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  1. Sorry to moan, but why are we playing our 2nd League game against sides when we've not played other teams at all?
  2. Foss

    Results 20/10/18

    Muchty 1 Fossoway 3
  3. Foss

    Results Saturday 13th

    Pittenweem 1 Fossoway 2 We were harshly down to 10 men on 15 mins then they took the lead so the result was even more pleasing.
  4. It's been changed as it was showing us at home and our secretary was also told the same. Cheers now Landel Lass.
  5. We've already played Muchty at home.
  6. Foss

    Fixtures next week

    Ah, the old "I was joking" backtrack line, eh? It's a bit hard to tell when you're joking or being serious as you seem to like a good moan!
  7. Foss

    Results 06/10/18

    Colquhoun United 0 Fossoway 3
  8. Does anyone else think they'd rather see the full time score of a draw rather than having the penalty shoot out tally added? Eg. 2-2 draw, Team wins 5-4 on pens.
  9. Foss

    Results Sat 29th Sept

    Fossoway 4 Eastvale 3
  10. Foss

    Results 22/9

    The League website seems to be given it as a walkover for Cupar, guessing Burntisland couldn't raise team. The Strathmiglo game looks the same, been awarded against them.
  11. Foss

    Results 22/9

    Fossoway 6 Kingdom 2 - League
  12. With respect, your sponsor should know that you don't know your fixtures week to week but you will have x number of home games and they then might have a run of home games on the trot. Although I admit it would be nice to have fixtures at least 2 or 3 weeks in advance, where possible. Likewise, have you raised the issue with the fixture Secretary (even though you'd hope he'd realise what he's cast)? Was the League Meeting last week an arena to air your concern? If so, did you do that?
  13. Foss


    Fossoway 5 Auchtermuchty 0
  14. Foss

    Scottish cup - travel

    Think we found Bay Travel the cheapest for us.
  15. Foss


    You obviously didn't see the Partick goal the other week. https://youtu.be/zXshiaId64M