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  1. https://www.eosfl.com/downloads/eosfl/The-East-of-Scotland-Football-League-Season-2020-21-Fixture-List.pdf
  2. Yet another post that aged well.
  3. Juniors are dead mate.
  4. looking for some Fife cup details for same season 2nd rd I need details for games involving Burntisland Utd and St Monans 3rd rd need score of GPR v Pittenweem aet and score of penalty shoot out 4th rd need score of KYMCA v GPR score aet and score penalty shoot out
  5. What are the three options on the table?
  6. Got the Fife teams from here, didn't see them in any league tables though, Your team and Kirkcaldy Rovers had other opposition. http://fifefootball.co.uk/forums/index.php?/topic/70700-scottish-cup-draw/
  7. Looking for the following 2nd rd results and dates of matches , can anyone help? Glenrothes strollers v Lumphinnans Utd Kennoway utd v Polbeth Utd Kirkcaldy Ams v haddington utd St Andrews v Fauldhouse Edinburgh South Vics v Balgonie Scotia Clackmannan Comm v denbeath Edinburgh City v hearts of beath Greenlaw v Kinross Fallin v Kirkcaldy Rovers Edinburgh South v Methilhill Strollers also replays Dunipace v Lomond Vics meadowbank v leslie Hearts One 4th rd tie played 2nd Dec Bayside v Uddingston Anvil
  8. This post hasn't aged well, good to see Kirkcaldy & Dysart joining EOS league, more to come.
  9. Wee bit about Lumphinnans opponents here https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-beds-bucks-herts-49974038 League table here http://www.caledonianleague.co.uk/l/fg/1_60532169.html
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