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  1. St. Andrews ammies 4-1 strathmiglo
  2. St. Andrews ammies 1-6 markinch
  3. Friendly arraigned, thanks for all that got in touch.
  4. St. Andrews amateur colts are looking for a friendly on weds 30th. Pitch and ref booked. Please contact Ross on 07814874986
  5. St. Andrews amateurs 4-2 kettle Utd.
  6. Aye game sorted, cheers berti
  7. Friendly sorted, cheers
  8. After a late cancellation St. Andrews Amature colts are looking for a friendly match this sat (12th) at cockshaugh park St. Andrews. Ref and pitch booked, kick off 2pm. Please pm if interested with contact details and I’ll pass them on too the management. Many thanks
  9. Has a youth and amateur side and new too the league, so could be any off about 7 teams. Either name and shame and grass them all in 100% or say nothing and move on.
  10. So who’s the team then, no point starting something and not finishing it.
  11. St. Andrews Amateur colts have a free week on Saturday 14th March and are looking for a friendly game. If anyone is interested please get in touch with Ross Carstairson 07814874986. 
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