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  1. That’s the sensible option bud, we thought If there was a reconstruction then that would be the case but heard otherwise today.
  2. Can see all your points mate but just feel if it goes down the null and void route the teams that were performing are the only one’s being punished, something needs to give to give these teams some sort of recognition. Lochgelly for example have done all we could ask of them this far but will not be promoted even if league reconstruction goes ahead as will be classed as a new team again, just doesn’t sit right
  3. Pete is there a rule that league needs to be finished by a certain date? If not why is next season taking priority over the current 1? Surely we should be looking at finishing the 1 we’re well into before thinking of the following one. Can Cupar and AM Soccer not hang of until season has been completed? You say null and void ends with no winners or losers but there would certainly be losers them being the clubs who had a chance of winning the title. sinky
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