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  1. Aye will hopefully see a few good games this season well a hope
  2. Pete will be over the moon ylum should be in top league tho
  3. Terrible shout jaz.u get a ban u come here slate committee shouldn't old pedo get banned from the forum
  4. lost management and players are not committed
  5. Not Ben tekkies bench same as his team lad
  6. A think Pete has been on the bench tekkies mate
  7. A never said ylum are great or leven arent ... the facts are they played a player who was suspended FACT ........sporting integrity eh? If that makes me a broken record then so be it .... leven are a good team .. no getting away from it ...if it got chucked out then let it go u slavouring same pash all the time won't change it
  8. Pete ur like a broken record mate gee it a rest leven are good ylum are dung get over it
  9. Was a gd end to 17 years at ams had wish a went done more but a never but only thing a never won was Scottish so happy days mate
  10. He's a fat old ding Andy wouldn't waste ur breathe on it 6 nil they were missing couple boys as wee were but got job done could been more
  11. Well a wee great win the night from us against a team that's played well all year well done lads all best for next season
  12. defo mate some game some crowd could went either way that long throw in use look like scoring every time from it mate
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