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  1. Sun 21st October East of Scotland Cup Ground Time Referee 3rd Round 90m+pens Athletico Rosyth 0-5 Gotham City Rosyth Institute 11am TBC Craigshill Thistle OFF Glenrothes Rovers Craigshill Walkover TBC TBC CVD AFC 6-1 Dunfermline Utd TBC TBC TBC Gunners 2-7 Wallyford Utd Ravenscraig Park TBC S Campbell Hillpark AFC 4-2 Minto Lounge TBC TBC TBC Lochore Castle 3-3 Tamfourhill Utd 4=2 pens 2pm TBC Sky AFC 3-2 Pathhead AFC Dalgety Bay TBC TBC Fife Sunday Trophy 90mins+pens 1st Round Steadings 5-2 Kinross Colts Beveridge Park 11am D Campbell Premier League Styx 4-5 Yeoman Beveridge Park 11am B McLaren Wellesley 18-0 West End Bar Savoy Park 11am C Flucker 2nd Division Bruce Arms 4-0 Novar Rovers Utd Limekilns 11am J Stewart Dunfermline Town 1-2 Cairneyhill Athletic Bellyeoman 11am D Chapple Torleys 6-1 The Empire Moore Park 11am C Pounder Ciswo 4-1 West Fife Albion Warout Park 11am E Paul Idle Wheatsheaf Sun 28th October League Cup 1st Round 90m+pens Cairneyhill Athletic P Styx Queen Anne H/School 11am OFF League Cup 2nd Rd 90 mins + pens Bruce Arms v Kinross Colts Limekilns 11am S Campbell West Fife Albion v Torleys Halbeath 11am A Watt Dunfermline United v West End Bar Pitreavie Park 11am D Campbell Wellesley v Gunners Savoy Park 11am J Stewart JS Anderson Cup 90 mins+pens 2nd Round Yeoman v Lochore Castle Townhill 11am G Wilson Premier League Glenrothes Rovers v Steadings Overstenton 11am N Martin Minto Lounge v Athletico Rosyth Moore Park 11am E Paul 2nd Division The Empire v Ciswo Savoy Park 11am D Chapple Novar Rovers Utd v Sky Beveridge Park 11am A Scott Wheatsheaf v Dunfermline Town Randolph Park 11am TBC Sun 4th November Scottish Cup 3rd Rd 90 mins+pens Wheatsheaf v Wallyford Bluebell Randolph Park TBC TBC Meadowbank Wed v Gunners TBC TBC TBC Northside Colts or v Wellesley TBC TBC TBC MN United AFC Styx v Rouken Glen AFC Beveridge Park TBC TBC Minto Lounge v Brunswick AFC Moore Park TBC TBC Blackwood Villa AFC v West End Bar TBC TBC TBC Fife Sunday Trophy 1st Rd 90mins+pens Lochore Castle v Ciswo Dallas Doyle 1pm C Pounder JS Anderson Cup 90 mins+pens 2nd Round Dunfermline Town v Torleys Bellyeoman 11am D Chapple Premier League Athletico Rosyth v Steadings Rosyth Institute 11am J Campbell Yeoman v Glenrothes Rovers Townhill 11am D Hope 2nd Division Bruce Arms v Cairneyhill Athletic Limekilns 11am K Brown Kinross Colts v The Empire Kinross 11am T Richmond Sky v Dunfermline Utd Dalgety Bay 11am G Wilson West Fife Albion v Novar Rovers Utd Halbeath 11am C Flucker 11th November League Cup 1st Rd Ground Time Referee 90mins + pens Novar Rovers Utd v Minto Lounge Beveridge Park 11am C Pounder JS Anderson Cup 90 mins+pens 2nd Round West End Bar v Wheatsheaf Violet Park 11am E Paul Premier League Glenrothes Rovers v Wellesley Overstenton 11am A Watt Gunners v Lochore Castle Ravenscraig Park 11am N Martin Yeoman v Steadings Townhill 11am S Campbell Styx v Athletico Rosyth Beveridge Park 11am A Duncan 2nd Division West Fife Albion v Bruce Arms Halbeath 11am A Scott Ciswo v Sky Warout Park 11am K Brown Kinross Colts v Dunfermline Town Kinross 11am J Stewart The Empire v Dunfermline Utd Savoy Park 11am C Flucker Torleys v Cairneyhill Athletic Moore Park 11am D Campbell 18th November Fife Sunday Trophy Ground Time Referee 1st Round 90mins+pens Glenrothes Rovers v Novar Rovers Overstenton 11am J Campbell League Cup 2nd Rd 90mins + pens Lochore Castle v Yeoman Dallas Doyle 1pm A Scott JS Anderson Cup 90 mins+pens 2nd Round Wellesley v Minto Lounge Savoy Park 11am G Wilson Premier League Athletico Rosyth v West End Bar Rosyth Institute 11am B McLaren Styx v Gunners Beveridge Park 11am J Stewart 2nd Division Cairneyhill Athletic v Dunfermline United Queen Anne H/School 11am D Chapple Ciswo v Bruce Arms Warout Park 11am A Watt Dunfermline Town v Sky Bellyeoman 11am D Campbell Torleys v Kinross Colts Moore Park 11am D Hope Wheatsheaf v The Empire Randolph Park 11am S Campbell Idle Steadings / West Fife Albion
  2. Due to a waterlogged park Premier League game Minto Lounge v Wellesley 11am is now at Lumphinans (Astro) Committee
  3. Monthly meeting Tuesday 16th October in the CISWO Club Glenrothes 7pm All teams to attend Committee
  4. JS Anderson Cup 1st Round Steadings P The Empire OFF 2nd Division Ciswo P Torleys OFF Glenrothes Rovers v Lochore Castle OFF Glenrothes Rovers unable to field a team. Committee
  5. Scottish Cup 2nd Round Lochore Castle v Minto Lounge now at Lochore Welfare Junior Park 2pm kick off. Committee
  6. Wheatsheaf AFC have received a bye due to their opponents Baillieston (Folding) Committee
  7. chappy1

