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    Level 3

    You were saying what he’s said there in July when Fife was averaging less than 1 new case a day. So please. Get over yourself.
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    Level 3

    Hopefully you isolate for all of 2021 and let us all get on with it.
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    Level 3

    When training resumed in July - there was almost 0 cases nationally and you wanted it stopped. The virus remained low through August and you wanted the plans for games to be scrapped. The games were played in September with little issue. Now in October/November sadly due to factors outwith football, the virus has returned and rightly football will step aside. Dont come on here on top of any moral high horse claiming you had it spot on. You didnt. People who wanted football back knew 100% that the chances were the season would be stop/start and we were happy with that. Its stopped now and rightly so, and it will start again when its safe - no doubt when it does you and your crystal ball will be back predicting doomsday. You said football would never come back at all, and it did, and it’ll resume in not too long again. Cheers.
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    Level 3

    I wonder if ya cant has caught a cold from sitting in his car yet. Thats what I wanna know.
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    Level 3

    Clubs wanted to play. Boys wanted to play. Playing football is actually one of the safer activities to do in these times compared to many others. Spikes in Fife haven’t come from football but we have to follow the rules and wait for things to change, Im confident it wont be too long. But we sit tight and keep safe for now. And when cases go down again (which they will), we’ll be ready to play again, much to your dismay.
  6. Its like you say though, everyone had the choice to play at the start and same goes for now. Nobody likes to see games called off/people asked to isolate but I think its fair to say everyone knew what the deal was when restarting football. If you were in, you knew this season was going to be very stop/start. I personally know guys who have refused to play until things settle for the exact same reasons you’ve said re. working, so I 100% support that. But I honestly think restarting grassroot sport was, and still is, the right decision. If boys want to play, let them play. Im probably bias because I do a lot of work with grassroots football and honestly the months between March-July without it were very difficult, more for the boys missing out. But honestly, if boys/teams dont wanna play because of work/family concerns then I fully support them. Nobody should be forced to play. The track & trace/isolation thing also seems very inconsistent for me, which is a shame, because like you say, boys have bills to pay. Stay safe mate & all the best.
  7. No worries man. Sorry for the insinuation, probably wasnt best worded by me. All these rules and guidance also seem to be chopping and changing so often its getting hard to keep track. Hopefully all areas improve soon so you can get your full team back sooner rather than later.
  8. Why wasnt the same request put in the last set of fixtures before that? Travel restrictions came in on 9th Oct? Kincardine played Leslie the following Saturday, That game wasn’t called off? Fair enough if what you say is 100% spot on and I fully apologise. Just curious about timing. If Im wrong about when restrictions came into place etc then again, I hold my hands up.
  9. It will be. Seems they were happy to play other teams with certain players missing due to current rules. But with Bridge of Earn and HoB next due on the fixture list, its now suddenly too much. Funny that.
  10. Take this embarrassment of a post down.
  11. Nobody is exempt from the virus anywhere, in any setting. Some just believe halting life as we know it every 2 weeks isn’t exactly the best way to deal with it. And they’re absolutely spot on
  12. You’re right, we’re both lying, because thats something worth my time to lie about. Sure.
  13. Its all about fans and £. Players not wanting to play and not shower etc is fair, but at ammy level we seem to want to just get on with things. So its as you were for us, thanks.
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