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  1. ...myself and John but, no kidding but, yeah inability to defend set pieces but, no offside but, yeah undone by 4 crosses but unlucky yeah....
  2. Looking forward to the managers report this week
  3. Good luck to my team away at Glasgow University today. Anything other than a convincing win and it’s us who will be looking for Sean Simpsons phone number.
  4. It’s a 200 mile round trip for Diresart YM today (joys of being cursed ) to face Amateur outfit Lochmaben from the SOSL who have conceded 15 goals from their first 5 league games. Should be a pretty even match then.
  5. It’s EOS conference B versus WOS conference B today as the Glens host St Cadocs Youth Club. First ever cup game for a new club with zero junior experience and a team hastily cobbled together only last month. Looks like the Glens luck has turned. Game has been switched to Starks Park with a 3pm kick off.
  6. We only tested the keeper once in the first half “Just the way our luck is going at the moment” They win a penalty “ just our luck” it ends in the back of the net Second half we miss chance after chance cannot hit the target “ but we just lacked that luck”
  7. Struggled against East house then another poor result at home to Lochore . Only way they are going to be challenging is if teams keep fielding ineligible players against them. Hearing tonight they’re a shambles at the back and of some interesting dressing room going on involving the new centre back post match Saturday.
  8. Now 7 straight defeats and 29 goals conceded. Senior football? they’re having a laugh. Got told tonight it’s 3 years to the day since this pair left Lochgelly. 11-11-17 “Best we forget”
  9. Blackburn also maintain their 100 percent record with a fifth consecutive defeat and 21 goals conceded. Sooner they’re back where they belong struggling to make ends meets in the lower regions the better as far as I’m concerned.
  10. Biggest surprise here is how well Newburgh have started even although it’s a very weak league. False position in my opinion and expect to see them slip down several places in the coming weeks once Kinnoull and Luncarty put winning runs together.
  11. Another heavy defeat for Kirkcaldy and Dysart in midweek. Five games played, 5 defeats and 21 goals conceded. Where are all the so called “Kirkcaldy Loyal” that brutally chased the last manager now?
  12. Good luck to Dundonald but have to say after watching them several times before lockdown back in March still short in several positions of the quality needed to win this league. Down the bottom just like Lochgelly Albigot and Kirkcaldy Diresart am fooking loving seeing Blackburn getting pumped every week. It’s called Karma.
  13. Stronger division of the 2 conferences but I fancy Thornton to do really well. St Andrews won’t be far away either. At the other end it’s already apparent who the bottom 3 clubs will be. Tweedmouth and Coldstream are absolutely dire and despite all the noise made by the current Kirkcaldy lot after ousting the previous regime have made very little progress.
  14. Good to see you back posting mate it’s been a while. Was beginning to think you were deed. Agree this is a really weak league and it’s good to see Bertie’s Bigots get humped twice already long may it continue. Surprised to see Glens beaten with the additions they’ve made though were Hawick no the whipping boys last season?
  15. That post was edited because the last word read and f@nny is not an acceptable word so it was changed to f***y. Nothing more nothing less so you seen feck all of the kind.
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