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  1. Fear not folks, we only need this 3 week lockdown to “flatten the curve”.
  2. Aye I get that Bomber, I’m self employed myself and no digging anybody out as it could easily happen to us pal. Just frustrating training all week wi nae game. Defo gonna keep happening aw season, so we’ll just need to put up with it unfortunately.
  3. At Scotia, we’ve had last weeks game called off v GPR due to Covid then this weeks game v Kennoway now called off too. Now Muchty and Cupar have been affected too. Fixture secretary decides to pair them up despite Cupar already playing 4 games, when we’ve only played 2? Oh and who are we scheduled to play next week?? Kelty who have just went into quarantine too Wouldn’t fancy Tommy Doyle’s job at best of times, but gonna be a busy man this season.
  4. Kennoway v Scotia now off due to Kennoway player testing positive for Covid . That’s 2 weeks in a row we’ve had games cancelled due to Covid tests. Hoping everyone at GPR and Kennoway are all in good health but this stop/start is frustrating.
  5. Think they’re just waiting on confirmation that teams will be allowed more than 6 players from 2 different households up for corner kicks Bomber.
  6. So is everyone of the general opinion that we keep doing what we’ve been doing previously. Keep record of boys attending, their temperatures etc? No sure if Crankies announcement today puts the brakes on again?
  7. Leave us out of it Sibby. Who Cupar sign is the least of our worries.
  8. Incredible stuff. Has been rumours for years though that Leven used to provide JC with unlimited pie and chips, dunno if that’s considered a wage or not though?
  9. Boys will be lucky to get shower gel off me at Scotia...
  10. As long as it’s no discussed via another zoom meeting
  11. If we do eventually get next season started, it’s unlikely we’ll complete a full league yet again. How’s that gonna affect promotion/relegation issue considering what’s just happened this season?
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