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  1. Well we have everything we need to know now and the Scottish football season restarts on the tenth of June so he now has 6 days in which to respond or we will not only go after him but the club who are harbouring him. There is no place to hide for Jason Cummings who will inevitably have to go and he is certainly no different. Bertie/Ian Patrick man up, and either resign, apologise to those offended by your comments or elaborate on such comments because we are no longer going to tolerate you or Lochgelly Albert sweeping this under the carpet. Don’t say you haven’t been warned.
  2. Why then have your committee not taken appropriate action regarding the bigoted comments made by Ian Patrick? Or perhaps you’d care to elaborate why this same committee find such comments acceptable.
  3. They’re desperate, they know that the teams from the west are coming and will soon dominate. For every club like Talbot that gains promotion to the SPFL another one like Brechin drops down to the Lowland league. Next season will be Ferguson’s last and eventually the money will dry up as they’re faced with longer away trips to the likes of Elgin, languishing in the bottom half of the table season upon season.
  4. I never said all the committee are bigots, however interesting information is being gathered on them from reliable and discreet sources every day that passes. If you fly with the crows ........I may not have a 200 page dossier but there are a couple of interesting skeletons currently in the closet.
  5. The sensible time was a couple of seasons back and stay in the juniors. Let’s see how many are still around this time next year after being fooled by Burniemans self preservation.
  6. It’ll be even funnier when Talbot are there before them.
  7. As I’ve already said Daddy, be patient. Don’t fear us when we’re angry and screaming. Fear us when we’re angry and quiet, because we’re plotting our revenge. He’s had more than enough time to come out of hiding or resign from the Fife and Lothians presidency. It is now up to Lochgelly to take appropriate action.
  8. When you leave the juniors to avoid the glass ceiling and try to buy your way into the SPFL
  9. Tell your friend, patience is a virtue, Daddy. My stance on bigotry is quite clear. I have consistently and systematically challenged prejudice at every opportunity on this forum. Written dozens of articles in the past condemning those who continue to perpetuate bullying. It takes time for muppets like lan Patrick to realise that only a full unequivocal statement and apology will prevent them from being hounded for it any further.
  10. That’s the statement I was referring to in my last post in the pyramidicks thread GD. We should make our own appeal, to the club who thinks it acceptable for their secretary to make bigoted remarks and the use of child abuse to point score against opposition fans. Behaviour that is not only narrow minded, totally offensive and unnecessary but clearly unacceptable in any context and in any walk of life. We know exactly who is responsible and until they take appropriate action we will NEVER STOP reminding them.
  11. When all you’re concerned about is finding a couple of golf balls
  12. The silence from the club is deafening but trust me there is a lot more to come on the subject. This will not be allowed to be swept under the carpet.
  13. The man from Dundee he say yessssss
  14. When news broke on twitter Saturday night about our CMO Dr Catherine Calderwood my first thought was it’s not the crime of the century, but she’s been foolish and for someone in her position should know better so she’s got to go. Full credit to her for facing the media the following day and apologising unreservedly, that took some balls but had she’d remained in her job the wrong message would have been sent out. Compare that to Ian Patrick, secretary & treasurer of Lochgelly Albert and also President of the Fife and Lothians football association who had this to say on Facebook A far worse crime from someone in a similar position of responsibility and who ought to know better but cowardly refuses to explain himself, apologise or resign.
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