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  1. Can't win them all eh, but aye let's push whatever team we can up to the premier to "balance numbers" use are all quick enough at jumping on your high horse, we have never once said we would win the league at any point... we simply refused promotion in 4th place and said "we wanted to do it the right way"
  2. Similar challenges? You never seen the ref asking us to remove players or speaking to us at the sideline about telling our players to calm down with the challenges... and certainly never seen any of our boys kicking out at boys off the ball!... oh aye and we won't mention the stamp in the first half either!
  3. Aw aye after he dived in from behind and almost broke the boys leg? Am sure any side would be the same after some of those challenges will we also mention the kick a player got in the side which was off the ball? Or the player who got stamped on? Which the ref also admitted he saw?
  4. Shat it?? On another day we could of been 2/3 clear.... they had no intention of wanting to play football... kicking out at boys off the ball? The ref had to ask them to make a sub as he was a mouth piece and challenges only to let him back on again... to then see a red card?? Tell me how many boys we got asked to remove?? Then you get the ref telling us at the end he will be mentioning something to the league about it says it all really
  5. Burgh Vale 3 - 9 Carousel Utd
  6. Any team looking for a friendly this Wednesday give me a message 07397559714
  7. Hi would be interested give me a message 07397559714
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