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  1. Been on to the Sun and they asked for a brief description of story. First I was contacted by a Ken McDonald who mostly explained procedures and when I told him I was waiting until 5pm tonight to see if it had been dealt with in house before going ahead he said to expect a call from someone called Dan King. Anyone on here know if he’s a front or back page journalist?
  2. Hawhaw


    I was too busy laughing at the resemblance to big Roy and the fact that the yoons in South Street had been out panic buying all the toilet rolls I didn’t notice what was being crocheted for the home later in the year
  3. 75F39228-C055-485E-AF29-28FCF972EB87.MOV
  4. Hawhaw


    Not very friendly 51 year old bitch, thrives on bites and leaving sh!t everywhere. Last seen yesterday afternoon after a hard kick in the hawhaws from the club supremo. Answers to the name Moron.
  5. So 24 hours after this post, any further developments?
  6. Horrible wee cretin is seething. Nothing will give me more pleasure than seeing Blackburn relegated this season.
  7. Liggy you must have missed this one mate, am still pissing myself
  8. Waste of time starting a new thread if you were hoping to get a debate from that pr1ck Gogsy mate. Everyone involved with lower league football across the country knows what he’s like on social media not just those who read on here. Check out this post that has aged well.
  9. Says more about the demise of Kirkcaldy YM. Just like Glenrothes they fell into the wrong hands and are so far behind Thornton that they’re now joining ranks with the Shippy. Travelling to Peebles and Hawick to beat similar amateur sides 5 and 6 nil because they can’t get out of a league consisting of Rosyth and Newburgh. You’re right there’s more to come though, Kennoway are heading in the same direction.
  10. Manchester City punished for breaking financial fair play rules. Forthcoming court battles will have repercussions. How long before we see the birth of THE Kelty Hearts?
  11. Barlinnie would be more appropriate. I’d put him behind bars alongside a couple of 20 stone alcoholic bouncers with anger management issues and a very loose sense of personal boundaries.
  12. It’s better than “to be closer to the family”, at least you know he’s not coming back when he feels like it.
  13. Every time this pitiful excuse of a human opens his massive gob he finds a new low.
  14. See Barry had the cones out tonight again
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