    players releasing themsells

    Barry click on the link at the top of the Fife Sunday League section on the forum and it will take you into the Website and you can open all the pages. You can also Google it and save it to your favourites Committee
  8. chappy1

    West End Bar

    West End Bar have decided to continue playing this season. Committee
  9. chappy1

    Team Folding

    Due to lack of support from the players Premier League side West End Bar have folded. Its a pity after winning promotion and the Fife Sunday Trophy last season that it has come to this. Committee
  10. chappy1

    players releasing themsells

    All the people who were at the meeting were informed that a player who asks to be released is now released immediately and the registration secretary then informs the team that he has left. If the player is due any money or football gear to the team he has left that is between the club and player. Committee
  11. West Fife Albion v Dunfermline United now at Queen Anne High School 11am Goals at Halbeath broken Committee
  12. RJM Sports Sunday Trophy 2nd Round Ties Scheduled for Sunday 7th October 2018 1 AFC Pollok (GDSCAFL) v Cranhill United AFC (FCSAFL) 2 Baillieston AFC (A&CAFL) v Wheatsheaf Inn AFC (FSAFL) 3 Bardykes Rovers 2016 AFC (FCSAFL) v AFC Silverburn (FCSAFL) 4 Bathgate Thistle AFC (LEAFA) v Viewpark United AFC (A&CAFL) 5 Bingham Athletic AFC (LEAFA) v Broomfield United AFC (FCSAFL) 6 Broughton Albion AFC (LEAFA) v Haggs Tavern AFC (FVAFA) 7 Broxburn AFC (LEAFA) v Eastend Star AFC (FCSAFL) WITHDRAWN 8 Brunswick AFC (FCSAFL) v Coatbridge Colts AFC (A&CAFL) 9 Budhill United AFC (FCSAFL) v Blackwood Villa AFC (FCSAFL) 10 Carron Valley AFC (WLSAFL) v Bellshill United AFC (A&CAFL) 11 Carronvale AFC (FVAFA) v Yeoman AFC (FSAFL) 12 Castlemilk Dynamo AFC (FCSAFL) v MacMillan Samba AFC (LEAFA) 13 Colts Athletic AFC (GDSCAFL) v Niddrie Star AFC (LEAFA) 14 Corstorphine Dynamo AFC (LEAFA) v Valley Thistle AFC (Ayrshire Sunday AFA) 15 Craigshill Thistle AFC (WLSAFL) v Victoria Loco 18 AFC (LEAFA) 16 Cumbernauld Colts AFC (A&CAFL) v Duddingston Athletic AFC (LEAFA) 17 CVD AFC (WLSAFL) v Lesmahagow AFC (A&CAFL) 18 Drumchapel United AFC (FCSAFL) v Crownpoint United AFC (FCSAFL) 19 East Kilbride United AFC (FCSAFL) v Annan Town AFC (DSAFL) 20 Eastend Tower AFC (FCSAFL) v Weir Recreation AFC (FCSAFL) or Cellar Bar Colts AFC (A&CAFL) 21 Eastwood Mearns "A" AFC (FCSAFL) v Blackhill Brae AFC (A&CAFL) 22 Eastwood Mearns "B" AFC (FCSAFL) v Westwood AFC (GDSCAFL) 23 Edinburgh East AFC (LEAFA) v Rutherglen Rovers AFC (FCSAFL) 24 Fully Rovers AFC (A&CAFL) v Atlantic Quay AFC (GDSCAFL) 25 GB United AFC (ASAFL) v Crichton Campus AFC (DSAFL) 26 Glencairn Thistle AFC (Ayrshire Sunday AFA) v Edinburgh City AFC (LEAFA) 27 Golden Tee AFC (ASAFL) v Glasgow Irish AFC (FCSAFL) 28 Gotham City AFC (LEAFA) v Lauriston Thistle AFC (LEAFA) 29 Grange AFC (Ayrshire Sunday AFA) v Todholm AFC (GDSCAFL) 30 Gunners AFC (FSAFL) v Scaur AFC (DSAFL) 31 Harvester AFC (WLSAFL) v Riverside AFC (DSAFL) 32 Highland Park AFC (WLSAFL) v Wellesley AFC (FSAFL) 