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  1. Think they’re just waiting on confirmation that teams will be allowed more than 6 players from 2 different households up for corner kicks Bomber.
  2. So is everyone of the general opinion that we keep doing what we’ve been doing previously. Keep record of boys attending, their temperatures etc? No sure if Crankies announcement today puts the brakes on again?
  3. Leave us out of it Sibby. Who Cupar sign is the least of our worries.
  4. Incredible stuff. Has been rumours for years though that Leven used to provide JC with unlimited pie and chips, dunno if that’s considered a wage or not though?
  5. Boys will be lucky to get shower gel off me at Scotia...
  6. As long as it’s no discussed via another zoom meeting
  7. If we do eventually get next season started, it’s unlikely we’ll complete a full league yet again. How’s that gonna affect promotion/relegation issue considering what’s just happened this season?
  8. Just seems daft to only do it for one season eh? If we’ve got a chance to change the constitution it would maybe be a good opportunity to try and revamp Fife football. Maybe introduce play offs between leagues to keep teams interested if they’ve had a bad season etc.
  9. So after wanting a bigger top league for years, we finally get an option to do it....for one season only?
  10. Let’s hope Ann Budge isn’t involved in any reconstruction talks.
  11. Just mind we have until 12.00 on Thursday to change our votes if we want Bomber
  12. I’d agree wi you, don’t think it’d take much to change it to allow the league to have a bit of flexibility in the current situation we’re in.
  13. Think that’d be the best option Sibby, but would need to change constitution to allow it. I personally don’t think you can relegate any team when there’s still points to play for. Don’t get me wrong, we (Scotia) would be safe with average points or calling it a day as per option 1, but that doesn’t seem right to me. Teams fates should be completed after a full season. If we could vote null and void, change constitution to allow teams to move up, then that’s what I’d vote for.
  14. Null and Void basically means next season starts the same as this one did (i.e same teams in same leagues) and any new teams would need to start in bottom league. Could we then change that at the AGM....god knows?
  15. Think everyone involved in Fife football would agree that we should play each team once before playing any return games. Too many folk are always complaining about playing a team twice before they’ve played other teams once. Don’t fancy being in fixture Secretary’s shoes but maybe needs looked at.
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