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  1. We’d even let you host so you have home advantage
  2. Watch out guys! RingGo Ryan might think you don’t have enough players and aren’t ready to enter the league if you make these posts! He commented that when I posted looking for coaches
  3. Yes we’re ready, a bit rude. No harm in spreading the workload? looking forward to a title challenge
  4. If anyone’s interested in coaching please drop us an email or call the number listed above! We’re also looking for a goalkeeper coach.
  5. I’m pretty sure that’s just from the English FA, I’ve not seen anything about Scotland as yet apart from what the league sent out
  6. Yeah he was keen but lost some motivation I guess! Everyone has their reasons, although we wish him the best of luck at Thistle
  7. He went back to Thistle! Probably was, shorter than Allardyces England Career anyway
  8. Newburgh AFC are a newly founded team whom have registered to play in the RJM Sports KOFAFA. We’re currently on the lookout for both an Outfield Coach & Goalkeeping Coach. If you’re already a Qualified Coach or have an interest in gaining some Coaching Qualifications whilst at Newburgh, please give us a message! We can be found on Facebook, Twitter, via email or the number listed below; Ryan_Anderson@NewburghAFC.co.uk 07767043683
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