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  1. True Story

    Chances of Bawbag being involved in their plans are virtually zilch in my opinion. Likelihood of him being that Mr Illustrious poster are fairly high though.
  2. True Story

    I’d suggest it’s odds on but I suppose that’s down to who you choose to believe. I’ve known Craig and Roy for many years and they appear to me to be genuinely concerned about the possibility of Kirkcaldy folding. Can’t see them giving up too easily so my money would be on them succeeding.
  3. True Story

    Haha never mind I will send a link to your inbox.
  4. True Story

    No need to login, just clear your cache. It’s on the South division thread.
  5. True Story

    Nothing , just what’s posted on P n B. Is it true?
  6. True Story

    Is it the Kirkcaldy YM manager auld yin?
  7. Kelty Hearts

    Same Gibby auld yin. Him, Benny and Clive Guppy were real Glens legends. Utter disgrace the way they were treated by the apprentice chairman that day. All because Jack Small was his chauffeur to the ice hockey and his dad sponsored the club.
  8. Kelty Hearts

    Craig Gibson has been appointed as Head Coach of Kelty Hearts U20s. Aw the best pal.
  9. Results 3/2

    Is it true you guys have signed Mikey Lee, Graham?
  10. Junior Football News In Pics

    “We don’t have massive attendances, so we are looking at new ways of raising funds through ongoing sponsorship deals, like the ones we have with the Kingdom Centre and Specsavers amongst others.
  11. Junior Football News In Pics

    It was his departure that became the game changer.
  12. Junior Football News In Pics

    Series 6 of The Apprentice
  13. Junior Football News In Pics

    A packed pharmacy in Burntisland High Street this morning as parents and grandparents of the under 20s squad rush out to buy cervical neck braces.
  14. Dundonald Bluebell

    At a club he’s always dreamed of playing for and captaining but f@cked off to Balingry with his wheelbarrow at the first sight of a brown envelope. Returned after they sold their best players to raise the best part of £4000 to bring him back. Spits the dummy at a race night and leaves for heehaw to be closer to his family and is now sold to Burntisland. Aye they sure don’t make legends like that nowadays.