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  1. Everyone preparing well with running and passing drills? Some of the football being played on some of the early games may be quite questionable??
  2. Would it not be best to leave the dates as they are and continue to hope that the virus levels and all the rest of it continue to fall at the rate they are. This may help to open up options like use of changing facilities etc etc to be brought forward. Everyone is delighted at the prospect of football coming back, but let’s not get to carried away and try to push our luck. Let’s ease back in with some contact training in accordance with the guidelines and then promote towards some friendlies for 2-3 weeks and then the tournament at the end of May. Let’s be honest, the tournament is surely going to be used as a pre season preparation programme anyway??
  3. When do players become free agents now that the season has been called null and void? Surely it would be careless of teams not to have been around their squads and securing signatures for next season already. Also, when can teams start to “tap” up other players. I am sure teams would utilise his tournament to try out new players.
  4. This is a good point by the way. But can no way see it materialise. I think it was pretty evident the two clubs were going to run it away with it pretty easily. Also, I canny believe some of the hissy fits on here , settle doon gents lol
  5. This is a good point by the way. But can no way see it materialise. I think it was pretty evident the two clubs were going to run it away with it pretty easily. Also, I canny believe some of the hissy fits on here , settle doon gents lol
  6. Surely can’t be too difficult? I think the alternative of a group staged format for a cup to be played is an excellent idea. It will allow teams to play the cup and midweek friendlies if they wish to do so. Slight contradiction as to why they just can’t start the league season early but hey ho, getting back playing is the aim. Great preparation going in to a pre season too. I suppose teams will use it as a wee head to start to shape their squads as well! Any idea how many teams fancy playing in the tournament?
  7. Canny dae it. Nae goalposts for summer football I read somewhere on here. Great idea all the same.
  8. I am grasping every last detail pal. I read, take it in and then reply. I don’t just blab whatever rolls off ma tongue. A lot of what your saying in regards to no playing again soon is very true and I wouldn’t disagree with it. But surely if there has ever been a time for change, then let’s make this catastrophic pandemic have just one positive impact on change. Planning to start a new season in August with the intention of running a normal season will only have identical problems to the problems we are having now!! A normal seasons means playing in November, December, January and February, the months that provide clinical temperatures for this virus to thrive in: This virus is here for keeps and I can tell you now, next winter will be the same as now. So is this not the perfect opportunity to implement summer football? From youth, amateur, juniors and semi pro, what benefits have we ever gained from a summer break? Not one!! If anything it would have a massive impact on our game, more kids would be keen to play, supporters would be happier to bring their friends and family along to support their local team and we would all be playing on better surfaces which would ultimately help us become better players and coaches!! I just can’t believe it’s never happened before now! It would take no effort at all for goalposts to be left up!!! if we end the season now, we would be as well as accepting we will not be involved with football till next spring. Playing football through the winter isn’t going to work and never will from now on. It’s not manageable with all the obstacles it brings! What is it you are not grasping?? Anyway, nae weans, away for beers to sit and fantasise about being back at the footie one day! Have a good weekend or the best weekend you can have!!
  9. Absolutely the finest of examples as to why we should be playing right through the summer! For anyone who would want to vote and end this season to restart in August again is aff their heed! If we start at the end of August as we usually do we will be 2 months down the line, restrictions in place with another lockdown looming and guess what, we will be in the exact same position in Feb 2022 as we are right now! if we are lucky enough to be in a position to be playing by the end of April / May, we must make a collective decision and get this season done one way or another and that way we can prepare for the disruption of more restrictions or another lockdown if it comes in the winter time! And if the senior game is not make similar plans, they will only suffer. Play games in the summer when they can get fans through the gate and earn some much needed cash or play through the winter behind closed doors with no revenue coming in because of travel restrictions, social distancing and a lockdown as the government can’t bail the SPL out for ever. Unfortunately this is going to be the new normal for the foreseeable! If I can see this then surely the men at the top on big money can see this. Time to get the heeds oot the sand and make forward thinking changes!
  10. Training by April would be great but still doubtful. In an ideal world you’d like to get back training in small groups for April and May and then really pick up the tempo for June with 4 weeks of friendlies in July leading in to a competitive start for August. If this was this case you’d just need to hope clubs approach the lift of restrictions with maturity and not just flout them left, right and centre like overloading changing rooms, 10 aside at training etc. Also, teams will be approaching the restart with a dead start. No funds, pitches like a tattie field and changing rooms in a mess. A couple of months to address these situations along with a couple of fundraisers will go a long way. May be a cliche lads, but failure to prepare and all that?? If we get the green light, let’s do it right!! Mon the fitbaw!!!
  11. Kind of sums up the SFA and the SAFA though eh? It’s the most sensible and practical decision to make which would help improve our game but the powers at be can’t see passed their stubborn old ways. Ridiculous really. Best months of the year and we take them off for a rest and try to battle through heavy parks, howling winds and congested astro pitches. And especially now, the possibility of passing on symptoms easier than it would be in warm weather. I would settle for an August restart right now if it was doable
  12. When I say “soon” I am hoping maybe by the summer. That would be ideal and give us something really exciting to look forward too. But again, going by the current situation, pretty doubtful eh? I know the death toll is nowhere near accurate and I am really dubious about the accuracy of people actually having Covid or Covid symptoms. At the end of the day, soon will never be soon enough as we are all missing what our spare time used to revolve around. Personally, I cannot wait till it’s back and I miss the football just a much as anyone but in the meantime I am being a realist and not negative.
  13. Interesting read over the last couple of weeks guys. As a very optimistic person and glass half full kind of guy, even I can’t see us playing anytime soon. Social distancing expected to be in place till at least the autumn and before you know it, we’re doing it full circle and trying to get change outside, play games and then travel covered in gutters in temperatures than viruses cling to like flies around shite! It’s not manageable! As poor as it is, we are all in the same boat and can only wait in hope that the current climate takes a radical change! I sincerely hope so and would love to be involved in a game again this year but who know’s eh! To make matters worse, looks like we won’t be invading the English come June as well in the Euro’s. Sit tight, keep safe, follow the rules and we’ll all be back abusing refs and enjoying a beer with the boys on a Saturday afternoon soon enough!!
  14. Rumours of an April to June season if it’s possible??
  15. Temperatures taken and that’s about it, and that’s if they actually do it. Some really talented boys who play amateur that could easy take the step up to junior or EoS and they are doing absolutely nothing in terms of football now. A simple and collective decision to suspend or carry on all non full time football should of been made weeks ago. I think it’s the safe and very sad to say, the amateur season could be over before barely even starting. Chins up and keep well gents.
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