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  1. I’ll tell you how serious I am mate. Been waiting eagerly on the findings of the case against St Mirren chairman John Needham. He was fined today for the appalling nature of social media comments made towards Rangers fans. Historic posts on his twitter account as far back as 5 year ago that were described as “not befitting of a person in football leadership” He apologised in October for his inappropriate behaviour after it was brought to the attention of the Hampden bigwigs but was still fined £6,000 today for the discriminatory and offensive comments, bringing the game into disrepute. If Iain Patrick and Lochgelly Albert do not respond in this thread by 9am Monday morning I will have no hesitation in contacting the SFA . This is not a threat but a promise and my last post on the matter in here.
  2. Well said that man. Finally we’ve a neutral poster join and make a positive contribution on the subject. Can’t argue with any of that. As said previously not something I’m proud of nor was I claiming it was ok but realised it was wrong, held my hands up, apologised for a mistake. It was over 12 years ago and back then I’d probably have done the same to Iain Patrick but I’ve learned from that mistake which is why I now choose to castigate him and those who defend him instead. Until such time as Bertie Wooster apologises or the club as you rightly claim put out a statement condemning it I will continue.
  3. Knowing you I’ve no doubts that you’ll have all the screenshots though. ” I don’t want to say this but, I feel you’ve lost a bit of hunger. All of a sudden you’re the champ and you don’t need to post as often which is wrong.” “ I feel like that’s crept in the past year and we haven’t been good enough, hopefully the new posters that have come in will give us a spark”
  4. The only comparison I made was that of me making a meme and him posting on Facebook instead of making dinner. I merely gave an example of a situation where by age is no excuse. Admittedly it was to an extreme as in that situation I would be hanging the beast from a lamp post and beating him like a piñata with a baseball bat as opposed to just seeking an apology but you go ahead and twist it to suit your own agenda. Do not worry about my mental state can assure you I’m perfectly sane. My name is Sean Wilson and I once put my brother in law in hospital for cheating on my sister, something I’m not proud of but was man enough to apologise to them both and we’ve moved on. Happy digging, now who are you?
  5. Bertie Wooster asked for Bertie Wooster asked that we elaborate on our suggestion there was a bigot in their regime. We obliged and he hasn’t been seen since. Both him and the club know what is expected and until such time as they man up and do such they will be forever reminded. Nothing you say will alter that I’m afraid.
  6. Can’t speak for Marconi as like you he’s a new poster. Both of you it would appear have different opinions on the subject which you are entitled to but as far as I’m concerned it’s more than bad craic considering it’s from someone who enjoys such a privileged position. You ask if he’s involved in Lochgelly , yet in your other post you are well aware how many threads and how long we have been seeking an apology. Who’s contradicting them self now? “A historic post from an old man “ you say. What has his age got to do with it? Shouldn’t he know better? or are you suggesting that come a certain age you can do or say what you want no matter who it offends and get away with it. “grandad can you make me dinner?” ”not now son, I’m on Facebook offending catholic’s again” Think I know who needs help!! So spare me the victim card mate seen it before on here, him and the club have had plenty time and opportunity to apologise and I couldn’t careless how long it takes, whether that be another 3 days, weeks, months or years. An 86 year old was jailed only last month for historic crimes committed against young children. You telling me if they were relatives of yours you’d not want him punished because he’s an old man?
  7. Go Home Daddy promoting the Everyone, Anyone campaign before last nights Europa League encounter.
  8. The club for everyone, anyone going into abeyance allegedly.
  9. You’re getting confused with the Petrofac Training Cup which they eventually bought at the fourth attempt chief. The Ramzans is a curry house and general store in the KY8 district, a more prestigious tournament played for between Kennoway and Leven ammies. Neither of them are major domestic cup competitions i’m afraid.
  10. F65CF68A-A480-4680-9287-27DE8F61B550.mp4
  11. Hiya Bertie, welcome back mate. Unfortunately the jerkoff diary has been full since 2012. Losses of over £100M suggest I’ll be due another one soon though. Love the new moniker by the way, did you draw the inspiration from your favourite ditty? Need to do better than that though because B0EE5DDA-C5EA-482E-AE07-98A79646559A.mp4
  12. Hey Bertie what a superb weekend for us bead rattling, manky, dope taking w***ers eh. Tears and laughter on both days. An emotional Saturday as we paid tribute to the one and only BERTIE, topped off with the news that Lochgelly are heading into abeyance. Tears of joy quickly followed by tears of laughter as a club formed in 2012 kept up their 100 percent record of failing in a major domestic cup competition for the 19th time in a row. £100M in losses to achieve such a phenomenal record. GIRFUY ya DOB
  13. Took a wee stroll along to Purvis Park on Saturday on behalf of Fife Footie Sports to cover their big derby match against club 2019, but was turned away at the gates of the bigot dome by a man in a bowler hat. Apparently I was a security risk
  14. Unfortunately I’ve got bigger fish to fry at the moment but feel free. Here’s the post from Ian Patrick of Lochgelly Albert in case you haven’t already seen it.
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