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  1. Manager Update ***Manager Update*** Not content with being in the Hall Of Fame for the wee team in Cowdenbeath, Cowdenbeath F.C., Craig "Toorie" Winter takes over the Hot Seat at Hearts Of Beath looking to add to an illustrous career in the Cowden. Legend is a word thrown around very easily in this world but we can all agree with over 500 appearances, 4 promotions and two league titles in there at senior level we can all agree on this one. Toorie is buzzing to get back into the game with his team of coaches and especially buzzing to do it in the place that made him. Expect honest hard working football played and a laugh along the way.
  2. In the interest of fairness and openness. I tried folks as has been pointed I do run a business. This was not the case here it was an entirely volunteered position.
  3. I’ve asked the committee. They’ve no even gave me a response to say “we will consider” so it’ll no happen.
  4. Ready and available. They know where to reach me, it’s in their inbox.
  5. 1. Proper fixture control. Always next 4 weeks known. Midweek controlled by distance. Not difficult to do if you have a background in project management. 2. Cup draws done live on social media for all to see Sunday evenings. Committees, Players, fans and dugs can all get a buzz about them as they’re pulled. Drives interaction and involvement strengthening the leagues position in the public eye. 3. Social Media Management. Let the clubs know what’s going on, Highlight a game a week for fans, Interact with clubs and other leagues. A stronger presence drives more to the game and our game in particular. I’m a business development manager who specialises in finding new marketing streams for engineering. I do this daily it’s not difficult and works. It provides better value for money for sponsors, which gets more sponsors on board which strengthens the league and teams furthermore.
  6. They have a contact form. I contacted if they wanted the help they’d have replied saying this is how it needs to be done. They never. Shame really have experience in the two areas I discussed that would have helped the league greatly. But must not be part of their boys club.
  7. I’m not sure you’re getting me. They didn’t even grace me with a reply.
  8. Proposed fixtures and bringing the league into the 21st century. Tumbleweed.
  9. Kelty. they did have 15 league games to play in 9 weeks not including cups. fair to say championship league and fixtures in general grossly mismanaged.
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