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  1. jackiemac

    Kelty Hearts

    Dead chuffed for Geordie Clark & Billy McKenzie. Gordon Young will be celebrating up above!
  2. jackiemac


    gpr 3 leven 4 kinross 2 eastvale 8 bowhill 3 strath 1 civil 2 kettle 2 Great result for Neil & Dod. Keep it up guys!
  3. jackiemac

    Results Sat 21St

    Couldn't agree more. Their manager's shouts are more befitting of Sunday morning stuff. The antics on the pitch comes from their technical area. FFS we all like to win and, aye, there are some nonsense shouts from most team's management but EC's are absolutely cringeworthy (understatement of the year). To say that I hope his next sh*te's a hedgehog would be an understatement. Oh - And just like The Murphys. I'm not bitter!
  4. jackiemac

    Results Sat 21St

    And scoreline didn't flatter Star, John. The Hibs just weren't at the races. We live to fight another day though.
  5. jackiemac

    Games Off

    east craigie v thornton off, but thornton waiting on inspection at 10.30 @ Linlithgow now for fife & lothians cup tie That's off too
  6. jackiemac

    Games Sat 10Th On/off

    hope we dont get the weather spoiled it or wind assisted goal done us.games should be aff in these conditions. Agree 100% Willie. Driving up to Arbroath Vics game we heard on radio that Arbroath FC's game was off and we feared the worst. Got to say that Arbroath Vics' pitch was in terrific nick (they only get games off for frost apparently). It was a wee bit windy but nothing that affected the game and defo not even gusty. Oh aye and the Hibs won 5-1 with Chris Ireland getting four including an 'Anton Panenka' penalty-kick. Raymond Crichton got our other goal.
  7. jackiemac

    Games Off

    Does this mean Leslie Hearts 19's are off tomorrow as well, Mav, or will there be a separate inspection? Game off also John. Quarry park off all weekend Cheers, Mav.
  8. jackiemac

    Games Off

    Does this mean Leslie Hearts 19's are off tomorrow as well, Mav, or will there be a separate inspection?
  9. jackiemac

    Results 1 Nov 2014

    Nice one. Gives me an excuse to open the Gordons. As if I needed one............
  10. jackiemac

    Results 1 Nov 2014

    Dysart anyone?
  11. jackiemac

    Scores 27Th

    Buckhaven v Dysart anybody?
  12. jackiemac

    Fafa Results Saturday August 23

    Another good win for Dysart! Chic who?
  13. jackiemac

    Scores Today

    Three out of three for Rosyth. Charlie Crawford will be well pleased. Hopefully he's as pleased tomorrow afternoon!
  14. jackiemac

    Scores Today

    All scores on ersjfa.com.
  15. jackiemac

    Results 16Th August

    Some result for Dysart. They've never looked back since Chic Duncan stood aside to let Neil Aitken become the gaffer!!