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  1. Hawhaw

    Junior Football News In Pics

    E-fit released in connection with hit and run in Whitburn at the weekend.
  2. Hawhaw


    Having had more time to reflect on the situation and sought reassurances from Weshallnotbemoved that Bawbag Brough & Mr Illustrious will not be let off scot-free, I am now in a position to accept Johns apology. All the best to him, the Glens and the new management team.
  3. Hawhaw

    Junior Football News In Pics

    Show Arcism the Red Card fortnight ends midnight 19th October.
  4. Hawhaw

    Kelty Hearts

  5. Hawhaw


    Thank you for your apology, I do appreciate you are accepting responsibility for your actions, however due to your partner in crimes refusal to man up I am still too angry and need more time to process the situation and my feelings about it before I’m ready to move on.
  6. Hawhaw

    Junior Football News In Pics

    Bertie Wooster claims the Lying King only attends games as yet another manager leaves the post at Lochgelly.
  7. Hawhaw

    Lochgelly Albert

    Hey you, I crack the jokes around these parts.
  8. Hawhaw

    Kennoway Star Hearts

    Kenny Bayne? Do you no mean B.B.
  9. Hawhaw

    The return of a legend

    Nice touch by you letting Victor Meldrew see it now too mate. Such a shame his sacking came a week too early.
  10. Hawhaw

    Junior Catchphrase

    Duck Martin in da fence?
  11. Hawhaw

    Junior Catchphrase

    I’ll have first quack at it Duck Martin?
  12. Hawhaw


  13. Hawhaw


    Good point, can just picture the court scene. First witness takes the stand
  14. Hawhaw


    Don’t forget jimmyg it was his reply that instigated it all.
  15. Hawhaw

    Lochgelly Albert

    Alternatively be a laughing stock for the next three seasons but end up with the best curtains in the league.