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  1. How do the EOS, Lowland and Juniors manage it?
  2. Its very interesting when teams that are leading a league or are in promotion places value that only as success. Hamilton escape relegation every year and bring in academy players on a regular basis and thats seen by alot as success. We lost alot of players from last season and had to dip into our young colts team to get a side on the pitch, we didnt just chuck it like alot of other teams. 4 16 year olds have played alot of the season and we managed to get a few in at Christmas to strengthen and IMO i think if we managed to avoid relegation then that would have been success. I have listened to alot of teams say that clubs who are in the relegation zone have their own agendas for wanting null and void. It would have been interesting to have seen everyones thoughts in the premier league last season when AM Soccer were ahead and in the driving seat for the league. Alot of teams for some reason or another don't like AM Soccer and i can guarantee the voting wouldn't have went their way. Just to clarify if we do get relegated then i will accept it but its strange that we are about the only league in the World to have relegation if it happens.
  3. I can assure you this is not a player that plays for us but could be a supporter. The thoughts of a supporter dont relate to what the clubs thoughts of other teams are and they certainly dont from me the manager. Hope that clears things up for you.
  4. That not alarming that they can't come up with this as an option. There will be nothing in any constitution in the world of football which has a global pandemic written in it.
  5. Aaron theres no team in any league who would vote for an option which didnt suit them. I understand everyones point regarding winning a league, promotion and relegation. Its pretty simple in that we need to find a solution which everyone will be happy with. Theres a solution there that i have put forward and i think you will agree it works for everyone.
  6. I agree with you on that. But my point before with no relegation but promoting top 3 teams on average of points per game in div 1 and championship works for everyone. 7 new teams it looks like coming into set up so makes leagues bigger in everyone division like everyone wants.
  7. Your main problem with that is that other ammie leagues and juniors, eos and lowland leagues have finished up. What for example theres boys in our leagues wanting to join a team in those leagues. When our season is starting back to finish this one then those leagues will be starting the 2020/21 season. Also whats the situation if you have boys coming from juniors, eos or lowland league to join your team? Can they play the rest of this season if we return?
  8. Ive always argued this case that surely you can do fixtures right through at start of the season. If im wrong then someone please tell me? Surely if you had a proper structure then it would work? This as an example - Taylor and Sullivan played as a Summer Cup. Played months Aug/Sep at start of the season, possible a different format like the Scottish Senior League Cup with leagues to start and then straight knockout Quarters, Semi and Final. League Fixtures/Fife Cup/Scottish Cup months Sep to May League Cup fixtures played March to May. Cup dates always take president as awell as replays and any league fixtuers cancelled due to this or weather then get put back until end of the season, everyone then knows where they stand. That format surely gives a bit of variety and interest.
  9. If this coronavirus had came last season at this time we would have been relegated if vote goes for that option. We got to last 16 of Scottish and had loads of games to play in the league, we ended up winning most and finishing 5th i think. Then we won the Fife so ended up being a decent season. I'd like to think you could change the constitution to allow this to happen. When would we have thought in this day and age that this would have happened in our lifetime.
  10. We have 8 games left with 6 teams in and around us and 3 points behind Kirkcaldy who we have to play twice, so not sure how we probably deserve to go down? After signing 4 new boys not long ago and beating Fossoway and Pittenweem in our last few league games, im more than confident we will climb the table and be safe. Just a quick question lads, why cant the leagues finishes as they are with no relegation. Promote the top teams from the Championship and Div 1 as it stands now and then add ur new teams to bottom league? Leagues will then have more teams like everyone wants and majority will be happy.
  11. Our league season finishing off at the same time juniors/eos etc are starting the 2020/21 season. Hows that going to work for possible players in our league moving to those leagues or players stepping down to ammie level?
  12. It says in the post what club its for.
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