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  1. BigAin1

    hayfield strollers

    Played them at start of season they were a good side with a few ex junior boys playing for them
  2. BigAin1

    Results Saturday 27th

    Gpr edged it bud but ref ruined the game
  3. BigAin1


    Rosyth 3 gpr 3 worst pitch in fife and the ref was terrible, cant believe they celebrated a draw lol tinks
  4. BigAin1

    Games off

    Gpr weem off
  5. BigAin1

    Games off

    Gpr pitenweem at the moment still on
  6. BigAin1

    Results 11/11/17

    Gpr 3 rosyth 0
  7. BigAin1

    worst pitch

    Agree rosyth pitch is terrible
  8. BigAin1

    Game off Sat 21st

    Cupar 6 gpr 1. Shambles from gpr aw the best cupar
  9. BigAin1

    Fixtures 14/10

    Where is this weeks fixtures??
  10. BigAin1


    Gpr 0 bay side 1
  11. BigAin1

    Fixtures sat 7th

    When is the fixtures out for sat?
  12. BigAin1


    Anybody know when the fixtures are out?
  13. BigAin1

    Scores 9th

    Gpr 3 hob 0
  14. BigAin1

    Scores 2nd September

    Gpr 8 bay side 1
  15. BigAin1

    Tuesday Results

    Kingdom 2 gpr 3