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  1. Brilliant then if thats the case. Thanks.
  2. Suppose just have to stay positive and hope we can have that to look forward to. I presume though the league or SAFA is pushing for at least non contact training in April? A lot to ask of teams and their set ups to dive straight into 18 games over 2 months under current circumstances.
  3. Fixtures for this cup been released?
  4. I must be due an ungodly amount of rent for living in both your heads by now.
  5. Summer months if we’re playing this mini-competition/friendlies it probably wont be a pressing issue, but I would have to agree that the situation regarding changing rooms has to be resolved for a 21/22 season.
  6. Well better get your club & players in order then, mate.
  7. If you honestly think it was football that caused any sort of spike, anywhere in the country, then you’re off your head, frankly. Will agree with you that rules should be followed, but government stepping in wasn’t because of football, it was because the nation got hit by a very nasty new variant at a time we were not protected by any vaccine or lockdown. Football played no part in what happened during winter, so dont try claim it did.
  8. I have wanted to play when safe to do so. I agreed with the game closing down over winter, I also agreed even with you that the league wont be finished. But what are you going to do Pete, tell us, Covid is never going away, like ever. But vaccines are here and working, better weather is on its way and the country will start to recover. But what are you gonna do, sit and wait until Covid is officially declared eliminated from planet earth? Because that aint happening chief. Sooner you get it through your head that life will eventually have to go on, the better. Or you can hide away from it all indefinetely. Your choice.
  9. Sorry? Genuine question I was asking.
  10. You can appreciate being safe & the work the NHS does, while still wanting outdoor sport to be available when it is safe to do so. Dont get why those two opinions cant mutually exist?
  11. Careful now. Positive thoughts not welcome.
  12. People dont follow rules outwith football, like politicians, but soon as football breaks a rule its front page news and threatened with cancellation. Hope that helps.
  13. Just let me know when you find what you accused me of mate. I’m still waiting. Will probably always be waiting.
  14. From the very top professionally right down to ammy level, you’ll find that its football that will get beat with a stick when it comes to rule breaking. A young footballer can make a mistake and call for questions being asked and threats about cancelling the sport on national TV, but senior politicians can travel a country knowing they are positive with Covid and not step down. Nothing will change this year. Football or any outdoor sport isnt the issue, no data whatsoever suggests it is, but its one of the many things that takes the fall.
  15. Just you stick to making up lies my man. Suits you best.
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