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  1. Mr Glenrothes

    That would be a great idea. Do you think they should maybe build a Nelson’s Column?
  2. Friendly result

    Never knew anything about it son. Don’t think it was advertised anywhere.
  3. Mr Glenrothes

    Welcome back. is that the man who was behind the new Ciswo club? ps I know I agreed to do the match reports while you were gone but there haven’t really been many played.
  4. Mine has to be “ Goaliegate”
  5. Kennoway Star Hearts

    Good signing for Star Hearts, if they can add a few more with his experience to their young squad they might manage to stay up.
  6. Friendly result

    Kelty beat Tayport 4-0 last night, wasn’t there but a friend who was informs me all the after match discussion in the sports lounge centred around the newly formed ladies team.
  7. Friendly result

    Oakley beaten 9-1 in a friendly by a team in the second tier embarrassing , can it get any worse ?
  8. Junior Football News In Pics

    This supermarket in Dalgety Bay is completely sold out.
  9. Glenrothes

    “Specky has made 57 posts on Pie and Bovril since start of November, 32 have been on this thread . It's all about the B.U.” Quote from Gogsy and his latest contribution on P&B Yet the pr1ck advises other to seek help
  10. Junior Football News In Pics

    Burnieman taking a short break.
  11. Good luck in the Scottish
  12. True Story

    Let’s just say it’s a club close to his heart and leave it at that son.
  13. Junior Football News In Pics

    Willies appointment reminds me of Karren Brady .......on the apprentice every week, criticising the contestants decision making and .......:
  14. Junior Football News In Pics

    Dundonald s resident barman will be in the Howf from 11am tomorrow
  15. Kennoway Star Hearts

    A wish the Oakley committee were half as bright and hard working.