33 Irvine No1 CSC AFC (Ayrshire Sunday AFA) v Steadings AFC (FSAFL) 34 Keppochhill AFC (GDSCAFL) v Styx AFC (FSAFL) 35 Kilbirnie United AFC (Ayrshire Sunday AFA) v Carluke Thistle AFC (A&CAFL) 36 Killie Athletic AFC (Ayrshire Sunday AFA) v Maryhill Milans AFC (GDSCAFL) 37 Killie United AFC (Ayrshire Sunday AFA) v Eastend Heart AFC (A&CAFL) 38 Lanarkshire Forrest AFC 'A' (A&CAFL) v Edinburgh Caledonian AFC (LEAFA) 39 Livingston CFC AFC (WLSAFL) v Bon Accord AFC (ASAFL) 40 Livingston North AFC (WLSAFL) v Torry Vics AFC (ASAFL) 41 Lochgreen AFC (A&CAFL) v Bullfrog AFC (A&CAFL) 42 Lochore Castle AFC (FSAFL) v Minto Lounge AFC (FSAFL) 43 Meadowbank Wednesday AFC (LEAFA) v East Lane AFC (FCSAFL) 44 Meadowmill AFC (LEAFA) v Corstorphine Timbers AFC (LEAFA) 45 New Stevenston AFC (FCSAFL) v Pathhead AFC (LEAFA) 46 Newcraighall Star AFC (LEAFA) v Glasgow Rovers AFC (FCSAFL) 47 Newmains Hammers AFC (A&CAFL) v Shotts AFC (A&CAFL) 48 Nithside Colts AFC (DSAFL) v MN United AFC (ASAFL) 49 Palmerston Colts AFC (DSAFL) v Victoria Park AFC (GDSCAFL) 50 Partizans AFC (LEAFA) v Burgh Vale AFC (LEAFA) 51 PFD AFC (FCSAFL) or Polonia Glasgow AFC (FCSAFL) v HSV AFC (FCSAFL) 52 Pollokshields United AFC (GDSCAFL) v Coatbridge United AFC (A&CAFL) 53 Queenslie AFC (FCSAFL) v Roseburn Thistle AFC (LEAFA) 54 Rumours AFC (FCSAFL) or Newmains United AFC (FCSAFL) v Newtown AFC (FVAFA) 55 Ruthwell Rovers AFC (DSAFL) v The Bruce Arms AFC (FSAFL) 56 Southside Spartans AFC (GDSCAFL) v Haldane United AFC (FCSAFL) or GSC United AFC (GDSCAFL) 57 Tamfourhill United AFC (FVAFA) v Bathville Thistle AFC (A&CAFL) 58 Unity AFC (GDSCAFL) v East Calder United AFC (WLSAFL) 59 Vale Rangers AFC (FCSAFL) v Media AFC (FCSAFL) 60 Wallyford Bluebell AFC (LEAFA) v Donner Inn AFC (FVAFA) 61 Wellhouse AFC (FCSAFL) v Alba AFC (LEAFA) 62 West End Bar AFC (FSAFL) v Shirlaws AFC (ASAFL) 63 Westside AFC (LEAFA) v Sky AFC (FSAFL) 64 Wishaw United AFC (A&CAFL) v Roukenglen AFC (FCSAFL) Committee
  13. chappy1

    Fixtures 2/9/18

    The Fixtures are at the top of the Fife Sunday Football Section in the pinned topics in this Forum There is also a link to the league website at the top of the page. If you still have a problem you can Google it and save the correct section 2018-19 to your favourites. You can also get it with Safari. Mobile phones are not ideal it seems better with a computer / I pad or laptop Committee
  14. All teams who are playing away in these cups against teams that are outwith their own association still have to text in their result. All teams playing at home in these cups have to text in their results. Committee
  15. East of Scotland Cup 1st Round Longstone Utd 5-6 Glenrothes Rovers Dunfermline Town 1-3 Greenhill Thistle Torleys 2-2 Costorphine Dynamo 4-3 pens The Empire 1-6 Haggs Tavern Novar Rovers Utd 0-5 Meadowbank Wednesday West Calder Utd 6-0 Kinross Colts Premier League Gunners 4-5 Minto Lounge Wellesley 1-2 Yeoman Athletico Rosuth 2-5 Styx West End Bar 0-2 Lochore Castle 2nd Division Bruce Arms 5-2 West Fife Albion Cairneyhill Athletic 3-0 Ciswo Wheatsheaf 0-1 Sky Committee