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  1. Hawhaw


    Just the one win in their previous six competitive matches and that was against bottom club Whitburn. Campbell’s jacket must surely be on a shoogly peg.
  2. Hawhaw


    Those avarage ammys have won more points than Kennoway, Thornton, Glenrothes, Lochgelly and Lochore put together.
  3. Hawhaw

    Junior Catchphrase

    Is it chuckle vision?
  4. Hawhaw

    Lochgelly Albert

    I’d advise you to make sure it remains that way. Mans an utter bellend.
  5. Hawhaw

    Junior Catchphrase

    Looks more like a Peenis Colada or as it’s known in Lochgelly a Dougy Cooper
  6. Hawhaw

    Junior Catchphrase

    Now that’s what you call a stiff drink
  7. Hawhaw

    Junior Catchphrase

    I can see a little black book lol
  8. Hawhaw

    Junior Catchphrase

    Better to be the head of a dog than the tail of a lion cant
  9. Hawhaw

    Junior Catchphrase

    The Leg End of Johno?
  10. Hawhaw

    Junior Football News In Pics

    For the benefit of the uneducated (well Gogsy anyhow) here’s another clue; Different presenter but same old shit.
  11. Hawhaw

    Junior Football News In Pics

    And the clue is: He’s full of shit.
  12. Hawhaw

    End of season awards.

    Same night as Kelty . Only time their legendary manager Willie Newbigging is available to present the prizes.
  13. Hawhaw

    End of season awards.

    Well done Stuarty
  14. Hawhaw

    Kennoway Star Hearts

    Is it any coincidence that the Glens without Cooper made some progress this season but Lochgelly who have been improving over the last couple of years have now gone backwards? I think not.
  15. Hawhaw


    The same Willie that described John Martin as a Glens legend