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  1. Late notice but east vale are looking for a game nxt midweek 3rd 4th or 5th if anyone is interested plz message 07858115731
  2. East vale are currently looking to strengthen our squad and are looking for experienced players in all positions to help a young squad . So if you fancy a new challenge get in touch. 07858115731
  3. Kirkland bar afc looking for a goalkeeper for season ahead there as been a big change in our squad for nxt season but still on look out for any goalkeeper interested in helping us move to next level in our improvement . If you fancy it plz get in touch 07858115731
  4. Hi eastvale are still looking to strengthen their squad in all positions.Theres a new management team in and have great facilities with a young determined squad.If interested in new challenge or still at loose end give us a call. 07858115731
  5. Is there any games organized in the levenmouth area tonite???
  6. your better of going on the ffdl webpage m8 and getting contact numbers yourself.Theres a few teams looking to add to there squads for nxt year and with the pro youth thing happening imagine clubs will be getting plenty phone calls so I would contact them yourself before the pro youths excudes happens and teams are at full squads.good luck wi ter boy hope you get him a club.
  7. wmc1965


    the one who won the pen and scored second goal good strong player looks like hes played at higher level
  8. wmc1965


    Was at game as a neutral though pretty even game the difference being the boy murrey up front.Might have been different game if ref gave stonewall pen to civill number 10 when totally taken out at 2-0.Levens third was a well worked move and cool finish which ended the game as a contest.Some really good players on both sides who try to play proper football and wouldnet count any out of league race.
  9. unlucky boys ..... but uz should feel really proud of what you have achieved in your first year of elevens amazing run well done.
  10. ur rite m8 it had the makins of a really good game bit obv to say but both teams looked up for it lol
  11. im not connected to the brig im just a casual watcher of whoever is playin.The reason I say fife is because it happened here n that's aw ppl will say when they get drawn against fife team . Even thou it was 90% the other teams fault . IM DEF NOT TRYIN TO TARNISH FIFE FOOTBALL..................just think it doesn't do rep much good
  12. it was a feckin disgrace bottles n bricks being thrown a absolute feckin ar se hole on a motorbike trying to run ppl down CRAZY there was small kids there n one wee lassie just got missed wi a thrown bottle .Not what you want to be known for in the football world it tarnishes the whole of fife football imo.
  13. aye heard that m8 they lost a few to pro youth and it looked like yous were gonna fold. Glad that u didnny my son plays for st.johns this year and wiz looking forward to playin y ous wi a decent team ......... last year the team he played for got hammererd by yous about 14 nil lol
  14. Aye well done to 01s but also good run from 00s just shows how good a job the coaches and everyone connected to the club are doing along there.
  15. heard townhill beat hutchie vale that's a gr8 result well done to blue brazil 01s
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