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  1. Why can't the teams play each other 4 times ? Would make more sense surely than playing every second week , it's a decent standard so games would be competitive
  2. any info on what the league set up will be now ? Will teams have to play each other 4 times etc just to keep season going into next year ?
  3. 21s league just started again in Fife should be a good standard where he could develop as a player
  4. Cheers for posting results mate appreciated
  5. cheers mate young Martin is a cracking player
  6. who got ym's goals mate ?
  7. Does anyone have any info on this league as in when does it start, how many teams are in it etc etc any info appreciated
  8. What date do the 21s kick off mate ? Any other info on the league set up as in how many teams etc ?
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