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  1. St Monans Swallows 2 v Eastvale 2
  2. Doubt that, schools not going back until after 22nd Feb and only youngest kids. Football will be way behind as priority is getting kids back to school safely and they won't risk anything stopping that.
  3. SMS

    Level 3

    The woman I spoke to was unsure of the answers to some of the questions I asked. She said she would ask her manager and get back to me which she did and clarified my queries.
  4. SMS

    Level 3

    We were also told all players who entered red zone(pitch) and ref must self isolate and only team who's player tested positive has to self isolate those in orange zone.
  5. SMS

    Level 3

    We followed all protocols as we were the home team. Areas roped off, hand sanitizer when entering toilets also masks worn while entering toilets. Just unlucky. Just hope all players from both teams are OK , thats the main thing.
  6. SMS

    Level 3

    Test & protect also contacted all players. I just gave them advanced warning, as secretary & covid officer.
  7. SMS

    Level 3

    I just hope none of you receive the phone call I've just just received and then have the job of informing 13 boys they have to isolate for two weeks.
  8. SMS

    Level 3

    We all agreed to start the season but this needs to be clarified before we restart as as I said last night there doesn't seem to be a consistent protocol coming from Track & Trace.
  9. St Monans Swallows 3 Fife Thistle 3
  10. Freuchie 5 v St Monans Swallows 1
  11. Exactly! Well said. I realise we are governed by our constitution and changes can't be made until an AGM but these are extraordinary times and changes are being made everywhere and laws changed to cope with and control Covid 19.
  12. So far 5 teams have asked the question regarding the null & void vote. Option 3 in my opinion isn't an option as I seriously doubt we will kick a ball in competition this year.
  13. Markinch 2 St Monans Swallows 3
  14. Well established, financially secure club requires a coach/manager. We are currently playing in the Kingdom of Fife Amateur Football Association RJM Sports Championship League. Please contact Allison on 07917854010 if interested.
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