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  1. The amount of posts/tweets that have been deleted and accounts set to private since he was outed answers many more questions. We’ll soon find out who he’s prepared to take down with him because this is his final chance from me. If I don’t receive any response from Bertie or the club in here by 10pm on Friday night I will be banging a drum 10 times harder than any of those heading to Glasgow Green on Saturday. That’s a promise not a threat.
  2. No difference in their actions but a big difference in the aftermath. Chelsea immediately put out a statement saying they would hold an investigation. The daily Record did likewise and the 2 boys from Hand and Heart held their hands up apologised and for the sake of their families resigned. Bertie Wooster/Ian Patrick and Lochgelly Albert on the other hand have done nothing. Apart from being called out and ridiculed for it in here the silence is deafening. One can therefor only conclude that Bertie is not ashamed, Ian Patrick is indeed a bigot and Lochgelly Albert condone such behaviour. This is not the end however but only the beginning because as a member of the EOS and part of Scottish footballs pyramid system many questions remain unanswered.
  3. What do you think I’ve been doing for the past year?
  4. Glad you’ve finally come round to my way of thinking mate. They’ve had long enough after Friday let the flames begin. If it’s good enough for HEART AND HAND, THE DAILY RECORD, MICHAEL STEWART AND THE BBC to dig up dirt it’s good enough for me.
  5. Was trawling through my favourite thread on here looking for some more pics to add to my next video and came across this little gem, from the time Bertie got all high and mighty wanting people to introduce themselves. How ironic he disappeared like a puff of smoke the minute he was outed and is too cowardly to return and explain himself. Far be it for me to question him as he’s clearly an expert on secret societies but I don’t think it had anything to do with Indian burial ground, a leprechaun or gypsy. Could be wrong but I’m 99.9% certain the undermining of the Albert along with his swift disappearing act has more to do so with this
  6. Got enough of my own for now mate. The Kinnell video is already complete and will very appropriately be available 18th September if Bertie doesn’t respond before then. Currently working on another one after hearing stories of another Director aptly titled “ I got you Abe” which I’m going to Cher, oops I mean share in October. If they still remain silent after that it’s time to reveal some interesting stuff posted online by many employees of their sponsors. Wee preview of the beginning of the October video below. F678A157-CA53-4FA8-8DD3-3BE5F879632E.MOV
  7. 020B3E05-C2D2-45F3-98DD-3041EF2F25FC.MOV
  8. Weshallnotbemoved made a good point in another thread earlier today. Lochgelly are not in the juniors anymore ( not that it makes any difference) can you imagine if Donald Park hade made such a comment.
  9. Be afraid Bertram, be very afraid
  10. Is that Bertie Wooster’s friend Bingo Little the editor of Wee Tots in that video?
  11. I totally get why you are drawing comparisons with Bertie Wooster and Glens4life but the way I see it we’re dealing with 2 different animals here. The former disgraced chairman of the oldco junior club was well known to this site. A joke figure who’s bark was worse than his bite. Threatening to have someone beaten up doesn’t even come close to calling people “ bead rattlers” in my opinion. His own committee, players and even a couple of the managers whom he appointed all had a good laugh at his expense during his tenure. His downfall was as inevitable as his return to issue an apology. The Anti-Catholic Secretary and Treasurer of Lochgelly on the other hand, while less known to this site is lauded over at the Bigot Dome. They have swept his despicable behaviour under the carpet and remain silent in the hope it will all blow over. So we’ll just have to agree to disagree on this one as I think the club are just as guilty and can’t see either of them issuing an apology on here. Therefor they deserve to be exposed by the red tops or investigated by Fife’s finest.
  12. Can just remember Hawhaw saying he had contacted the Sun and seeing as he’s never been sighted since assumed they weren’t interested. Just thought that if the online behaviour of a couple of unknowns who do media work for a new club was front page news then that same behaviour of a Secretary and Treasurer who recently joined the senior ranks would be of interest.
  13. Following on from the arrests made after supporters were found guilty of singing racist abuse on a fans bus and another 6 so far for racist singing in the streets, the Daily Record has this week given front page coverage to offensive and unacceptable language on social media. Police Scotland are now investigating offensive speech from as far back as 2018 by two members of Heart and Hand whom are associated with the club formed by Charles Green in 2012. Unlike Ian Patrick both have taken full responsibility for their actions, issued apologies and resigned. How much longer are Lochgelly Albert going to remain silent?
  14. Get onto The Record Hawhaw. They are finally viewing anti-Irish racism as an issue.
  15. Right, who’s collecting for the Tam Courts statue? Cause I’m in
  16. Glens number 2 wasn’t happy with this man antagonising his players last week.
  17. Bertie’s Bigots finally won a game yesterday. Well done lads.
  18. I’ll let the others make up their own mind whether this was yet another feeble attempt by you at trolling me, or if overnight you’ve got caught up with the hysteria from the gullible Glens family following a win on the opening day against the whipping boys of Scottish football and are now their number one fan. Nevertheless I decided to take a look for myself at this title chasing side (who but for refs antagonising their players would already be top) yesterday. Arrived nice and early due to the new track and trace procedures but the only social distancing I witnessed once inside the stadium was the “joint managers” on the touch line. The game itself for me can only be described as awful. Got to be the worst Glens team assembled ever ( and I have been following football for over 40 years) so will be interesting to hear your views on your new found love Bojan.
  19. As I said you’re not very bright . Want to try saying that again.
  20. For someone who’s ‘ a weird, lost soul’. I sure do seem to be living rent free in your head
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