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  1. Mate your making your self look a right idiot here. Talking about how bad the team have been when I think we all know your a disgruntled ex player. So while your taking the piss out of Albion your also doing the same thing to your self because you got released from the club who in your words conceded 47 goals in 3 game. My advice move on bud be happy fife football is still healthy enough for 3 league's because before all the covid it wasnt looking great. Find a new club there is plenty about and stop the embarrassing post mate. All the best
  2. Hope the boy that got hurt for ylum makes a speedy recovery never nice to see boys injured
  3. That's madness the team denbeath has surly someone will want to take on that job easily challenge in the prem next season
  4. No one at st monans thinks the league is done and dusted yet still 5 hard games to play. Good luck to all the teams involved in the battle
  5. Have to say a good result for st monans today they fought a bit harder than strollers. All the best to the strollers for the rest of there season
  6. St monans 3-0 united collages. Game was not always pretty and collages done well in the game swallows keeper had a few save to make but our quality and hard worked showed through in the end. Thank the collages squad for attendence back a the pub
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