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  1. Scottish Juniors

    Linlithgow 1 Scotland 5 First warm up match before the Umbro tourney next month. Really impressed with the standard and good to see Lewis Mackenzie start the game. Anyone know when the draw is and venues? Heard someone say last night the final will be held at Pollock, Benburb was also mentioned.
  2. Kennoway Star Hearts

    Good question Trotts but seeing as I was talking to Pete and it's got fcuk all to do with you, I'm no going to bother answering it.
  3. Kennoway Star Hearts

    No sure if you've heard Pete but due to ill health Eck has decided to call it a day at Star and Craig (Stoney) Johnstone is the new gaffer. In less than 24 hours since the announcement tributes having been pouring in on the KSH Facebook page with nearly 200 likes. Compare that to the complete silence at Glenrothes (with a population of over 35,000 more) when Cooper resigned recently and it's testimony that honesty and hard work is recognised and appreciated by a community.
  4. Weekend roundup

    5 was the magic number this weekend with Dundonald, Thornton and Glenrothes all prevailing by the odd goal in a 3-2 win. Elsewhere there were resounding 5-1 home wins for the Haws and Hals' reserve team against Bo'ness and Whitburn respectively, while the Cooper curse continues at Lochgelly (how ironic that their last two matches were off due to waterlogged pitches since the MOTHs arrival) as the Berts were hammered by the same scoreline by bottom of the table side Easthouse Lily. Edit: MOTH = Master Of The Hose
  5. White Star?

    Keep calm it is just a coincidence.
  6. True Story

    Dodged a bullet this week with the Fauldhouse tie being switched to St Andrews as a wasn't sure on the bookies rules so never placed the bet.
  7. Glenrothes

    Glenrothes 2 Bathgate 4 Just spoken with the work colleague who revealed to me a few weeks ago that a couple of players were unhappy and had no intention of giving their all for a manager whose ignorance and lack of discipline would inevitably run through the whole squad. He was in attendance again on Saturday and reckons the majority are now only going through the motions.
  8. forum

    Because Austin Powers revealed the identity of a poster from Lochore to Glens4life. Then when that white Star guy owned him and his umpteen aliases he gave the bawbag the Glenrothes job to help him oot again. No sure if they ever found out who he was but I do know a few people who were banned because they were suspected of being the same person because they used the same council network.
  9. Glenrothes

    Yet another player returns to Warout after the defection of Cooper. This time in the shape of Oakley talisman Celentano. Lee was never given a chance last time round but with Glens legend Martin now enjoying life with the family at Dundonald I'm pretty sure he will be playing and scoring regularly. How long now before he's reunited with the real Oor Wullie, who I'm told sanctioned the move.
  10. True Story

    Will pick up my £198 returns tomorrow afternoon and invest half of it on the treble and the other half on another Glens player seeing red.
  11. Dundonald Bluebell

    Absolutely buzzing for Lewis MacKenzie earning a call-up to the Scotland squad. Looking forward to the tournament next month now and fingers crossed the Bluebell player of the year and top goal scorer gets some game time.
  12. Tuesday Results

    Same reason as Glenrothes people wanted to see the juniors get pumped week in week out (and they did) when snakes like Cooper and Newbigging were involved pal. Av got good friends there and want them to do well as individuals but still delight in seeing them getting f@cked while Wullie Campbell's there. He's never done me any harm personally but he wormed his way into the club after the infamous goaliegate affair at Lochore, then described his predecessor who cost the club a lot of money as a legend when he upped sticks and left for nothing to spend more time with his family. No time for @rselickers. Mon the Bowhill
  13. True Story

    Just picked up my returns, kept the tenner and stuck the £80 winnings on the same bet this week again.
  14. Glenrothes

    The Glens have had a revolving door policy when it comes to managers over the past 5 years so it's understandable that the current regime want a bit more stability, but their patience must surely be running thin with Oor Willie. A managers responsibilities run much deeper than picking a starting 11 and pacing the touch line during games. For me a manager is responsible for implementing tactics and philosophy, boosting morale, keeping players happy and motivated, obtaining new talent, addressing the media, training methods, creating a positive atmosphere and being the leader of the ship.

    Good wins for Thornton and Dundonald yesterday, Glens pumped again, this time by a poor Downfield side. More red cards than points says it all really.