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  1. There was also a score last week that was reported by both teams as 9-1, but it has been entered as 9-0 (FC Brig v Fife Arms).
  2. It's the Fife Football Forum - this is just a thread about the Sunday League. I put in the score because it was missing. Thanks Me
  3. Missing score is Sky 3-2 Dunfermline Town.
  4. What happened to the SKy v Dunfermline Town match? Dynamo KB is now known as Kirkland Bar AFC (https://www.facebook.com/Kirkland-Bar-AFC-100616694844935)
  5. Seems Newburgh and Kennoway Star weren't content with just playing a league match, and got in some penalty practice.
  6. Beer bottle thrown at Rosebank player.
  7. Classified scores: (Fife Athletic v Rosebank Rangers abandoned - glass bottle thrown at a Rosebank player).
  8. In an ideal world, all clubs would have similarly linked websites - as it means only a couple of clubs have results on the website (Kinross Colts, Bridge of Earn), and then there is a wait of a couple of hours before any other results gets populated (presumably from ref reports - and as we have seen, some referees haven't kept score correctly, for whatever reason). The matches concerned had an unusually high number of goals admittedly, but that shouldn't really be an excuse for a referee, who should have a notepad and pencil/pen.
  9. Back to 5-1 now. I'm keeping results as they are reported by the teams from last week (rather than what the official score says). Referees clearly made mistakes in 2 matches last week. Don't see the point in officialising incorrect information.
  10. At ten to five - here's Final Score, Fife style.
  11. Kirkcaldy Blues 5-6 Glenrothes Strollers
  12. Kirkcaldy Albion 0-9 Newburgh (at Methil)
  13. Waiting for 4 results Burntisland Utd v Freuchie Strathmiglo v Rosebank Kirkcaldy Albion v Newburgh Kirkcaldy Blues v Glenrothes Strollers
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