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  1. RESULTS 23rd

    Fossoway 1 Lumphinnans 2
  2. Fife select team

    Last I heard, Fife were 3-1 up.
  3. Results

    Fossoway 4 Pittenweem 2
  4. Results 3/2

    Lumphinnans 1 Fossoway 3
  5. Games on Sat 16th Dec

    "An OK night", are you kidding? I was out working in it until around 4am and it was far from "OK". Temperature below freezing, roads were icing up badly etc. Even if the pitch was alright, I can totally believe it freezing up overnight from being out in it.
  6. Games on Sat 16th Dec

    Fossoway vs Auchtermuchty has switched to Kinross High School Community Campus, kick off 2pm. But that's also subject to an inspection.
  7. Games on 9/12 ??

    Leven 4 Fossoway 0 Switched venues.
  8. Games off

    Fossoway vs Leven OFF
  9. Results 18th Nov

    Fossoway 2 Leslie Hearts 1 All 3 goals in the last 10 minutes.
  10. Results 11/11/17

    Strathmiglo 2 Fossoway 5
  11. League Tables @ 21st October

    Separate question, looking at the fixtures for the 4th November on the League's website shows the Scottish Cup games. Our game against Letham isn't showing. Does that mean it's not scheduled for that date?
  12. worst pitch

    Yet another predictable answer from you. Get some counselling and give it a rest, min. You're coming across very bitter against them.
  13. Results

    Pittenweem 2 Fossoway 2 Think we should have been a couple ahead in the first half, but the second half could have gone either way.
  14. Results

    Scottish Cup Replay Shotts Thistle 0 Fossoway 1 Great result with a heavily depleted line up.
  15. Results 23/09/17

    While, being honest, I thought there was a spell in the 2nd half when HoB lost their heads a bit and there were a few meaty tackles going in, I have to agree there were some silly cards being too easily dished out. I was logging the stats for Usqor, believe it was 6 yellows for us, and 9 for HoB with 2 reds to our 1. Certainly I'm not happy with our red card and taking the photos of it to me show it was a ridiculously harsh decision, but in keeping with some of the cards that were dished out. Best wishes to HoB for the rest of the season.