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  1. gogsy


    If you want to watch amateur level players playing in entertaining games, why not just watch amateur fitba, its better value than junior . Same level of players and its free.
  2. gogsy

    Results 27/10/18

    Kelty won 4-1
  3. gogsy

    Results 28th Aug

    Kelty 5-1 Glenrothes.
  4. gogsy

    Result 21st

    Kelty 3-3 Kinross Kelty slightly the better team and were 2-1 and 3-2 up but Kinross scored late on. In fairness to Kinross ref missed a stone-waller penalty for them as well.
  5. gogsy

    Results Sat 11th Aug

    Kelty 5-1 Leslie Hearts
  6. gogsy

    fife cup final

    Strathmiglo won on penalties. Score was 2-2 aet
  7. gogsy

    Cup final

    Leven sidelines are the biggest bunch of greeting face barstewards I have seen at Kelty in a long time ( not the management team, the rest of them) Theyprobably deserved the win though
  8. gogsy

    KFAFA RESULTS Saturday April 28

    Pitch is knackered.Still think the council should consider concentrating on the pitch up the Avenue, drainage must be better there.
  9. gogsy

    Games off Tuesday 17/04/18

    Dry your eyes.
  10. Announce application for EOS league, a few more Fife teams to follow allegedly.
  11. I take it none of the moderators actually check this forum nowadays.

  12. gogsy


    Lol making up yet another alt, pretending its a real person from another forum. Seek help immediately, you have serious issues. Just for anybody that isn't sick to death of this by now and wants to know whats going on, Oak lee is another of weshallnotbemoved alts that appeared on pieandbovril forum that was banned from there after a week. Burnieman user name on here is another of weshallnotbemoved alts and nothing to do with the poster on pieandbovril named Burrnieman whom weshallnotbemoved and his numerous alts have been trolling for weeks.
  13. gogsy

    Junior Football News In Pics

    You've been punted of another forum, joined this one as another alt of the usual suspect. Here endeth the news.