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  1. The date for allowed contact outdoor is 24th of August. This was announced by the Scot. Government after the SFA released this, so they’ll likely update when they can.
  2. Sports facilities can open to some degree in August when organised sport can. And there’s no evidence of a 2nd wave in Scotland yet, so lets just be optimistic about playing games soon and all keep safe!
  3. There hasn’t been anything directly from the SFA but Scottish government has said contact outdoor sport (organised) can begin again starting August 24th. So I imagine that is when the SFA will begin their 4 stage plan to get things going,
  4. 24th of August organised contact sport outdoor is permitted for all ages. 7’s/5’s/Contact sessions, all back then.
  5. Good to see tbh. Scotlands been more cautious on a lot of things but if England brings football back in August with little issue Im sure it’ll not go unnoticed by the SFA mate. Keep positive.
  6. Never posted before but read enough to know you’re not much help when it comes getting the best outcome for the association.
  7. Never commented on here before but just wanted to say something re. all this. The association has 7/8 new teams waiting to join, nowadays thats unheard of and will make the assoc. even stronger. Use that positive thing when looking at options to continue with football. As for ‘sporting integrity’ or ‘fairness’, nothing about this is fair, you will never please every club, thats impossible. Best you could do is use the new teams you have coming in to reconstruct the leagues and make the next campaign a very exciting one. Null and void is ridiculous, at least provide an option that brings out some sort of a positive result for the association, in my opinion the best option we have is how can we use this situation to make following campaigns better. Average points - promotions/reconstruct for me. Make the leagues for the better. No easy options or 100% fair options so stop trying to pretend there is one!
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