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  1. Foss

    Tues 14th result

    Hearts of Beath 3 Fossoway 4
  2. Foss

    Results Sat 11th Aug

    Leven 3 Fossoway 2
  3. Foss

    Good luck

    Just wanted to say good luck to everybody for the new season. Hope it's a good one!
  4. Foss

    Cup Draws

    They're already out. We have our Cup fixtures for the Taylor Sullivan, Fife Cup etc.
  5. Fossoway 4 Hill of Beath U20s 3 We were looking comfortable at 4-1 before slipping a bit to allow a hard working side back into it.
  6. Fossoway are looking for a friendly for Saturday 28th July owing to the withdrawal of our scheduled opponents. If you're interested in fulfilling this fixture, please contact Allan Moody on 07512 285259.
  7. Foss

    Friendly Result

    Fossoway 6 Kinross Colts 0
  8. Foss

    New clubs

    ***Club Statement*** Valleyfield FC are pleased to announce that we will be entering a team into Kingdom of Fife Amateur Football Association. We have management in place and have been accepted in principle to join the SAFA. This is seen as an important step in taking the club forward and gives the us a pathway from Youth to Adult football. Management will be getting in touch with players to sign soon and we look forward to bringing the glory days back! Rab Reilly Chairman MTV❤️⚽️ #oneclub https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1283036001830627&id=545077982293103
  9. Foss

    Todays scores

    Fossoway 3 Cupar Hearts 1
  10. Foss

    Results 12th May

    The League website seems to have had it correctly as 3-1 originally as I used their results yesterday evening to populate the results grid on our website.
  11. Foss


    Ylum: Leven (H), Cupar (A) HoB: Bowhill (H), Bayside (H), Kingdom (H), Pittenweem (H), Muchty (A), Leven (A), Pittenweem (A) Pittenweem: Hearts of Beath (H), Hearts of Beath (A) Kingdom: Cupar (H), Muchty (A), Bowhill (A), Hearts of Beath (A) Bayside: AM Soccer (H), Cupar (A), Hearts of Beath (A), Strathmiglo (A) Auchtermuchty: Hearts of Beath (H), Kingdom (H), AM Soccer (A), Rosyth (A), Strathmiglo (A) Rosyth: Muchty (H), Leven (H)
  12. Foss


    I'd say 7 teams are in danger, with perhaps Ylum, Pittenweem and Rosyth possibly most in danger (although Rosyth seem to be having a good run of form) purely because they've played more games. Whatever happens, it's going to be close. Good luck to all.
  13. Foss

    KFAFA RESULTS Saturday April 28

    From their Facebook page: today's game is off. had more rain than forecasted and we don't want to ruin the park. sensible decision in all honesty.
  14. Foss

    KFAFA RESULTS Tuesday April 24

    On the League website there were no League 1 games at all last night.