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  1. YM could easily have been five or six goals up by half time against Kelty, had loads of good chances.
  2. Ah that's probably correct then. Thanks for the reply.
  3. Kelty game off due to "pitch issues" according to Pittenweem Rovers facebook page.
  4. Thanks for the quick reply.
  5. Do we have a start date for this season?
  6. Dry your eyes you absolute loonball.
  7. 'mon Cupar Hearts, get into this mob.
  8. Give Steve Clarke a phone, could give you a morale boosting win.
  9. Kirkcaldy Blues 3-4 Kelty according to Kirkcaldy Blues facebook page.
  10. Are Kelty amateurs confirmed for this, haven't seen anything on their twitter/facebook pages.
  11. Is that the same Henry McLeish that said last week the plans for an European Super league made him the angriest he has ever been?
  12. Suppose Boris has to get it right eventually considering that he has presided over a death rate and case rate worse than Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales.
  13. Pittenweem Rovers 1-1 Kelty according to Pittenweem Rovers facebook.
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