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  1. Final score: Caledonian AFA 3 - Kingdom of Fife AFA 1
  2. Half time score 1 - 1 Barry Allan
  3. 3rd Round fixtures for 16th February are up on the league website and 4th Round Draw fixtures for 16th March are now up on the SAFA website.
  4. There seem to be gremlins at work on the league website at the moment - neither of the administrators can get logged in - so apologies in delay at recording results and league table!
  5. Thanks, guys. League Website error sorted - result had been de-scheduled by mistake. Any website queries, please contact Walter directly as he is managing it currently.
  6. Scottish Cup 5th Round on January 5th, CJ - Pittenweem Rovers through and hopefully Cupar Hearts and Kinross, if they do the business today! Good luck, guys.
  7. Fixtures Sat 1st Dec 2018 - Scottish Amateur Cup - Round 4 Home Away Bowhill Rovers v East Kilbride YM or Colville Park E Bridgewater v Leven Utd Castlemilk BC v Kennoway Ams FC Kettledrum v Milton or Dysart Kinross v Newshot Pittenweem Rovers or Burntisland Utd v Strathclyde Uni or Hearts of Beath Rannoch or Cupar Hearts v St Mungo’s or Montrose Steins Thistle v AM Soccer UB United v Bannockburn or Fossoway
  8. For info: "...a person who is suspended cannot play, participate as an official, act as a linesman, act as a trainer, sign any papers, registration of transfer forms, be in a club dressing room or formally travel in the club transport to a game." Rule 17, Page 54 SAFA Handbook
  9. You should be asking your club secretary that question ;-) Rule 17: If on a game suspension you can attend as a spectator on a public park, but can be asked to leave on a private park. :-)
  10. They are up on the website - click on the link.
  11. Think there was a mis-print from Tom - website amended lol
  12. Sibby, The Disciplinary Secretary and the Match Secretary work totally independently of each other - there is no collusion - its just bad luck! You did get to play in your club's Scottish Cup game and your club had a free week last Saturday.
  13. The website program wont allow two home games to be scheduled - was obviously a small error by Match Sec. Note also Leven Utd v HoB has been de-scheduled due to Scottish Cup Replay taking precedence.
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