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  1. Azza, all I’ve done is warn that bad news was on the horizon. No ma fault that a couple of erseholes are desperate to be the ammies answer to Dougie Cooper pal.
  2. Bojan had a little bug, The one they call Corona He caught it at a YM game, Attended by Reider and Shona Who else was there? He disnae care, Like Boyz nae fitbaw fur weeks Now Reiders blue, in ITU, Too breathless when he speaks Bojan had a little cough, He didnae wear a mask Told Ya Can’t to stop moaning, Just get on with the task He scoffed at Go Daddy, Who warned of another lockdown But Pete was right, it’s happening, he knew who was the clown Bojan had a little bug, And now so does his granny His boss, his son...His pal his mum ’Cos Bojan is a F***y ,
  3. Lockdown plans leaked? Surely no Ignore the know it all’s Pete, after all it was only me, yeah me who chose to send the screenshot to the express
  4. Big announcement to be made next week and it’s not good news I’m afraid.
  5. Got told couple of weeks back that Bertie Wooster and Ian Patrick are not one and the same. Not sure how reliable the source is and still have my doubts. Regardless one or both have had long enough to come clean. Also been told the chairman JK is disappointed with the comments made but the club won’t be taking any action. Looking forward to when play resumes and seeing them get their comeuppance.
  6. Sorry to hear this, sincere condolences to his widow.
  7. Bit of advice for the deluded bigot from Lochgelly who reckoned the tide had turned in December
  8. Spoke last week to someone whose uncle is on the Lochgelly committee. He agrees the stuff posted on Ian Patrick’s Facebook is well out of order but insists the committee are not likely to take any action at all. He assures me his relative is not a bigot though.
  9. Hate to see any club folding but you’re right Blackburn would be an exception. That guy has ruined non league football for Fifers.
  10. Statement from Kelty is embarrassing. Never even won the league. Tainted title and yet want promoted without having to negotiate 2 likely play offs . It’s simple really the play offs are cancelled . Automatic relegation is not . Club 42 ended in a play off spot . As did Kelty and Brora it’s no rocket science.
  11. Not sure what’s more laughable, Kelty fans wanting their team catapulted into tier 3 having been gifted a tier 5 title( that Bonnyrigg had just as much chance of winning ) or the fact they joined the pyramid to buy their way into the SPFL and are going to be stuck in the Lowland League for another season.
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