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  1. Swallows1

    Broken leg for striker

    The question is why did he make the ridiculous tackle.Your team was leading 4-1 with 3 minutes to go,Ronnie has the ball 5 yards from the corner flag when the player clatters him.The tackle? was greeted by a great cheer from the Scotia sideline.Was he trying to prove he is a hard man?No place for this in football.
  2. Swallows1

    Broken leg for striker

    I have been around amateur football for over 50 years but I doubt that I have ever felt so disgusted as I do tonight.Balgonia Scotia were leading 4-1 with only a few minutes to go when the St Monans striker suffered a broken leg from a horrendous tackle from the opposition no8.He had no intention to play the ball and I was standing only about 3yards from the incident.After the game the player who committed the foul was heard to say he’ll be off his work for a couple of weeks haha.Our player has a child a partner and twins on the way and will be laid up for a long time.I am sorry to say that the referee bottled it and gave only a yellow card.You really have to question what amateur football is all about when you experience a night like this.No doubt we will hear the usual platitudes about fair tackles etc but anyone who saw the incident knows what actually happened.
  3. Swallows1


    I think they are included in the handbook for information.
  4. Swallows1

    After game hospitality

    I have felt nearly all season that going back to your opponents pub has outlived is usefulness.This was certainly confirmed today when St Monans took 12 back to the Windsor(Dysart’s drinking place)to be told they were not expecting us,this after we had purchased our drinks. I would suggest that this practice should cease for next season. I must add that there was no one from Dysart to be seen.
  5. Swallows1

    Results Thursday 19th

    As a matter of principle no player should be able to play for more than one team in the Association.
  6. Swallows1

    Games off thursday

    Glenrothes from Dysart 15 minSt Monans to Dysart 40mins.Simple cast the Glenrothes fixture on the Saturday give St Monans no fixture and make them travel to Dysart on a Tuesday.Pure genius.
  7. Swallows1

    League Fixtures

    St Monans last home league game was on 15th October,next home game likely to be 7th January 2017.How is it possible to run an amateur team without 3 months home match day sponsorship,after game raffles etc.No business for our main sponsor either.We seriously have to look at the league set up before more teams go to the wall.
  8. Swallows1

    Results 16Th

    Extremely disappointed by the no show of Freuchie back at the hotel after the game today. We had arranged for food for around 40 people given the fact that we were celebrating our league win and they had won the game. Cannot understand why they would not share our hospitality. In all our games at Freuchie we have always supported their bar facilities and would expect this to be reciprocated.