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  1. Good stuff. Just want get to games going again
  2. Hey guys hope everyone had a good Christmas and new year? Just sitting thinking what are the chances of actually getting back to football this season? Surely the season will be way behind schedule.
  3. FFS for what ever the guys done or what’s happened just let it be. It’s his club
  4. Can’t say didn’t see it coming.
  5. Hey guys Any Sunday teams out there looking for a player. Can play CB or up front been out the game for 5 years but keep fit and that just lacking the match day experience
  6. Hey guys Kirkclady Albion are looking for a friendly on the above date? Home or away.
  7. Hey guys was looking to see if someone can let me borrow there line painter for a hour or so this week? cheers james.
  8. Hey guys we are in the process of joining the league. We will be training and having bounce games once this virus has passed. we are looking for players for all positions. committee are working hard to get everything over the line. if interested get in touch James.
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