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  1. 2 hours ago, Weshallnotbemoved said:

    The Professional Game Body are completely  satisfied with the astute efforts applied by TJ and the juniors WILL join the pyramid at tier 6. The ball is now firmly in the EOS court and club licensing has been delayed until such time as they comply.

    Wee Dougie was expected to travel as a special guest to Lochee today but as the game is cancelled will remain where he is. 

    Thanks. Any news on whether anymore Jiffy bags have been discovered? My understanding is that the pyramidics sent out 4. 

  2. On 3/11/2019 at 3:47 PM, Weshallnotbemoved said:

    Just this minute been told from my absolutely unimpeachable source that TJ has pulled off a master stroke. Total meltdown expected from the pyramidics in the next few days.

    What’s the latest mate? The dust appears to be settling in the land of fantasy leagues and imaginary borders. Have the SFA returned the voodoo doll?

  3. 52 minutes ago, Coco88 said:

    Why should I be defending the clubs decision if I think their making a huge mistake. I don’t see the benefit of playing in the EoS at tier 7 or maybe it’s tier 8 and travelling over the forth every second week   Thornton and kennoway will be tier 6 with a lot less travel and bigger home crowds. Chances are one of them might even win and go into a play off with tier 6 north winners. Which will be another big home crowd and anything could happen over 2 legs and then with a bit of luck a play off against tier 6 winners from the west. Ok no saying we’d win tier 6 but somebody has to and what is there to gain being tier 7 playing pub teams from the borders.

    Look on the bright side Coco, one day you might get the opportunity to meet Alan the Camel F@nny. 

  4. 4 minutes ago, COYG said:

    They tried something a bit different and it didn’t work out big deal , does that mean they should shut up shop and give into people like you who have a vendetta against the glens I think not 

    Vendetta against the Glens? You’re kidding me aren’t you, or have you just forgotten my efforts on here last October to put right a wrong. Glens used to be a big club, it’s only natural their demise will be the topic of discussion. Kudos to you for defending it and perhaps you can persuade us to see things from your point of view. Throwing around accusations like that isn’t the best way to start though in my opinion.

  5. On 2/21/2019 at 4:26 PM, Mariner said:

    Not associated with any Jnr club what the incentive to join the EOS League? 


    20 hours ago, Hawhaw said:

    Nothing apart from a full fixture list preseason so you can salivate at the prospect of knocking 15 or 16 goals past pub teams like Eyemouth and Tweedmouth.

    Competitive cup competitions they said, 

    one East of Scotland semi finished 7-0

    Bigger crowds they said,

    Alex Jack cup final was a walkover

    Better run than the junior cup they said

    Kelty disqualified for fielding ineligible player

  6. 15 minutes ago, Weshallnotbemoved said:

    How funny would that be

    “sorry Blackburn your licence application has been refused due to the lack of grass”


    I’m Deadly serious,  It’s a totally different game and those with them should only be competing against each other. No other sport would allow it. Imagine one semi-final of Wimbledon played on centre court and the other on court 55 with a plastic surface.