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  1. No, you’re both wrong. The point being made by Vegas is that Cooper has a history of inappropriate comments and despite having made a public apology on here to Dunc seems to believe that he can continue to do so with impunity.
  2. It’s an appalling, offensive and vile comment which is totally unacceptable no matter whom the author.
  3. Glenrothes FC 23 hours ago Club Statement: The club would like to announce that Vice Chairman James Aitken and General Manager Paul Aitken have resigned from the committee and their respective roles at the club. The club and myself personally would like to put on record our thanks to James and Paul for their contribution to the club over the last 9 WEEKS, both have been stalwarts in ensuring the club's BIRTH over this period which at times was very challenging. FTFY, Pete
  4. Or in his case dancing pumps. Had heard Kennoway were in a bad way but never realised they’d become that desperate.
  5. The financial difficulties are just as irrelevant as the moving association. What you’re failing to grasp here is that the committee decided to join the EoS, not as Glenrothes Juniors but with a completely new identity and beginning as Glenrothes FC. It wasn’t compulsory or indeed necessary to drop the juniors tag. Even if they had nobody would have batted an eyelid but the introduction of the new badge signals the end of the club as we know it.
  6. Moving association is irrelevant. For example, Berwick moving to the EPFL will still be the same club with their history intact. To my knowledge none of the rest have changed their name and badge. Glenrothes Juniors formed in 1964 cease to exist. Gone the way of the Dodo and like Third Lanark will NEVER field a team of players again. That’s the difference.
  7. I know mate, they’ve not though it out properly. It’s not too dissimilar to me changing my name to Neil Armstrong and claiming to be the first man on the moon
  8. Glenrothes Juniors as we know them are dead. 55 years of history, triumph and tears have ended, it’s all over.
  9. I’m hearing it’s actually going to be Craig Gibson ....but I’m not falling for those pesky Chinese whispers again.
  10. Thanks for clearing that up son. It’s not like them to get it wrong around these neck of the woods. I guess it’s only to be expected when outsiders start bumping their gums.
  11. The latest rumours circulating in Oakley are that there was a huge protest at Warout on Sunday afternoon.
  12. Aye, nothing beats a Proclaimers song when poking fun at The Glens and Hearts.
  13. My postman was 2hrs late today and his excuse was he had 500 of these to deliver.
  14. Heehaw about big plans, basically just a statement confirming what we already know, that Glenrothes juniors are now dead. 55 year history wiped out and all they’ve done is thank the helpers in the pie hut.
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