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  1. Bertie Wooster

    Lochgelly Albert

    It’s no problem mate. Thanks for the comments on Jock. I’ve known him for years and he does an incredible amount of work for the club. As far as out committe goes we work hard, always try to do things by the book, and while things haven’t been easy over the past couple of seasons we had hoped we were making progress. I’m not defending the bloke in question. For the record, I don’t know him, have spoken to him a handful of times over the past couple of seasons, don’t know the background, and in all honesty he makes no difference to me either way. My only concern is the Albert. When Stevie Kowbel left we were left short of players (as mentioned above). The new management team came in, did well to put a team on the park, but have decided to the move to the Glens. Not ideal by any stretch of the imagination but nobody at Lochgelly is throwing in the towel.
  2. Bertie Wooster

    Junior Football News In Pics

    Aye, very good! Didn’t you know it’s the curse! It’s full on Poltergeist spooky shit. Its about time I was honest. It is a curse. When we were working on new drains at the top end of the pitch we discovered Gardiners Park is built on an Indian burial ground. Then our greenkeeper ran over a leprechaun with our new rotary mower. To compound it all I told a gypsy to stick her clothes pegs up her arse. It’s a curse! Feel free to have a pop pop as I’m clearly missing all the underhand activity that’s secretly undermining the Albert. I though it was down to the Illuminati? However, you clearly have an intimate knowledge of the running of the club. It’s Armadale at home on Saturday. Feel free to introduce yourself.
  3. Bertie Wooster

    Lochgelly Albert

    We’ve been over this one and while I get where you’re coming from the guy really has nothing to do with the club (apart from attending matches). It hasn’t been a great start but more to do with losing soft goals than anything else. We’re still playing catch-up when it comes to fitness etc. Scored two goals on Saturday and shaded it for most of the first half. Capable of playing decent football but need to work on the lapses.
  4. Bertie Wooster

    Lochgelly Albert

    Hardly surprising after losing the best part of the squad last year. Decent enough performances against West Calder, Rosyth and Newburgh, costly mistakes against Stoneyburn, Kirkcaldy and Pumpherston. The Albert played well in the first half on Saturday and were unlucky to go in a goal behind. Second half a couple of errors killed the game. Simple as that really. Bearing in mind we had a handful of signed players a few weeks ago Im still positive. Clearly, it isn’t ideal but early days.
  5. Bertie Wooster

    Lochgelly Albert

    Can’t comment on the loan transfer from the Glens. Stephen played in the friendly against the Haws when the Glens manager was in attendance. He also took a bad knock after coming on as a sub against Stoneyburn. He’ll be back in a few weeks and will be a good addition to the squad. There were plenty of rumours about abeyance. At one point I think we had eight signed players and that included one who’s working in Ibiza, another who’s taking a year out, one who was freed, and one who’s given up football due to other commitments. We lost a few players during the season, three were transferred and others chose not to renew. It was never a secret. The website was up-to-date with numbers signed etc. From the outside it probably looked bad but we were always convinced we’d have a team. It’ll take a few weeks but I’m happy with the way things are shaping up.
  6. Bertie Wooster

    Lochgelly Albert

    Not bother. I get where you’re coming from. Hopefully our luck’s changing as it’s been a fairly difficult few months. Decent performance yesterday against a much changed West Calder team. Will be an interesting season.
  7. Bertie Wooster

    Lochgelly Albert

    You’ve said nothing about his involvement with running the club but the implication is that his asociation with Lochgelly Albert has something to do with managerial changes etc. It hasn’t. For the record players could be described as having left in droves. Nobody is currently leaving and the club is actively recruiting additional players over and above those already signed. There were malicious rumours suggesting that the club was headed for a abeyance. This is certainly not the case and we are keen to highlight this. I have no issue with either of you gentlemen and there’s clearly a past the details of which I’m unfamiliar with. However, recent changes at the Albert have nothing to do with the man in question. Cheers.
  8. Bertie Wooster

    Lochgelly Albert

    I’m intrigued by the notion that the bloke in question has anything to do with the running of the club. He’s not a director, he isn’t on the committee, and beyond attending game makes no further contribution. He has not attempted to join the committee and has no input into any decisions made by the club. The reason Craig and more recently Stevie Kowbel left had nothing to do with any ‘curse’ and for the record players aren’t leaving in droves. Lochgelly lost a large number of players over the summer. Three were transferred to other clubs, and several left following the expiration of their contracts with a number of the younger players joining Kirkcaldy YM. Two or three others left or are taking time out due to work or family commitments. There are no hard feelings and the club wish all these players every success. There’s a new management team in place and some nine new players have signed with others in negotiation. It hasn’t been an easy time but none of the above has anything to do with someone who has no influence at committee level. You clearly have issues with the man in question and that’s your call. However, from a Lochgelly perspective any changes have nothing to do with a someone who has no more say in the club than any other supporter.