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  1. Just out of curiosity how many teams are back with non contract training?
  2. Evening just out of curiosity how much teams are back to non contact training?
  3. The Albion turned up today without manager Jake Feechan, after previous results in the last 3 games of conceding 45 goals and scoring 0, today was going to be interesting as the club have dismantled a good team, signed half of Fife and released the whole of Fife. Picking people up from the bus stop along the way to match days. Formation wise would be anyone’s guess and am sure after putting his controller down and steeping away from Football Manager on the Xbox700 Jake closed his eyes and spun his wheel of what formation to do today. surely Jake’s jacket is on a wobbly peg and pressure from the board (if their is one) to start delivering will be soon. Just like that goal net today , Today opposition Bridge Of Earn who will be looking to keep this excellent run of form going and be looking for all 3 points. was like 9-0 48 mins gone.
  4. Evening gents I am looking for help? are me correct in saying that Both clubs requires To have a COVID-19 officer at the games? and what if the covid officer has been registered with a different team can they step In? thanks in advance don’t want to be getting this wrong just Our covid officer is off sick and won’t be there Saturday.
  5. Hey guys am 28 years of ages and been out the game for years due to travel with work, fitness not the greatest but looking at getting that sorted out, can play midfield or front. Any teams out there willing to take a risk?
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