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  1. I think the modern day amateur footballer has a lot more distractions these days, and football is just part of it. The level of commitment then suffers because of it. But I wish a few of them would think of the work that goes on behind the scenes to make sure they have a club to play for, whether it be the managers or coaches, to the Committee doing their best to pay bills, get new kits, training gear and sponsorship - even more so difficult these days, again even worse once Covid eases as these sponsors will also have been massively hit. When I played, I would hate to let the club down, mess them around by not turning up for games or training. Nowadays, many don't seem to care (as much).
  2. Forgive me if I'm wrong, but who is that. Looking at the tables, all the top teams have played more than half their games?
  3. In fairness, they normally are as the fixture list and then their results automatically feed into the League table (unless you're telling me the tables are wrong too). We use the same template (Pitchero) and started the season before the League moved here so I was generating the Premier League table last season by entering fixtures and results on. Could there be no League games this weekend because of the Fife Cup?
  4. Two things I want to reply to here. If/when we have a bad winter (which we all know is always a strong possibility - look at the wet summer we've just had), I am sure you will be one of the first bumping your gums that midweek games should have been played when we have chance instead of playing 3 games in a week in May etc. Secondly, the League Committee had nothing to do with the 16 League format. As much as you don't like it, the majority of other clubs obviously didn't agree with your view as they either said no or abstained. Under the Constitution, that means the League didn't have a decision to make. Put it simply, clubs obviously didn't agree with you - rightly or wrongly. I agree with your point of playing clubs twice before playing someone else. That shouldn't be happening. And ideally, midweek games should be better thought out that away teams shouldn't be trekking long distances when players work etc.
  5. Ah... There you go, didn't think it'd be long. Welcome Ya Cant!
  6. Ya Can't obviously hasn't been online today?
  7. Thanks for that. Heard the Dunbar game is off and the Lochgelly game is at Dalgety Bay Sports Centre.
  8. Is there a list of games on tomorrow anywhere? I was thinking of taking in a game.
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