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  1. Hawhaw


    Depends what you consider a reasonable offer I suppose but as you’ve felt the need to make it public I’m guessing there’s a bit more to it. Is it a secret who the bidders are?
  2. Hawhaw

    Juniors joining pyramid

    Nothing apart from a full fixture list preseason so you can salivate at the prospect of knocking 15 or 16 goals past pub teams like Eyemouth and Tweedmouth.
  3. Hawhaw

    Juniors joining pyramid

    Surely there will be more teams considering returning to the ERJFA now than leaving. Sure I read somewhere a Linlithgow fan said he’d like them to return and Dundonald almost made the right decision before defecting at the last minute and are now regretting it. Will only take one of them to announce it and the majority will follow.
  4. Hawhaw

    Junior Football News In Pics

    Might be a good idea for them to have their own thread in here now
  5. Hawhaw

    Mid term report

    You sure you’ve spelt that correctly? I think there should be a k in there somewhere.
  6. Hawhaw

    Plastic Pitches

    That’s a very valid point Lee, never thought of it like that. Much like Thornton , Markinch, and Buckhaven lawn bowling teams having to play their away matches against Methilhill bowling club at the East Fife carpet rink.
  7. Hawhaw

    Plastic Pitches

    It’s not just the players who are saying it, Steven Gerrard says they’re dangerous, Strachan has said they are embarrassing , Jim Duffy says they’ll shorten carreers and Brendan Rodgers says he’s yet to see a good game played on one.
  8. Hawhaw

    Juniors joining pyramid

    It’s all gone pretty quiet over there Lee, hence our wee visit from Gobshite and Ginaro’s sudden interest in here. You know Burnieman is struggling when Alan his camel f@nny stops slavering all over his keyboard and he has to bring one of his other alts out to play. Today it’s the turn of 12angrymen to spread his sh**te from one forum to another.
  9. Hawhaw

    Junior Football News In Pics

    As reality hits home that the juniors will be part of the pyramid at tier 6 next season Gobshite has some sound advice for the Blackburn oracle
  10. Hawhaw

    Juniors joining pyramid

    Yes they do because they can see through McGinty’s campaign. Causing division in the junior ranks to get one over TJ. There was nothing wrong with the junior setup last season 3 very competitive leagues. Good luck to any club who wish to follow in Kelty’s footsteps but the reality is there are only a couple who can realistically make it to tier 5 and then as Kelty will soon find to their cost hit a brick wall. I’ve read your opinions on pie and bovril and it’s blatantly obvious you have only joined this forum to try and convince the remaining Fife clubs to move over to the EoS . Gobshite has already quite kindly pointed out where they stand in terms of supporters, moving to the EoS at tier 8 will not improve anything . Football is nothing without fans, I think they would be well advised to stay where they are.
  11. Hawhaw

    Juniors joining pyramid

    Lighten the f**k up then @sshole
  12. Hawhaw

    Juniors joining pyramid

    Next seasons EoS Premier Division won’t be much different from last seasons Superleague. I see no reason why two leagues can’t work at tier six with the Fife Clubs returning to ERSJFA and the West Lothian clubs joining the EoS and a play off between the two at the end of the season.
  13. Hawhaw

    Juniors joining pyramid

    Games attended in the Lowland League so far this season, anybody want to hazard a guess where Gogsy fits in? 21 Rab B Nesbit 21 Kilby Fan 21 Ekok 21 The judge 20 johnmc80 20 Newcastle Broon 20 Jerry Macguire 19 Dead 19 Alanshotbath 18 Nimmos notes 17Baxters Nutmeg
  14. Hawhaw

    Juniors joining pyramid

    No it was me that mentioned you gobshite and caught you hook line and sinker because you just can’t help yourself. Apologies for the late reply but unlike yourself I’ve got a life away from the keyboard. Honestly you’ve got a huge problem if you actually believe we’re no real. Talking of which there’s something else I forgot to mention, that voodoo doll that weshallnotbmoved stuck pins in for 5 years. The doll in case you’ve forgotten seen off the last pair of keyboard warriors and is responsible for both Glenrothes and Lochgelly finding themselves at the bottom of their respective leagues. Yip like him it is 100% real too. Did you think it went into retirement last October? No it went straight out on loan to a guy called Midge. No idea why he wanted it but apparently he returned it last month and said “Courts gone, 11 points dropped and f****d out the cup for playing an ineligible player” thanks very much Last I heard it was in taxi on it’s way to Hampden accompanied by someone from Lochee.
  15. Hawhaw

    Juniors joining pyramid

    Not sure what my clubs stance is but myself and many of the supporters I chat too at games would all like to see the Haws back in the super league. Haven’t enjoyed this season at all. What I have enjoyed though is the comedy gold on pie n bovril. McGinty must be a sadder f**k than Gordon Hunter the amount of time he spends on there. Every post the same, TJ this TJ that, bitter wee man because he got ousted from the SJFA. The Lochee chairman owned him last week though and the realisation that the juniors will join the pyramid at tier 6 next season whether he likes it or not has him absolutely seething. Long may it continue.