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  1. Shiekh

    Results Sat 11th Aug

    Scotia 7 Dysart 0
  2. Shiekh

    New season set up

    3 comments and nobody moaning yet....progress. Looking forward to new season.
  3. Shiekh

    results 6th may 2018

    Agressive pie
  4. Shiekh

    Results Saturday 5th

    Div 1 league cup semi Scotia 2 Rosebank 0
  5. Shiekh

    First Division League Cup 2017/18

    When will the semi finals be played Jimmy?
  6. Shiekh

    Results Thursday 19th

    I’m not “suggesting” anything Berti, and certainly no questioning anyone’s “integrity” pal as I know the AM first team management staff well, but just pointing out that they could do that and there’s nothing stopping them doing it. We’ve played them twice in league this season and can honestly say I’d have been surprised if any of the boys that played against us were first team players this year.
  7. Shiekh

    Results Thursday 19th

    I can get both sides of the argument here. Had the same scenario at Scotia years back and didn’t like it then either. AM are not breaking any rules though and as mentioned should be using this set up to allow younger guys a pathway to a higher level or to get guys coming back from injury game time. It’s proven they’ve helped a lot of players get opportunities they may not have seen elsewhere. I think the bigger picture here is that there’s nothing stopping AM fielding their whole 1st team in games against lower league teams in competitions their “reserves” should be playing in. Im not for a second saying they have done this at any point this season, but what’s stopping them doing this? For example what if AM Soccer “Reserves” get to the semi final or final in the Div 1 league cup and decide to use 11 “first team” players because their first team don’t have a game? Do you think that’s fair on sides like ourselves (Scotia), Kennoway, Kinross or Rosebank, who have all used the same squad all season? Thoughts???
  8. Shiekh

    Results Thursday 19th

    Scotia 11 Falkland 1
  9. Shiekh

    Results Tuesday 17th

    Kennoway Utd 1 Scotia 4
  10. Shiekh

    Results Saturday 14th

    Markinch 0 Scotia 4
  11. Shiekh

    Scores Thursday 12th

    Scotia 5 Kennoway Utd 0
  12. Shiekh

    League Tables @ 7th April

    Are the league cup tables for divisions with group games available anywhere?
  13. Shiekh

    Midweek games

    Scotia v Falkland off
  14. Shiekh

    Results Saturday 31st

    Scotia 5 Markinch 1
  15. Shiekh

    Results 24/03/18

    Kennoway Utd 0 Scotia 3