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  1. Was told officially “We can’t publish fixtures in advance because cup games” well we’ve none of them this year So let us know we’ll ahead of time!
  2. Also you just cast up Dougie Cooper in 2020? Swear word me. You should seek help mate, true help if you think this is normal behaviour to live your life.
  3. Thought we were in lockdown diddy ride?
  4. You not got clubs to chase for Facebook posts or that? From the top though. I like many other have followed every guideline put in place, went above and beyond to ensure boys have somewhere to go to improve their physical and mental health in these torturous times. You’ve probably no idea the benefits a boy can have from being in a team playing football every week mentally let alone physically. The issue here is yous are a miserable who wants the world stopped as moaning is the brightest point of your sad sad little existence whilst the rest of us have worked out what we can do to bring benefit to boys and got on with that. We’ve worked within the guidelines and made ours and the boys life better for that wee bit time we can escape from the reality of life just now and enjoy a laugh and kick about with mates who’re like family*. So you can away and fling pish at yerself trying to get football cancelled from amateurs to juniors. Go try find out who yer wives shagging or whatever else it was that made ye such a miserable *You’ll no get that having nae pals.
  5. Do us all a favour then mate. Go do that.
  6. HOB beat 7-1 on Saturday and took great things from it the boys say. see the level. See where yer lacking. Get on.
  7. Mate all I can say from someone who plays in your league around yous THANKS. You’ve done everything by the book and now we are all definitely better for it. Genuninely deepest thanks you made bold clear decisions and now we are in a place to go forward because of that. Done yourself, YM and Ammie Football proud.
  8. I think it’s best for your health to go back into shielding mate. The worry you must face day to day can’t be healthy, lock the door and shut the windows. let the Asda boy leave the messages at the door and only pick them up with gloves then wipe everything down before taking the gloves off. Good luck.
  9. You’ve went from pillar to post about shutting down this league. From changing rooms To showers To now track and trace
  10. Guidelines are clear. YM and the boy have followed them no much more they can do but get on with it.
  11. Perthshire leagues first 6 weeks of fixtures released.
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