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  1. Seems refs are to blame rather than League - I guess the League has to go with what the refs say.
  2. Still Fife Star 1-16 Hearts of Beath on website, not 1-18. Also Kirkcaldy Albion v Bridge of Earn score has changed again. Was 0-21, then 0-22, now 0-21 again on website. The same thing happened on the Bridge of Earn website - they had a list of scorers, and 0-21, then updated to 0-22 with an extra scorer, now back to 0-21. No idea what's the truth.
  3. Changed to 22-0 now on website - so 22-0 is correct.
  4. Bridge of Earn may have won 21-0 not 22-0. Twitter says 22-0, but website says 21-0.
  5. Kirkcaldy Blues 2-9 Kennoway Star Hearts Amateurs Just the Freuchie - Eastvale match missing now.
  6. Waiting on 3 scores: Kirkcaldy Blues v Kennoway Star Hearts Amateurs Glenrothes Amateurs v Fife Athletic Freuchie v Eastvale
  7. Lumphinnans United 2-1 Kinross Colts Leslie Hearts 4-2 Kinross Colts B
  8. They'd actually conceded 47 in the first 3 games :-)
  9. Methilhill Strollers 8-2 Kettle United Waiting on: Eastvale v Duloch Also: Auchtermuchty Bellvue v Lumphinnans United (3-0, apparently, can anyone confirm?)
  10. Blairhall Villa 6-2 Hearts of Beath Newburgh Amateurs 0-7 Bridge of Earn
  11. Fife Star 0-10 Glenrothes Strollers
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