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  1. Was it jimmyg?????? I notice he’s asking why some of the comments have been deleted and he’s got history of not knowing when to keep it shut.
  2. Let me guess. Phil McGuire or Stevie Kowbel?
  3. Saints require a new manager after the departure of Craig Morrison. A great wee well run club. Good opportunity.
  4. Junior Football News In Pics

    They won’t be needing them now as they’ve packed in. A source close to Andy Penman said the risk of being bullied by Martin far out weighed any progression to the first team making news signings impossible.
  5. Junior Football News In Pics

    I never knew Davy Leitch was back there. That explains everything.
  6. Dundonald Bluebell

    At the time of posting the above I was talking about the boy Gay who played for Glens but left after he was attacked by John Martin. I was unaware his brother played for Kennoway too. Hope this clears up any confusion.
  7. True Story

    Your link never worked but asked one of my granddaughters about the cache thingy this afternoon and she gave me a lesson on bloody cookies. All fixed now son so hopefully we’re on the same page. To answer your question, it is what I was suggesting but I never knew anything, just something I overheard while having lunch in Pinkertons one afternoon. Does this mean the odds are shortening or lengthening?
  8. True Story

    Clear my cache?
  9. True Story

    Am banned from there, canny see it son. What’s it say?
  10. True Story

    What you heard?
  11. Kelty Hearts

    Is that the same Gibby who got shafted at Glenrothes as part of Benny Andrews coaching staff because they wanted to change goalkeepers before a penalty shootout? Good luck to the boy if it is.
  12. Junior Football News In Pics

    “It’s no disrespect to the previous management and committee at the club, who put in a lot of good work over the years, but we really needed a change.” Yeah the fans must have been fed up competing against Bo’ness, Bonnyrigg and Linlithgow and enjoyed their visits to Brechin Vics, Coupar Angus and Forfar Albion.
  13. Junior Football News In Pics

    My favourite episode was the one involving the mobile phones when Broughy volunteered to be project manager.
  14. Junior Football News In Pics

    Bringing in Newbigging led to them failing the very first task.