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  1. Or the rules and rearranged groups?
  2. Whole thing stinks. its null and void mixed with average points, I wonder who they are trying to appease.
  3. Also depends on if its the clubs only that get a vote. What ever option the committee go with will carry a weight.
  4. Won’t happen. New teams are the ones most likely not too see out the season. So 1 or 2 fold there and it’s all gone to shit
  5. Plenty. If no new teams were coming in and none leaving then null and void wouldn’t be that much of a issue. However come the AGM we need to balance the leagues and with null and void what data do we use to promote teams up the system?
  6. Have these leagues got 7/8 new teams joining, losing a team from the top league and are going to need major reconstruction?
  7. Exactly. Everyone supporting null and void totally and utterly baffles me. In my eyes reconstruction has to be done on last seasons standings if the season is declared null and void. You can’t patch off the season to save your club from going down and then use average points to ensure the top league is the magic 14 teams that folk have been fighting for for years. Total double standards here!
  8. The number of new teams coming in shouldnt have a baring on the outcome of this season. The association need to make a decision on the outcome of this season before considering what next years leagues look like. The constitution requires promotion and relegation, and with the email sent today it is clear that the association “are not leaving the decision of the remainder of the season in the hands of the clubs”. So if we don’t get a vote on that then how can we vote on changes to the constitution? Also theres no guarantee that all the new teams get accepted in.
  9. If the decision is null and void then surly that makes reconstruction harder no? how can teams be moved up from the championship and division 1 to balance the leagues out on the basis of an incomplete season? thats why I think the points per game system is the only way they can go this year. If there weren’t any new team coming in or any teams folding then yeah null and void would be the best option however that isn’t the case. if they do null and void the season then what are the options? 11-10-17 league system? Or No relegation and move teams up on the basis of the last completed season ie 2018/19 standings? Do 2019/20 suspensions carry over? Do fines carry over?
  10. If there’s not been enough games played to decide who gets relegated then surly there’s also not been enough games played to decide who gets promoted?
  11. You’d imagine they would have to do it on points per game due to the games in hand that teams have over others. Which would effectively keep youse up.
  12. Glenrothes V St Patrick’s or Doune Castle
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