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  1. Imagine winning 1st game of season 20 nil and not being top of the league. Footballs back.
  2. Sure it was kennoway 9 St Monans 2
  3. Your lot trained last sat. Guidance isn't read in leven mouth.
  4. Hope no. Falkland usually have 35 players left out
  5. They had to charge the self employed players to gain funds as not seen any new pictures recently
  6. Who's bankrolling this. I could get there name on a top for a bit of exposure rather than all this Hush Hush. Sponsorship deals wanted
  7. Money talks But it don't sing and dance and it don't walk And long as I can have you here with me I'd much rather be forever in blue jeans.
  8. Are you even ready to join this year. Doesn't look good. Hopefully you can get someone tho.
  9. Well done to the league champions.
  10. Who was the last new team to fold?
  11. If there is 9 new teams wanting to join then just create another division for the new teams. Play each other 3 times, 24 league games
  12. It's just like the sfa Leven think there celtic and want tainted titles. Cupar hearts now got am soccer and want Ann budge instead of Austin. Ylum wanting an independent inspection of the kofafa. League Fixtures brought into question. It's amateur football guys and girls, let's not get mentioned in the next rangers statement. Enjoy yer Sunday
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