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  1. Foss


    There starts the toilet roll shortages again as Pete creams himself uncontrollably.
  2. Letham 3 Kinross Colts 'A' 1 Kinross Colts 'B' 0 Kinrossie Caledonian 0
  3. Just pre-emtying any confusion as I get a feeling there might be a few instances this year.
  4. Kinross Colts 'B' 1 Fife Athletic 2 I think it might be a long and confusing season for many... To clarify, "Kinross AFC" is nothing to with "Kinross Colts A/B". Hillfield made the error of using Kinross's badge for us.
  5. Know it's short notice, but Kinross Colts 'A' are looking for a midweek friendly, ideally Tuesday or Wednesday. If anyone is interested please contact Allan Moody on 07512 285259.
  6. Hillfield Swifts 3 TAFKAF (The Artist Formerly Known As Fossoway - Kinross Colts 'A') 2
  7. He's waiting for the measurements for his bathroom to see how many can get changed in there before entering his garden for the game.
  8. You laugh, but Ya Can't is now seriously considering your idea. He's now away to measure his back garden.
  9. Ylum are gonna cancel their changing rooms and going to use Ya Cant's car.
  10. What's wrong with players turning up in shorts, socks and a training shirt and being given their shirt by the management team (if selected) when they arrive? Why do you always look to make things all so complicated and awkward unnecessarily? Of course things will be 'different' from before, but it's not massively difficult or impossible to work round any requirements.
  11. Remember, don't want to get the seats dirty either! If only there was a solution to that problem...
  12. Either players turn up kitted (what's wrong with that?) or maybe allow 'x' many to get changed at a time? Or maybe a combination of both?
  13. So are you going to say who it is or are you just going to stir? If you're not going to say anything it's all pretty pointless starting this thread.
  14. New account and cryptic messages. Is this a guessing game or just a pointless ramble to him/herself? Do we get a prize for guessing who they're talking about and who the OP is?
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