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  1. Last year it was teams not wanting promoted so you weren’t playing. This year it’s covid so you’re not playing. Shall we start a sweep for next year what your issue is?
  2. Insane how one team had a positive test two weeks prior and T&T lady who was spoken too said football wasn’t a big issue. You would think by now they’d have set protocols and guidelines. Instead it looks like someone makes it up on the spot depending on how the wind blows and whether they got their hole that week so in a good mood. hope everyone is well at Markinch and St Monans.
  3. It’s been raised. They were clever in using the fact players pay tax on earnings. if I could find a loop hole for us I would.
  4. They are “professional” so nah.
  5. I’m a fat lazy swear word of choice I’m just desperate for time to sort it now hahahaha. also hate the cold.
  6. So summer football boys aye. Least the pitches will be better.
  7. There has been other cases with no isolation for football teams. Think it depends who you get at T&T which is far from ideal.
  8. SFA have left it too the league association i now read. Changing facilities are limited and must be agreed with local authority...
  9. Changing rooms are allowed... unless they’re fife council run. They also have to meet covid protocols which is 2 metre spacing between players and masks at all times. No many teams have the facilities to meet these I am sure but some will and will do the work to make it work. no showers anywhere I am sure also.
  10. Hearing Fife Athletic V Rosebank abandoned for an issue that will surely result in some serious repercussions.
  11. It’s a slippery slope. technically 4 from 25 can’t travel... will end up with teams sacking games because their top scorer is out and using this excuse.
  12. Nah don’t need help brand interaction wise either.
  13. Got ours as 16. Sure they had one wrong last week as well.
  14. Bit weird. no get a game elsewhere? Always following them around.
  15. Hob 18-1 Fife Star credit to fife Star played some good football at times
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