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  1. KFAFA RESULTS Saturday October 28

    Correction from Referee's Team Line: Taylor Sullivan Cup Leven Utd v Pittenweem Rovers - Full Time 2 - 2 - Penalties 3 - 0
  2. League Tables @ 21st October

    Your fixture is defo on SAFA website. I just missed you out by mistake! Apologies. Fixture up now with ref added.
  3. League Tables @ 21st October

    Unfortunately, they have fallen off the bottom of the page for Premier Division - think its because the shortened version doesn't have enough spaces. Click on website link for full version.
  4. Fixtures 14/10

    Well spotted - too many Kennoways lol Amended
  5. Scottish 3rd round

    Think I have them all up on the website now. (The Match / Fixtures & Results / Next Match / 4th Nov)
  6. Saturday 30/10 Results

    Fixture Secretary has been away, but they are all up on the website :-)
  7. Fixtures sat 7th

    Fixtures have just been emailed to club secretaries by Match Secretary - website updated.
  8. fixtures

    It's the Scottish Cup 2nd Round, jaz - fixtures were put up earlier (11th Sept) - can also click on the website link
  9. Scottish

    The referees for the four remaining teams have just gone up on the SAFA website within the last half hour - so hopefully, remaining team lines will be on their way shortly :-) Our website will be updated too.
  10. Scottish

    There are four teams that haven't had referees allocated yet, according to SAFA's website, which is probably why the team lines cannot be generated. But there's nothing to stop you contacting your opposition team from their contact details given on SAFA's website? And don't shoot me down for trying to be helpful ;-)
  11. Any teams train in Duloch?

    All clubs contact details are on the League Website bud - a link is on front page of this forum section.
  12. forum

    92% of the Kingdom clubs have their own Facebook pages now - you need to start making more friends on it, Jamsie ?!
  13. Friendly Tues 15th August

    Final score Leven 2 Crossgates Primrose JFC 1
  14. Friendly for this Saturday???

    Game at Quarry Park, Jaz Glenrothes v Kinross Colts Also Bowhill v Kirkcaldy YM St Monans v Kirkcaldy Rovers
  15. All the club contact details are on the website (as pinned above this section).