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  1. Off The Post

    Games on / off 2-2-19

    Glenrothes v duloch off
  2. Off The Post

    Fixtures next week

    9 league games this season 7 at home for us ........
  3. Off The Post


    Could have guessed what ref you were on about without looking it up. Clueless
  4. Off The Post


    Glenrothes 4-2 Kinross colts
  5. Off The Post

    Results 28th Aug

    Kennoway star hearts ams 0-5 Glenrothes
  6. Off The Post

    Results Tuesday 22nd

    Glenrothes 6 - 0 Duloch
  7. Off The Post

    Games off Tuesday 17/04/18

    Duloch v Glenrothes off Unplayable pitch apparently too much sun maybe
  8. Off The Post

    Any Games Off Tonight.

    Glenrothes v rosebank off
  9. Off The Post

    Midweek games

    Kennoway Utd v Glenrothes off
  10. Off The Post

    Results 24/03/18

    Am ā€œ Reserves ā€œ 5 - 1 Glenrothes. Not the same team we played a few weeks back, Iā€™d assume it has something to do with the first team not playing today.
  11. Off The Post

    Sat 17th Games off

    Glenrothes v AM Reserves off
  12. Off The Post

    RESULTS 23rd

    Kinross Colts 3-3 Glenrothes
  13. Off The Post


    Glenrothes 3-2 Markinch
  14. Off The Post

    Results 3/2

    Falkland 1 - 3 Glenrothes
  15. Off The Post

    Results 12/08

    Glenrothes AFC 2 - 1 Kinross Colts