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  1. Results

    Kelty 5 V 3 st Monans
  2. Results

    I see they have in the news section of the website. shame they are a good bunch of lads so what i want to know now is what is the rules of this? results stand? void?
  3. Results

    has Lomond Vics folded? notice they aren' in league table now?
  4. Results

    correct mate. sex god of a boy.
  5. Results

    strollers 2 V 3 Kelty. tough game but that's the turkeys worked aff. good start to the year. someone let Keltylad know, he' usually interested in our results.
  6. Results Saturday 2nd

    Dysart 5 - 0 Kelty we are a shambles. sorry for not making back to your pub lads.
  7. looking for players

    Kelty hearts ams are looking to add a few players to our squad. looking for players who have good commitment and actually want to play football. we train twice a week on astro. Monday & wednesday. anybody interested give me a message.
  8. Results

    aye right Pedro. you wish us to get beat every week.
  9. Results

    musselburgh 3 - 1 Kelty. .... waiting on the Keltylad with the 'haha' comment. we need to get through this bad form we are in. well done to all the other teams from our set up.
  10. RJM Sports Scottish Amateur Cup

    Pete we scored more goals today than you've got teeth......
  11. Scores 9th

    methilhill 3 V 4 kelty
  12. Tuesday Results

    we deserved the hammering to be fair. shambles of a performance. all the best to burntisland for there season.
  13. Commitee

    you were sacked for filling the water bottles up with hot water Pete.