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  1. Smithy85

    Looking for amature team

    If your looking for a team and needing a job Levens your best bet. Just message Bombscare on here, he's the one that recruits players for Leven.
  2. Smithy85

    Scottish 6th Round

    Strathmiglo score?
  3. Smithy85


    Am sure the Rosyth sidelines where coming on the park everytime gpr made a challenge. The only time he was bumping his gums is when the Rosyth sidelines kept running on the park. If a mind right the boy set up the first 2 goals in 10 mins if I mind correctly. conceded very poor goals and never a penalty. Ref was terrible everything went Rosyth way today but just one of They days. Rosyth know how to play on their we tight park that's how they get points. When they play on bigger parks they get heavy defeats.
  4. Smithy85

    Whos Gonna Win The Kingdom This Year Then?

    Eastvale would need to bring in alot of boys than last year. If gpr lose fraser they won't win anything, Long ball gpr when I watched them against leven. Levens a strong side and expect them to do well same as Bowhill. Gpr aren't a good side to watch but they work hard.