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  1. League Cups

    Boy wasn’t even their keeper, was a centre half apparently. Anyway 2 league cup games and hopefully a final still to play eh, might get our revenge yet....If you boys don’t win league after today then you’d be as well taking up bowling.
  2. League Cups

    Sure I seen you last week Moir, playing against the bottom team and missing that many sitters their goalie was laughing at you. Fair enough though I’m sure you’ll deserve your medal as much as anybody else in the squad pal. At the end of the day, as I’ve already said after game, Kennoway will be worthy winners of the league. Table doesn’t lie eh.
  3. League Cups

    Aye true enough, only ourselves to blame. You playing today? You’ll need tae watch as I’m pretty sure you need to have played more than 24 mins to get a medal
  4. League Cups

    Agreed mate. Not saying I’d rather not play in this cup but with 5 league games left we have a chance of winning our league, depending on this weekends result. Now throw in a potential extra 10 games for the league cup rather than the 3 that was scheduled and you’re then running the risk of injuries, suspensions etc affecting your league run. Will just have to get on with it though and I’m sure folk will say that’s why you have big squads etc..
  5. League Cups

    Agreed Jaz
  6. League Cups

    Haha you’ve defo been called worse Jimmy. Like I said I’m no complaining and was just asking folks thoughts. Doesn’t really bother me either way. It’s a forum eh so surely we’re allowed to ask folks thoughts on the matter? I wasn’t at the meeting last night so only got second hand info from our secretary, who’s memory is worse than mine.
  7. League Cups

    Who said anything about not wanting to enter it Jimmy ya rocket!! I’m just pointing out that some teams (not us) won’t be happy about forking out for more park fees in a cup competition that’s already been drawn and re-structured before any games have been played in it.
  8. League Cups

    Aye I’m not saying it doesn’t make sense, just that it only seems to have happened mid Feb due to teams only having a few league games left. Say teams with 7 games still to go reach final, that’s gonna be 17 games in total and we’ve no even played that many since season started!! You’ve then got extra costs for teams getting parks booked too.
  9. League Cups

    So what’s happened to the league Cups then? Hearing they’re now league sections with home and away games? So in our league (Div 1) for example it’ll be another 10 games if you’re lucky enough to make final? Appreciate some teams don’t have many games left but there’s also teams in our league that still have 7 league games to play. Thoughts?
  10. Results 3/2

    Kinross 1 Scotia 3
  11. KFAFA FIXTURES Saturday February 3

    You never know, Pitreavie might be re-laid by Saturday
  12. Results Saturday 27th

    Scotia 7 Kennoway Utd 0
  13. Results

    Glenrothes 1 Scotia 5
  14. Games off

    Scotia v Kinross off