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  1. The utter indifference and contempt shown towards what was meant to be the celebration of A mans life who gave a lot to football in fife has in my eyes been utterly disgraceful from the league. We have relied up Foss keeping the scores up to date, the fixtures up to date and now the location of the final! Pathetic. The utter indifference shown to the teams who made it there is also a disgrace boya have worked hard through the groups and knockouts to get to a final that clearly to the league means Jack all and I can only assume is annoyance and viewed as a waste of their time. Rest in peace Jon, you deserved a lot more than this.
  2. Bare bones squad, one hospital visit and shared points. Good to be back.
  3. How did everyone get on and enjoy being back? missed our game myself but boys seemed to enjoy it and a good result at a great GPR Side. cheers as always for the hospitality boys you’re a great bunch.
  4. Can we advertise things yet? or is it secret society funny handshake stuff still?
  5. Heard some team have pulled from the memorial?
  6. Is no promotion from the bottom league a great idea? two teams have won on average 13-0 and 14-0.3 respectively and another notching 18 in a game....
  7. It is. We are where we are and looks like it’s next season or bust. Look forward to it, missed the smell of muddy pitches, arguing with people then having a laugh after the game, the jokes at training and the changing rooms... Christ even missed taking the goals down. call it added benefits
  8. More skipped relegation least we tried, I sure enjoyed the games and training we had.
  9. Hard to hear. thoughts with Bossman Harry.
  10. Last year it was teams not wanting promoted so you weren’t playing. This year it’s covid so you’re not playing. Shall we start a sweep for next year what your issue is?
  11. Insane how one team had a positive test two weeks prior and T&T lady who was spoken too said football wasn’t a big issue. You would think by now they’d have set protocols and guidelines. Instead it looks like someone makes it up on the spot depending on how the wind blows and whether they got their hole that week so in a good mood. hope everyone is well at Markinch and St Monans.
  12. It’s been raised. They were clever in using the fact players pay tax on earnings. if I could find a loop hole for us I would.
  13. They are “professional” so nah.
  14. I’m a fat lazy swear word of choice I’m just desperate for time to sort it now hahahaha. also hate the cold.
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