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  1. From the “loyal” supporter who attends most matches home and way or those fans associated through having relatives who play for the team, to the volunteers who help out on match days. Lets give them the recognition they deserve.
  2. It has crossed my mind for a second that Patrick may have held his hands up and offered his resignation ( it was a split second) but the club wouldn’t accept. This for me would raise further questions as regards to the clubs ethos. Won’t go into too much detail for now but should Bertie not acknowledge our request within the next 48 hours I’m well prepared to come up with some answers.
  3. Where would our senior clubs be without these wonderful people and their dedicated staff?
  4. As stated already Ian Patrick’s shocking behaviour wasn’t aimed directly at me and it embarrassed me not offended me. That’s why I call this sort of behaviour from dinosaurs like him out. For anyone out there who thinks for a minute he is the victim in all this, take a few seconds to watch the following clip because that’s exactly how his Facebook post sounded to Go Daddy and many many others. There is no difference between the two. 23615300-29A3-4653-B784-2BA018DD8DB2.mp4
  5. Just make sure whatever you reveal is factual and you have the evidence to back it up.
  6. “I got you Abe” Can’t wait to see that one. Like the idea of getting the sponsors involved, reckon I’ll do something similar myself now.
  7. We Are The Patrick’s Good account of the story so far Daddy. I note the first quote also mentions “Jock” so surprised he’s been left out. I’ve 76 screenshots in the Lochgelly Albert library if you want to do another one.
  8. Would just like to point out that I am not seeking any apology as the remark was neither offensive to or aimed towards me. However as Bertie questioned the allegation of Bigotry and has disappeared since the evidence was produced I am expecting him to return and issue a reply. Until such time as he does this matter will remain an issue for as long as it takes for both himself and the club who are harbouring him. What must be remembered here is that Lochgelly Albert are now a senior club and hold the same responsibilities as all others who are part of the pyramid set up. In view of what has occurred over the last 72 hours or so on social media I think they are extremely lucky this has so far remained in here. There are thousands of angry people around at the moment all looking for dirt to dig up as part of their whataboutery it will only take one of them to google a keyword and land right here. The clock is definitely ticking.
  9. If you think I’m going to allow that then you don’t know me.
  10. Why I keep a broad and concise library of screenshots. Never know when they may come in handy. 02E2EC74-8437-4890-9191-80DFC03F19CB.mp4
  11. I know where you’re coming from but I asked what it would achieve. As explained in another thread , Bertie Wooster came on here and involved himself in something he shouldn’t have. He took no notice when politely reminded that people who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones and bullishly requested evidence. As far as I’m concerned he should have held his hands up when such substantial facts were produced and that would have been the end of the matter but instead chose to go into hiding. Not the first time someone on here has been called out for wrong doing and bringing their club into disrepute nor will it likely be the last. The longer it takes for him to man up the more others are made aware of his actions and the clubs tolerance of such behaviour. Whether it’s by constant reminders or the occasional mention and whether it takes 5 months or 5 years he owes us a reply and I’d much rather wait than see his mug shot printed on the front page of that shitty rag or have Fife constabulary knocking on his door.
  12. I’ve enough screenshots to keep police Scotland busy chapping doors into the next century mate. If all you want is to see the faces of Lochgelly Albert on the front page of the Dhaily Rhecord DM me. Personally I don’t want to see that. We’ve all said or done something we regret at some point in our lives. Cammy and Hoggy have been outed and straight away held their hands up,apologised, and resigned from H&H, that should be the end of the matter. Nothing they said was any worse than the language used by Ian Patrick. The issue here is that Bertie Wooster got involved in something that had nothing to do with him. The time for remaining quiet was back then, not how. Had he minded his own business instead of getting all high and mighty his demeanour would never have been brought to light. Until such time as he realises this and does the honourable thing he will be constantly reminded, as will those who defend him however long it takes and rightly so.
  13. Last I heard Hawhaw had found himself a woman with beautiful, exotic looks and a lovely disposition, tied the knot and upped sticks to Thailand. Be surprised if he ever returns to these shores. Anyhow what would that achieve?
  14. Good start to the league campaign from KSH, 16 from 3 games, another win yesterday to go top. long season and you can’t win it this early… can lose it though.
  15. If only you knew how contradictory this post is.
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