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  1. Weshallnotbemoved


    Been told today that a reasonable bid has been made for Callum Kinnes but the Glens are being unrealistic over the transfer.
  2. Weshallnotbemoved

    Juniors joining pyramid

    Spoke to someone from the Bell a couple of weeks back at Bayview and I asked him how they were getting on in the EOS and his reply was “ it’s shi*e, we should’ve stayed in the juniors, a dinny go to as many games noo, got Eyemouth next week and we’ll tak 10 aff them, probably jist go doon efter it tae watch the Rangers game” He was right, they won 13-0
  3. Weshallnotbemoved

    Plastic Pitches

    Maybe that’s just because Andy Murray, Sue Barker and John McEnroe have only watched it only the telly.
  4. Weshallnotbemoved

    Plastic Pitches

    How funny would that be “sorry Blackburn your licence application has been refused due to the lack of grass”
  5. Weshallnotbemoved

    Plastic Pitches

    Aye but according to McGinty “you don’t notice it’s artificial, they’re only judging it because it looks sh*te on the tv”
  6. Weshallnotbemoved

    Mid term report

    Unfortunately due to the ongoing disruption from our pyramidics I’ve been requested to postpone these reports until further notice.
  7. Weshallnotbemoved

    Junior Football News In Pics

    EoS thread for these a$$holes Oh wait wrong website
  8. Weshallnotbemoved

    Juniors joining pyramid

    Last month they were working on the Fauldhouse manager now they’ve turned their attention to Kennoway Star Hearts. I could be wrong but I think it would be an even bigger gamble for them than any of the other Fife clubs.
  9. Weshallnotbemoved

    Plastic Pitches

    It’s more than just some, I read that EVERY player from the top-flight clubs with grass surfaces have signed a petition calling for them to be outlawed.
  10. Weshallnotbemoved

    Juniors joining pyramid

    The bottom line is the East Region Juniors will be part of the pyramid at tier 6 from next season FACT. The scaremongering from McGinty and the parochialism from his sheep and the mods on pie and bovril is a waste of time.
  11. Weshallnotbemoved

    Juniors joining pyramid

    Bit disrespectful to the hard working committees at those clubs Goggly, but I’ll play your silly wee game and hazard a guess that attendances will be much the same as they were at Kelty when Newbigging was manager.
  12. Weshallnotbemoved

    Juniors joining pyramid

    Chill out a$$hole, my post wasn’t about you, it was about another A$$hole who dose the same a$$hole shit that you do. Away and play with your cones.
  13. Weshallnotbemoved

    Juniors joining pyramid

    Is it though? Surely it makes perfectly good sense for those clubs to return.
  14. Weshallnotbemoved

    Juniors joining pyramid

    I posted on here in another thread a wee while ago that the juniors will be part of the pyramid at tier 6 from next season. Like yourself I’m a supporter and not on any committee so am not best placed to comment but have friends who are, with several different clubs and a couple of them have told me it’s happening. What you are witnessing on pie and bovril according to my sources is an arrogant wee fcuker from Blackburn with an agenda. Last season he tried to destroy the current setup involving Fife clubs, and if I’m honest almost succeeded due to his hatred and jealousy of the East region junior officials. I’ve probably not answered your question but hopefully someone better informed will reply. Hal’s?
  15. Weshallnotbemoved

    Mid term report

    With the halcyon days of Scottish cup finals a distant memory and Tayports car boot sales now more successful than the football team, it was rather surprising to see Charlie Kings Canniepairture after only a year as manager following the defeat in this seasons holy grail. 4 wins from 4 in the league offset by just the one point earned on the road could be considered an average start to the season so what surprised me even more were his replacements. Mr Kay has bags of experience in the junior game but what his sidekick knows about management can be written on a postage stamp. The 100% home record fell in their first game after Kings departure with a 3-0 going on 6 thrashing at the hands of Thornton . Another two home defeats sandwiched between a win against lowly Kirriemuir and a solitary point away at struggling Fauldhouse mean its 4 points from a possible 15 since October. Must do better so it’s a D from us.