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  1. That AM Hearts your referring too? must have some bank balance .. but players beginning to migrate away so cant be all that sweet
  2. Point in question says AVOID
  3. Factually incorrect.. do your home work before spouting off about players/teams just embarrassing yourself
  4. Sacrificial lambs or have some in Ami being misbehaving on a greater scale and its hit every team across the board.
  5. I concur, like let the players know at least, so they have time to look for a team with preseason now underway thew more time its left to fester the less time to source a new team etc .
  6. Believe it was a committee decision not to undertake Saturday football
  7. Sad to see with all things considered. They apparently had a good size squad ready
  8. Whispers have it they are pulling out for the coming season
  9. Thought it was from 16 years old now??
  10. so squad sizes are coming down to player commitment and loyalty ( and teams fielding players within the confines of the laws of the game) ideal 20 ish players then so age ranging from what 19+ to what? or should it be based on capability?
  11. Good numbers to manage given you more than likely will get a player or 2 who cant play for 1 reason or another ( away shopping with the other half, getting their hair permed or the like) oh and work commitments too) and it all about commitment to the club I guess so 18-20 fully committed players better than 26 half hearted players., Never ever going keep every one happy thats a given. so what about age /ability / fitness where do these sit in the equation? Forget about the commitment of the Board or Committee members ( well all they do is come and support on match days... right!!) that`s a hole other post.
  12. Well here`s a clue I was not referring to Newburgh.. but its clearly got some of you on the boil.and for all that are saying we can train etc refer back to the communications sent out last week. " STRICTLY NO FORM OF MATCH PLAY ALLOWED" its really not to hard to fathom out , new to the league, has youth`s and now an amateur side I am away to get my morning cupa Happy Monday folks
  13. Sadly no prize. And new account yes but far from new. I’ll let yous ponder over a cupa to come up with who the culprits are.
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