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  1. Kennoway Star Hearts

    Seen them both several times and no good enough for the Haws pal. Plus if Bib was going I’d be one of the first to know, so if you’re wanting a bet I will give you 700/1
  2. Kennoway Star Hearts

    Along at Star last night and heard a couple of interesting conversations regarding the Gay brothers. Apparently Dundonald are not the only club interested in them.
  3. The Haws

    The big Fife derby returns next season. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=2144318355583980&id=156124844403351
  4. You think jimmyg has a friend?
  5. Junior Football News In Pics

    Major Frost discussing “operation biting” with a member of the Star Hearts committee at Treaton Park.
  6. Junior Football News In Pics

    jimmyg does a pitch inspection for the neutrals planning a trip to Fife.
  7. Dundonald Bluebell

  8. Dundonald Bluebell

    Might be true , I’ve been told the he pulled up in the warm up because he’s signed a pre contract with Dundonald and didn’t want to play against them.
  9. Rumour is St Andrews are interested in leaving the juniors for the EOS.
  10. Junior Football News In Pics

    That’s a fackin belter btw. Roy won’t know whether to laugh or cry.
  11. True Story

    No really a fan of folk returning to manage clubs for a second spell but Craig will have gained a lot more experience since the last time. Think where Roy has went wrong is no naming the people who have offered to help and in what capacity because if the likes of Grant Brough are part of the plans or worse still Dougy Cooper then the club would be better off dead.
  12. Kelty Hearts

    Been told the young goalkeeper in question was between the sticks for Thornton in their cup win against Sauchie last week. Good luck to him, if Cooper didn’t rate him he’s sure to be successful like many others. Good luck to Gibby too am sure he’ll be more successful at Kelty than Willie Newbigging was .
  13. Junior Football News In Pics

    But failed and became the first f@nny to be fired
  14. Junior Football News In Pics

    And Patsy being the first to be fired
  15. Junior Football News In Pics

    Nope Lord Allan Halliday went to Dundonald.