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  1. Shiekh


    Fossoway 0 Scotia 3
  2. Shiekh

    Results 17/11/18

    Scotia 6 Methilhill 0
  3. Shiekh

    Results 27/10/18

    Scotia 4 Rosyth 1
  4. Shiekh

    Results 20/10/18

    Kennoway 1 Scotia 1 We were poor, Kennoway should’ve won it, we coulda nicked it, but we’ll take the point.
  5. Shiekh

    Results Sat 29th Sept

    Methilhill 2 Scotia 2 Scotia win 4-3 on pens. Shite game, Shite conditions but into the next round
  6. Shiekh


    Their spy no work then?
  7. Shiekh


    St Monans 1 Scotia 3
  8. Shiekh


    Scotia 3 Kelty 1
  9. Shiekh

    Results 28th Aug

    Leslie Hearts 0 Scotia 4
  10. Shiekh


    Scotia 5 Methilhill 0
  11. Shiekh

    Broken leg for striker

    What difference does the score or the time left have to do with anything? You play to the final whistle. The point I’m trying to make here is that nobody went in to deliberately hurt your player, and nobody was certainly laughing or cheering at someone breaking his leg. I’ve already been in touch with Ronnie to wish him a speedy recovery. It’s a bad injury and everyone at our club wishes the boy is back playing asap.
  12. Shiekh

    Broken leg for striker

    So now it’s “players” rather than “player” laughing and celebrating? Absolute nonsense, who would celebrate someone breaking their leg? Pretty sure nobody knew at the time how serious the injury was. Our player involved actually went over and apologised to Ronnie.
  13. Shiekh

    Broken leg for striker

    Silly comment to be fair from someone with over 50 years amateur football experience. Our boy played the ball and unfortunately your boy got caught with his follow through. Nobody in our team goes out to hurt an opponent and that’s not how we play. Hope your player has a speedy recovery, but comments like this don’t help anything.
  14. Shiekh

    Result 21st

    Scotia 4 St Monans 1
  15. Shiekh

    Results Sat 11th Aug

    Scotia 7 Dysart 0