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  1. Wellesley looking for teams to play for the new season on Sunday 14th July sunday 21st july sunday 28 July 4 team tourney Glenrothes Athletico and Empire sunday 4th August sunday 11th August anyone thts interested give me a mail or phone 07305703266 cheers
  2. As per my comment above Baz our game had to be played even with the changes to kick off time
  3. Earlier in the season we were forced to Play Minto away on Astro having been told by a committee member that telling us on the Saturday afternoon was sufficient notice to our game changing along with the kick off time we were informed that if we didn't play the tie, the points would be awarded to Minto as per the new rules voted in at last yrs agm. This was after being informed our game would be called off from Minto and after saying we were struggling for a team anyway all of a sudden the Astro became available and we had to play the tie, my players were so annoyed we went and won that game one of my players was due home that morning from Amsterdam and he even turned up due to the circumstances in which we were forced to play. Not trying to stir things but the rules must be the same for everyone. Our game moved parks and the kick off time changed from an 11am kick off to a 1pm kick off
  4. Hi everyone we at the Wellesley just wanted to wish Minto good luck away to Caste Milk this wkend and if any of u wanted to take in our game against Livingston it will be up at the Grieg Park Institute in Windygates with a 2 pm kick off, get along and support one of the last 2 Fife teams in the competition, there will also be a canteen which will provide soup stovies burgers and hotdogs during the game aswel as snacks like crisps or sweets etc so if ur at a lose end come nd show the lads a wee bit extra support cheers
  5. Why was Empire game off we played our game at Savoy today ?
  6. Kinross v West Fife was 1-1 mate seen the ref at Castle v Minto game
  7. Dunf Utd vs Empire was abandoned at 1-1 mate after a penalty was awarded to the Empire, something to do wi one of the sidelines apparently, wasn't there tho so don't know 100% just what lve heard
  8. So far we have Lochore Castle and Dunfermline Town confirmed for our tournament so we only need one more team. Also all other dates r still available for preseason friendly's just give me a msg cheers babz 07875755279
  9. Wellesley AFC (Mcphails) are looking friendlies on these dates preferably away but can arrange for a home game if required let me know what dates your interested in cheers JULY 22nd JULY 29th AUGUST 5th AUGUST 12th (4) team Tourney lochore has confirmed already we are looking to invite another 2 teams to play in a 4 team Tournament as Lochore have already confirmed they will play, each team will play 2x 90 min games or 80 mins depending on what everyone would prefer, this will cost £100 per team this will pay Parks/ Referees and also a trophy for the eventual Winner, everyone will be invited back to our boozer for a good scran and free pool etc the format is simple a live draw on the day for fixtures and obviously the winners play the final for 1st and 2nd and with the 2 losers playing for a 3rd 4th place If interested let me know asap cheers 07875755279 babz
  10. babz

    New teams

    Aye lad had a few ppl ask me from different teams but also about starting a team up lad
  11. Hi guys when is the final date for teams applying and who is best to contact regarding a new team cheers in advance
  12. Hi guys just a wee update we're changing parks to Savoy in Methil it's near the police station or where Bayview used to play as we've moved pubs and tht park is closer to the new sponsor.
  13. John can we no play pitreivie villa in the league then? On Sunday would say about playing yoeman but we're playing them nxt Sunday
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