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  1. Oak Lee

    Mid term report

    Come on son, leave the digging of holes to the experts. IF you never knew by the middle of August that all them teams had left for the EOS you must have been the only one. It’s either that or you think that finishing 7th in the premier wins promotion to the super league.
  2. Oak Lee

    Duncan Caithness

    There’s your apology Vegas. As for bawbag I think the fact hardly anyone posts here anymore is enough proof that they know he abused his position as moderator of the site. Let it go.
  3. Oak Lee


    If you want to watch a shot shy team playing in an East of Scotland competition, why no go watch Athletico Rosyth? ....same plastic pitch with a new manager that’s a fudd and won’t cost you £7
  4. Oak Lee

    Kennoway Star Hearts

    Seen this on Whitburn Facebook page and got to say it is absolutely shocking. Don’t know the lad but I played against his grandfather back in the day. He was hard but fair and I’m sure he will be appalled by this. Have to say I’m very disappointed in the silence at Star Hearts, he wouldn’t have gotten away with it under Davy Leitch.
  5. Oak Lee


    Apology accepted.
  6. Oak Lee


    Having persuaded weshallnotbemoved and Haw Haw to give Dougie Cooper one final chance to put right his wrong doing yesterday, I am pleased to announce that they have this morning agreed to allow John Martin the same opportunity. If he apologises in this thread for threatening to dig a hole and bury White Star (by the 21st October) there will be no more mention of his misdemeanours on or off the field in this forum.
  7. Oak Lee

    Lochgelly Albert

    I swear on my grandchildren’s lives that the bloke in question sent a threatening text to Duncan Caithness during his time as chairman of Glenrothes. I know this has nothing to do with Lochgelly, and I’ve been in dialogue with Weshallnotbemoved and Haw Haw over the last couple of days to try and arrange some form of truce. Both have given me their word that should he apologise in this very thread for sending said text( by midnight on the 19th October) they will never mention it or any other of his misdemeanours ever again. Hope this helps mate.
  8. Oak Lee

    Junior Catchphrase

  9. Oak Lee


    I know you’re not a fan Wullie. I wasn’t referring to you pal, I was talking about on their Facebook page. Got to agree though, strange decision. Although I’ve been told there were only 2 applicants them and Bobby Bayne. With Cooper and Martin still dictating it was never going to be the latter.
  10. Oak Lee


    KSH announced the appointment of Kevin Byers on Monday , again their Facebook page was inundated with fans and friends expressing their delight and wishing the former ICT and Brechin City player all the best. It’s now been 11 hours since the Glens announcement and not one single similar comment. Instead we have a fan asking who they are and a supporter asking if it’s a joke. Again says it all really.
  11. Oak Lee

    The return of a legend

    “Legend is a word often used flippantly in football” Wasn’t sure if this was a wee dig at the opposition or purely coincidental until they really put the Duck Martins into them with the title of their match report.
  12. Oak Lee

    The return of a legend

    Nice touch by the Gowfers letting the Glens see what a proper legend is on Saturday. https://mobile.twitter.com/TheGowfers/status/1043600355018334208
  13. Oak Lee

    Junior Football News In Pics

    Available from your local car boot sale.
  14. Oak Lee

    Lochgelly Albert

    Bertie, if you read through this thread I’m sure you’ll agree I’ve not had a bad word to say about your club. In fact I’ve tried really hard to not comment at all due to the fact I know Jock and all his family very well. There is not another chairman in the district who will make you feel more welcome at a game and away from football a more nicer man you can meet. What I don’t think you are understanding is that although this man only attends your matches he got himself into bother on this forum on more than one occasion with his childish mocking and goading of others. When the moderator who helped him identify individuals was exposed the forum was ruined. Glenrothes became a laughing stock and many innocent people have been threatened. Yes he’s stopped posting and no longer at the Glens but his refusal to come on here and apologise tells me he doesn’t give a monkeys about his own never mind the Berts family.
  15. Oak Lee


    Coco I know exactly why they don’t post here anymore and I don’t care. Until such time as they issue an apology on here for their bullying tactics I will never tire of reminding people what they done.