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  1. I’ve been so busy lately wasn’t even aware of this case but see in today’s papers the similarities. Only difference I can see is that Needham’s were in 2015 before he became chairman. Perhaps the SFA disciplinary panel took that into consideration and that’s why the fine was so lenient. Or maybe it was because he apologised to those offended. Either way good to see they take such vile behaviour seriously and have set a precedent.
  2. Bertie Wooster walked away mate and my understanding is that Go Daddy now intends lodging (no pun intended) a formal complaint with the appropriate authorities. He’s unlikely to be back here now until after his grievance has been dealt with in the proper manner. Like yourself though I was intrigued as to the significance of Bertie’s “date of birth” and duly asked him, and luckily for you and lurkers alike who are overseas and never contribute to the form but like to be kept informed of what’s going on he informed me it was nothing to do with the auld mans birth date and translated it for me. Generally Important Results For Us Yesterday , You Dying Of Boredom?
  3. It was alleged on this forum some time ago that an official of Fife senior football club Lochgelly Albert was guilty of making comments of a bigoted nature. A poster at the time, namely Bertie Wooster refuted such claims and requested evidence. The screenshot pictured below was duly supplied in the relevant thread and speaks for itself. Although embarrassed but not offended by the above personally, there understandably are those who are. However despite numerous requests there has been no reply from Bertie or comment from the club who are fully aware of the matter. It has now reached the stage whereby we have accepted that no amount of ridicule will force Bertie to return and as far as we are concerned that poster no longer exists. Therefor the thread titled Bertie Wooster is now closed and all Lochgelly Albert related matters will posted in the corresponding thread. However we have absolutely no intention of allowing the subject to be swept under the carpet. On the contrary this new thread is intended to show exactly how serious we are. Merely now putting the ball in Lochgelly and Iain Patrick’s court.
  4. Hi Bertie, just to inform you, you put this on a forum and not your bigoted Facebook account. Although I’m intrigued about the royal family situation since you refer to them so much. Is Andy innocent?
  5. Best comeback I’ve seen in here in years.
  6. Willing to bet you we wouldn’t. There are cowards around these parts who have already edited or deleted theirs. DAN27 being a prime example You’re no fooling anyone here mate. We’ve seen it all before. Bertie Wooster isn’t the first illustrious member of a Fife club that thought he was above us all on here and you’re not the first to try and make us out as the bad guys and him the victim. He’s not the first to disappear after being called out for his misdemeanours and leave others to defend him either.
  7. Couple of rumours involving Lochgelly doing the rounds. Please let them be true.
  8. Bowhill v Kelty Pitch waterlogged
  9. It has crossed my mind for a second that Patrick may have held his hands up and offered his resignation ( it was a split second) but the club wouldn’t accept. This for me would raise further questions as regards to the clubs ethos. Won’t go into too much detail for now but should Bertie not acknowledge our request within the next 48 hours I’m well prepared to come up with some answers.
  10. As stated already Ian Patrick’s shocking behaviour wasn’t aimed directly at me and it embarrassed me not offended me. That’s why I call this sort of behaviour from dinosaurs like him out. For anyone out there who thinks for a minute he is the victim in all this, take a few seconds to watch the following clip because that’s exactly how his Facebook post sounded to Go Daddy and many many others. There is no difference between the two. 23615300-29A3-4653-B784-2BA018DD8DB2.mp4
  11. Just make sure whatever you reveal is factual and you have the evidence to back it up.
  12. “I got you Abe” Can’t wait to see that one. Like the idea of getting the sponsors involved, reckon I’ll do something similar myself now.
  13. We Are The Patrick’s Good account of the story so far Daddy. I note the first quote also mentions “Jock” so surprised he’s been left out. I’ve 76 screenshots in the Lochgelly Albert library if you want to do another one.
  14. Would just like to point out that I am not seeking any apology as the remark was neither offensive to or aimed towards me. However as Bertie questioned the allegation of Bigotry and has disappeared since the evidence was produced I am expecting him to return and issue a reply. Until such time as he does this matter will remain an issue for as long as it takes for both himself and the club who are harbouring him. What must be remembered here is that Lochgelly Albert are now a senior club and hold the same responsibilities as all others who are part of the pyramid set up. In view of what has occurred over the last 72 hours or so on social media I think they are extremely lucky this has so far remained in here. There are thousands of angry people around at the moment all looking for dirt to dig up as part of their whataboutery it will only take one of them to google a keyword and land right here. The clock is definitely ticking.
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