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  1. Sorry to trouble you all, I've been looking around for a few months now and not finding to much info and can do with some help of possible. Me and a few mates are looking to play +35's football. I've looked over website(s), Facebook etc but not seeing to much info on any local active teams, leagues, training, contact info etc. Is 35s competitive are we maybe better trying a Sunday team, any advice/info appreciated We are all from Kirkcaldy, Glenrothes and Leven and just looking to lace up the old boots. Nothing serious, we haven't kicked a ball in 10+years but after watching 2 weekends of football we have convinced ourselves we can still try and play a little.
  2. Daz in CM looked class today so did your other ck Eck???
  3. I think I'll fire down and watch this one
  4. Who plays for Bayview as I see a lot of people tipping them for 2nd division
  5. Michael King Andrew Waters James Band
  6. I'm sure one of the 3amigos knows a few players from kittys, his name is Michael King (kingy)
  7. not really, not as a three. 1 of us offered acorn (me) 2 another prem team but 0 as a three. Playing in a friendly 2moz so will see how it goes
  8. Any league we dont mind, 2 should push for astart in any team 1 will hopefully make bench lol
  9. What division are legion rovers, I haven't played them before
  10. Hi me and 2 friends are looking for a local team. We've played previous seasons but been out for a while. 1 plays anywhere in midfield 1 centre mid or cente back 1 anywhere in defence We're looking for a team roughly kirkcaldy, glenrothes and local sorrounding area(s)
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