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  1. Junior Catchphrase

    Doesn’t surprise me son. He’s threatened to have a good innocent man beaten up and searched through players belongings for mobile phones. The cant has no shame.
  2. Junior Catchphrase

    I guess that explains why he never congratulated Wullie for his achievement on the Glens Facebook page. Been commenting on every other post on there.
  3. Junior Catchphrase

    Surely no. If it weren’t for Wullie and his dedication the Glens would have folded long ago. Common knowledge that he’s been their saviour on many an occasion, none more so than when single handedly pulling them back from the brink after Hal’s left. Fully deserves that award in my opinion.
  4. Junior Catchphrase

    Forgot to say what I could see earlier. Victor Meldrew with the Glens new midfield duo. Although what he’s doing in a glass I haven’t a clue.
  5. Junior Catchphrase

    And here was me thinking you had received an apology from Cooper and stopped posting without telling us.
  6. Junior Catchphrase

    I just knew it was Newbigging. Is he on cloud nine?
  7. Junior Catchphrase

    I still think Mr Chins is in Oakley. If we knew who he was with it would be a help. That could be anyone of a dozen people with the amount of faces that cant has.
  8. Junior Catchphrase

    If it’s Johno, couple of years ago I’d have said Puppy Love but now more likely Once bitten twice shy.
  9. Junior Catchphrase

    Is it Dougy Day Care?
  10. End of season awards.

    Been one hell of a season for bawbaggerry, so to come out on top of such a bunch of sacks that included the likes of Gogsy and Burnieman is an outstanding achievement. # Naturalorder
  11. Oakley United Players player and committees player Lee Dawson. Very well deserved. Golden boot winner James McAteer.
  12. Glenrothes

    Willie said “ As soon as Stevie became available I had no hesitation to try and get him in... Is Cooper still writing these lies? This is the same Willie who was all over St Andrews United Facebook touting Stevie for the job within an hour of Morri being relieved of his services.
  13. Lochgelly Albert

    It’s not an official club cameraman. We played them recently and there was no video of our 3 goals. Just some self-absorbed waste of oxygen with a mobile phone who’s ego exceeds both his intelligence and his capacity to see beyond his own personal interests.
  14. Kennoway Star Hearts

    I’ve been told they will go to Glenrothes if Sean Simpson is appointed manager but also heard a wee rumour that Bibby may be about to leave the Haws and chances are that they could end up there if rumours of his replacement are true. McCookies latest odds; Dundonald Bluebell..............................4/7 Glenrothes...(with Simpy in charge) 11/10 H.O.B..( under the new management) 7/1 Kennoway Star Hearts.......................10/1 Thornton Hibs ....................................20/1 Kelty.....................................................50/1 Glenrothes ( if Campbell’s manager) 100/1
  15. Lochgelly Albert

    Lochgelly 0 Oakley 3 Oakley end the season with a comfortable win against the Berts. With 47 goals for and 12 against since Foxy’s introduction, a 2-0 loss our only defeat against runaway leaders Pumpherston it’s been a great end to the season and I for one am already looking forward to the next, whatever league we’re playing in.