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  1. Ffs lads what yous all getting in a frenzy for? The only player who hasn't played for Cupar Hearts or AM Soccer who has signed has been Scott McBride. All u boys said Cupar and AM werent good enough and now we are paying players haha u couldnt make it up. Enjoy the facebook signings as im sure there will be more to come.
  2. Its just educating people on here Pedro.
  3. Its happened years ago when Cupar dominated everything. Obviously lessons haven't been learned.
  4. Exactly. So tell ur pal to stop spreading rumours.
  5. His mate who has supposedly been offered loads of cash isn't anyway.
  6. Ur mate haha trust me on this one ur mates no good enough to play for Cupar Hearts and a guarntee u wont tell us who ur mate is? I can also guarntee u that Cupar wont be playing in the EOS league. Keep up the rumours though and i will be sure to pass them on.
  7. You've named names and money John. I will let the lads know where its coming from.
  8. No one would wanted to save Cupar so dont kid urself on and Cupar never put in any proposal. Tully? I thought he was off to Fife Thistle? But thats the first of me hearing that he's signing for Cupar and i know Tully well. At least we know who's spreading the rumours now, so i will pass it onto the boys in question.
  9. I think u and people need their heads checked. Why the hell would an amateur club pay £2000 for a player, worst rumour ive seen on this forum in 15 years. Oh and ur shout about should have been relegated, 8 games left to play and 3 points from safety and u should be relegated? We were in that position last year and won something like 7 or 8 of the last 10, won the Fife cup and were the last Fife team in the Scottish again, so that theory fecks ur comeback.
  10. So you've started a topic accussing teams on buying players and u dont want to name them. Hope u bring it up at the next league committee meeting.
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