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  1. Weshallnotbemoved


    If the last 7 years are anything to go by, that is very unlikely mate. Good guys like Benny, Dunc, Gibby, Guppy and Patsy , ex players who served the club well for many years have all been sh@t on but Wullie Campbell is more like Newbigging. Clueless, thinks he knows it all and never off the phone to Cooper. He’ll be there as long as he wants.
  2. Weshallnotbemoved


    7th in the premier says it all? Your opinion and your entitled to it mate but I think you’re at it. They’ve made good progress over the last couple of seasons while Kennoway have gone backwards and Glenrothes have stood still. Time will tell but at the moment for me they have by far the best squad.
  3. Weshallnotbemoved


    Who you talking to J? I was replying to bomber. Since you are around though, thanks for confirming a couple of points I was trying to make in your last post. Firstly that the level of football has dropped and more importantly that it shows a lack of common sense to be posting of disgruntled fans after only 2 games.
  4. Weshallnotbemoved


    No seen them this season yet Ian but unless I’m mistaken Scotty O, Chris Ireland, Adam Drummond, Heppy, McNab, Anthony, Keatsy, etc etc are still at the club and are all junior quality. No forgetting Garry Thomson who could walk into any junior side in Fife at the moment. Hardly littered with average amateurs.
  5. Weshallnotbemoved


    Sign of the times I’m afraid auld yin. Junior football is nothing like it was in your day. With the exception of Thornton there’s not a team left in Fife that is not littered with average amateur players. I’m somewhat surprised to hear of disgruntled fans at Newbury as my man in the know there tells me they were missing several players on Saturday for one reason or another and lost a key player after only 10mins of the game against a Kirkcaldy side full of below average amateurs. Games been in decline for quite some time now unfortunately. Glenrothes were first to go down that road with Cooper being out of his depth setting the ball rolling in my opinion. Selling the likes of Shaw and Carstairs to fund the return of Fifes equivalent to Ronnie Pickering from Ballingry was always going to be a recipe for disaster. Dundonald were the main beneficiaries and they sailed through the leagues but them joining the EOS league this season has left Kennoway Star Hearts as the top junior team in Fife. They were an amateur side themselves not that long ago and have also benefitted from Coopers incompetence. Rising through the junior ranks by cherry picking the Glens better players, with a little help from partner in crime, John “do you know who I am“Martin. But the money man at KSH has left and so too have the players. The last of them Lyall Shaw joining Crossgates and the Gay brothers joining Kelty at the end of last season. I’ve just watched the highlights from their game at the weekend and they only have 3 players who would get anywhere near a half decent junior squad of old. The rest are at best average amateurs, and that’s on paper the top junior team in Fife. Newbury is a fantastic wee ground with a hard working committee. They don’t have a chairman who goes around threatening innocent people. They don’t have a manager who goes through his players belongings while they are training. Nor do they have a captain who goes around grabbing the players of the future by the throat. Any disgruntled fan there needs to take a reality check.
  6. Weshallnotbemoved

    Junior Catchphrase

    I bet you were. Don’t know if you were aware but Barry Chuckle died last week. I thought it best to end it as a mark of respect.
  7. Weshallnotbemoved

    EoSFL 2018/19

    Another great performance from the team beating Sauchie at the weekend 2-1 and qualifying from a group that contained 3 former Super League teams. Two of whom finished in the top three last season. Well done lads.
  8. Weshallnotbemoved

    Junior Catchphrase

    No but you were close. It was actually a co-cktical illusion. New one coming shortly.
  9. Weshallnotbemoved


    Always a great feeling starting a new season off with a win Soapy. I’m pleased for the former Bowhill lads. One of them tells me you guys have added the Glens young player of the year from a couple of seasons back to the squad. How’s he progressing?
  10. Weshallnotbemoved

    Lochgelly Albert

    I think you are misinterpreting. For the record I have no issue whatsoever with Lochgelly Albert or anyone associated with the club.However , the more he refuses to apologise for his actions on this forum towards a very good friend of mine who is no longer with us the more I will continue to fight fire with fire. No matter where he is attending games. Unfortunately at the moment that is Gardner’s Park and you will just have to put up with all the “bad luck” you are having as he has indeed been cursed.
  11. Weshallnotbemoved

    Lochgelly Albert

    Apologies for arousing your curiosity but I am well aware of this mans position and at no time have I ever said or even suggested he had anything to do with the running of your club.
  12. Weshallnotbemoved

    Junior Catchphrase

    Wrong, please try harder.
  13. Weshallnotbemoved

    Lochgelly Albert

    Aye right, and Hannibal Lecter maybe just enjoyed a gourmet meal.
  14. Weshallnotbemoved


    I thought when Victor Meldrew brought Stevie on board he was afraid of losing his job to Simpy. After visiting Lochore on Tuesday night I now know the real reason. Clueless and out of his depth. A negative Glens side were totally exposed by Andy Healy.
  15. Weshallnotbemoved

    End of season awards.

    I see Gogsy has been making an absolute cant of himself on P&B again. Early contender for bawbag of the season?