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  1. Kinross Colts A's are looking for a friendly for this Saturday, preferably at home in Kinross. Any teams interested, please contact Allan Moody on 07512285259. Thank you.
  2. Kinross Colts A's 3 Pittenweem 0
  3. Apparently our B team are playing Benarty Astros, not Kirkcaldy Blues. The League website isn't showing this change, can anyone confirm?
  4. Auchtermuchty 2 Kinross Colts 2
  5. Out of curiosity, where does the other Leven AFC play?
  6. Kinross Colts 2 Ylum 2
  7. With the Scottish Cup on September 4th, I would imagine the Fixture Secretary will be waiting for what replays may be necessary for September 11th before casting fixtures as I would imagine that would be a bit of a logicistical headache.
  8. Colts, not Kinross AFC.
  9. Bowhill 2 Kinross Colts 'A' 4
  10. Just had a good chat with Walter. As a website admin, he's let me delete the "C" team from their tables etc. He will be speaking to the Executive Committee but can't see it being a problem renaming back to "A" and "B" teams to aid clarity. Sorry for any confusions this may have caused anyone.
  11. I feared this would happen and I've raised this point internally and mentioned it to the League but the League haven't renamed things at their end for clarity. The Premier League Kinross Colts is the proper 'A' team (formerly Fossoway). The Division 1 team that is appearing as 'A' team is actually the 'B' team. The Division 1 team that is appearing as 'B' team is actually a 'C' team that never happened and thus appear as folded. So "Kinross Colts Amateurs" is the A team. Also, "Kinross AFC" are nothing to doing with Kinross Colts.
  12. If the "real figures" are being kept from him, what's he supposed to do? Lock himself away until the end of time because the figures that nobody but you can see might be bad?
  13. With the rapid turnaround of fixtures, for example winning a Cup game on the Saturday and then having the next round on the Tuesday, I would have hoped the League would be a bit more forthcoming and think about people relying on Social Media, the League's own website etc. I actually detached our own website from the League's one for the Cup games as it would then rely on them being prompt for games to appear on our website and let people that follow our club get the info from our website. Sadly, the powers that be don't seem to grasp the communication aspect and use of Social Media. We want to encourage supporters and followers, not to mention sponsors etc. But that communication needs to be much quicker and from the top. People need to be more up to date. Players need to know quicker for work, sponsors would like to have a bit more notice (especially for hospitality). I have offered to help putting results and fixtures on websites, which would be a bit more prompt and accurate, but it was declined.
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