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  1. Hey there you with the sad face.....let’s LIVI up
  2. Just have to agree to disagree then mate as I wasn’t even aware of the comments until you highlighted them in here so have only read what I found since then. For what it’s worth I don’t think the Dubai fiasco had any baring on the decision to postpone lower league football. It was to be expected as there is no way amateur clubs could afford the constant testing necessary. I also agree with Hal’s that all football should be put on hold, seeing footballers out in Dubai enjoying a beer or hugging each other during goal celebrations when we can’t even visit our grandparents just doesn’t sit right with me.
  3. From what I’ve read his comments have been taken out of context. The point he was trying to make is that ALL football should be suspended and not just the lower leagues. That’s if you’re referring to whom I think you are.
  4. Scottish Cup: Dundonald Bluebell v Queens Park Central Park, Kelty ....and it’s live on the BBC Scotland channel The Bell take on the oldest association football club in Scotland in this first round tie. A 1-0 friendly victory (albeit against the best Glens squad in a decade) is hardly the best preparation before taking on The Spiders, who are currently 5 points clear at the top of SFL2 and unbeaten in five. A momentous occasion for the village and everyone involved none the less.
  5. Groundhoppers report Luncarty 1 Glenrothes 2 The law of averages suggested Glens were due a win but very few would have predicted it coming away to the league leaders. Can’t comment on the first half as got the kick off time completely wrong but on the evidence of what I saw of the remainder of the game, although slightly fortuitous in the end this was a deserved win. Luncarty were taking centre just as I arrived but not as I thought to kick off the game but because Carstairs had just given the Glens an early second half lead from a cleverly taken free kick. Muzz stood out like a sore thumb for the remainder of the game, totally bossing it in the air and on the ground as Luncarty looked for an equaliser. At this stage it was very difficult to differentiate between the team languishing in 10th place and the team in 1st. It soon became evident though as several good opportunities were wasted when the ball landed at the feet of Rusty. Luncarty got back into the game from the spot and you could just hear the cries (of “ just our luck” from the co managers) as they went in search of the winner. Having shown the Glens far too much respect earlier they now had the bit between their teeth and there looked like only one possible outcome. With their backs to the wall and some last ditch defending the Glens got the ball up the other end and won a corner. What looked to be a waste from where I was standing was then lunged at and met with the head from a red jersey at the back post and somehow managed to scramble over the line. Their luck has finally turned, there will be no stopping them now.
  6. Header from a corner, unmarked at the back post, To tell you the truth I was just about to get into the car at the opposite end and couldn’t quite see who got on the end of it until he reeled away to the corner flag, mobbed by his teams celebrating like they’d just won the champions league.
  7. Full time Luncarty 1 Glenrothes 2 Blair Smart with the winning goal in the 91st minute.
  8. Roughly quarter of an hour still to play and it’s all square. Been told the goal scorer for the Glens was number 8. Looks like they’ve found a new box to box midfielder.
  9. Missed the first goal by a matter of minutes. Didn’t know it was a 1-30ko, will bring you the goal scorer when I get it.
  10. Been working in Perth this morning again so made the short trip along the road to see for myself just how unlucky one team can be. I’m hearing all games in Fife have been wiped out today and only a handful of conference matches have survived so will bring you updates from my excellent vantage point throughout the day.
  11. A Jambo I’m working with today just said “they were both bragging in the summer about how all their prayers were answered when they each signed a 6 foot plus centre back with big reputations that turned out to be Duff eh!!!”
  12. Managers Report Glenrothes 1 Peebles Rovers 3 We dominated the game but poor defending and a host of missed opportunities cost us again. It’s frustrating but I’m still the man for the job.
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