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  1. Hearts of Beath statement Appropriate to post this message,,, we are having problems now with losing players, injuries and other issues thus affecting players availability,, we have had to call off today which we have apologized to both home club and league,,, we are having a committee meeting Monday to consider the way forward and the clubs future after nearly 30 years,, we will then meet with players on Tuesday,,, this has not been an easy decision by myself or other member of club committee,, we will endeavor to see out the season as we well know impact on other clubs in particular those like us it bottom end and therefore don't want to enforce relegation to others due to our position and do apologize to those it may effect. We will try and get things sorted asap to avoid this happening... we are at this point looking to see if we can bring in another few boys to play out the season with us to help avoid us not completing our commitment to seeing out the season. We are also now actively seeking new manager/coaches who would be willing to come in and help us thru this difficult period,, anyone interested in any way helping out please contact myself or Derek.. Again apologies to those that this may affect including my committee, coaches and players,,, other clubs and league members and executive committee....Tony Smith (Chairman)
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