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  1. ...

    Results 4/9

    Well done to everyone, some v gd results
  2. No replays I think mate?
  3. Jeez, If your tongue was any futher up his arse you could share a covid test.
  4. Haha I like that rent free patter. Might borrow that from you…..
  5. For a guy who ‘doesn’t give a monkeys’, you sure do seem to give a monkeys.
  6. You really are a weird, lost soul.
  7. Its because whenever we get back to playing football you feel the very strange urge to go after people for not being aware of any news or inside data that you, the special one, have some special access to. How about - you sit & stress yourself out about whatever lockdown may be coming, while the rest of us carry on playing, getting vaccinated, and generally crack on with our lives as we see fit? Can you handle that? Or is that just too much to ask? Tell Chris Witty & Bojo I said I hope they’re well, must be a hard job working with you on the daily.
  8. More of a tub man myself, raspberry sauce.
  9. Record levels of deaths? I suggest you scan yer data again, chief.
  10. I bet you go about bursting bairns footballs at your local park screaming level 3.
  11. I mean, I can only see what the government is literally announcing. Apologies if Im not on the inside like yourself good sir.
  12. From August at some point the requirement to isolate as a close contact is being dropped for vaccinated folks. Will be a relief to boys who are jagged and dont wanna play football, risking having to isolate from work. Doesn’t sound like a step towards level 3 to me?
  13. Season starts next month.
  14. ‘Absolutely pumped them!’
  15. Teams have had friendlies in for a while boss. Hopefully you can get something sorted by tomorrow.
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