams that are supposed too enter the FSAFL it could mean 2 leagues of 10 teams. As soon as all the teams have registered we will put the new leagues on the Website / Forum. Committee
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