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  1. Foss

    Results 16th Feb

    Fossoway 0 Leven 1
  2. Foss

    Games on/off Sat 9-2-19

    Leven vs Foss off. Thank you to all at Leven for their efforts in switching the game to the outstanding Cup tie. Sadly the weather beats us.
  3. Foss

    Games on/off Sat 9-2-19

    Fossoway Vs Leven off But switched to our Cup game away at Leven instead, pending morning pitch inspection.
  4. Foss

    Games on / off 2-2-19

    Leven vs Fossoway - off
  5. We already played our Cup game with Balgonie on December 8th!
  6. Foss

    Results 19/1/19

    Greig Park 1 Fossoway 4
  7. Greig Park Rangers v Fossoway - on
  8. Nice swap. Mum's the word.
  9. Add to that we've just played them in November too in the Cup at their place.
  10. Really bizarre. There's teams we've not even played once, yet we play AM again?
  11. Foss

    Results 5/1/19

    Fossoway 3 AM Soccer 2
  12. Foss

    League Table @ 8th December

    Looking at the results grid https://www.leaguewebsite.co.uk/kingdomoffifeafa/ResultGrids/full_resultsgrid?divId=19417&gridno=1 you may be right?
  13. Foss

    Games 8/12

  14. Foss

    Pitches 01 Dec

    Fossoway Vs Ylum now at the High School/Loch Leven Community Campus Astro. 2pm kick off.