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  1. No need to get nasty about it but I only said your from Kelty I thought you would want them all to win as I have a very good friend on ylum committee and for him I want his team to do well and always come on here to see how they have done but unfortunately tonight they lost 3-1 to a good bowhill Rovers team
  2. Why does a Kelty man want to see the local team get beat you being from there and support the senior team surely you must have pals that are associated with this team therefore should hope they win and do the village proud
  3. There is a full list on east region website for tomorrow and midweek
  4. Tomorrow folks if you want to watch competitive action Kelty begin there new adventure against Tynecastle in the qualifying cup at saughton enclosure at 2.30pm
  5. Yes I was talking to one of the players who had a fractured ankle I'm sure he said and told me Eck was ill which is a shame really as he has put everything into the club to get them to the super league....The same guy told me the 2 central defenders left and have not been replaced but Chrissy Gay ( good player ) looked good against Kelty and I like Chris as a gentleman along with his dad Jimmy...Bit more players with the right attitude and commitment like Chris and his brother Marty they should hopefully stay up as for Lyle Shaw he must have had a pre-season with Tom Daley as anytime someone went near him he went to ground and there is no need as he is a good we player and when he runs at defenders he is hard to stop or could win free kicks in vital areas of the pitch or even penalties but I wish KSH all the best and hope Eck has a speedy recovery
  6. I'm not sure if Kennoway has new signings but I noticed Kevin Byers was not there and the left back who I was told is the new manager went of early in the first half of the Kelty game with an injury but they looked ok think they might be bottom half of super league due to maybe lack of experience
  7. Went to the Kelty Hearts tournament today and saw 2 good games..first on Sauchie v Broxburn and it turned out 3-2 for Broxburn but don't know what Sauchie defence were trying to achieve I think in the last quarter they were trying to gift Broxburn goals and that's where the winner came from overall decent game...second game saw the hosts v Kennoway Star Heart which was a very competitive game and the visitors took the lead only for the hosts to pull level with a Brian Ritchie goal...Kelty then went 2-1 in front with a scorching free kick from Stephen Husband ( see khtv )....Kennoway were not giving up and kept going at Kelty and then towards the end front man and new summer signing Errol Douglas got in on the act with a goal to make the final score 3-1....Kennoway on this showing will do well in the Super league and they will play Sauchie juniors at 12 noon tomorrow and Kelty will play Broxburn in the final despite the weather decent turn out for the games
  8. Hi folks is it possible for teams to list any friendly games times venues and opposition that they may have arranged and hopefully get out to a game this weekend as getting bored with no games on that I know of would be most greatfull if you can list them...many Thanks
  9. Yes fingers crossed I've had a few good weeks now and I will be watching Kelty in there new adventure be good to see some new teams
  10. It would be nice to read this section again and get up to date on the transfers that's been happening around the junior scene including managers and staff that may have moved on and new ones that may have come in...if any team could let us know of there new signings and latest news it would be great to get it back to where it was a few years ago
  11. Some season for the boys at Leven Utd...Was the League the only thing they didn't win?
  12. James


    Brilliant effort and massive well done on getting that far
  13. James


    Any score yet
  14. James


    Good luck to all at Bowhill tonight lads enjoy the occasion and hopefully round it of with a few celebration beers with the final to look forward to
  15. Congratulations to Bowhill Rovers well done lads hope you can go on and do yourself even more proud than you have done up to now
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