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  1. Since most of us here are on lockdown, what are you currently listening to? any quarantine beats you would like to share? drop them down below as for me I've been into a lot of lofi chill songs to go with playing online poker, just the perfect combo, I've also rekindled my love for rock/punk rock music. I just watched the woodstock 94 mudfight by greenday, t'was crazy af.
  2. As long as they are keeping safe and strict guidelines I am fine with it. Hopefully, there are no problems that arise from this because it is rough to see players missing what they love to do because of this stupid virus. I admit that I've been sad without football in 2020 but it seems that this will be a great thing for everyone if they get to watch their favourite players play.
  3. The memes here are funny as hell LOL. Hopefully, there are some solutions to the problems sometime soon because this was a disappointing result. The manager's report has been excuses for a long time but they need some solutions to this. There are a lot of issues and they need to address them and not just put them to the side to make a big overhaul in the future.
  4. It seems that he did not have the best time at the club because he left the club. However, it seems that he needed a job since he returned lol. It was puzzling to hear about this earlier in the year but the replacements did something bad which led to Kenny returning. Hopefully, there are no problems anytime soon because I believe that he is a good manager.
  5. I would like to mention BetX because it is an underrated site that needs more attention. It provides a great way of having some odds as well. You can also have some good news about football. Most of the outlets online only cover La Liga and the Premier League but League 1 and Serie A have no coverage but BetX has them which is great to see.
  6. Really gotta wait for now. Stuff's hard with all the worries and all that bit.
  7. AkiU

    Level 3

    Football could continue without the fans on the bleachers, right? Sure it'll be demoralizing for the players but it'd be simpler for the organizations to sanitize the players and staff if they don't have to worry about possibly unrully fans, too.
  8. I mean there are a lot of factors that probably went into this. It's okay in my opinion because you have to consider that there are a lot of things that go into playing football nowadays. Without fans coming to the games, there has been a big gap in what is happening. We have to understand but if there are something bad going on, definitely take up action with the people in charge.
  9. Do you guys have other games? I've been looking for one and it seems that there are nothing going on from what I have seen. Football has been a needed thing for me but I think the leagues on the telly are still a little bit too refined. I love seeing the lower leagues because there is just a charm to it, it's not too clean and there are some ruggedness.
  10. What happened exactly? Lol it seems that this post is not really a fit here because you're bringing something personal to the forum. It might be better if you take this up with him personally because there are a lot of problems when you keep doing this. You might be emotionally fueled before you posted this, you might need to think about it first before you post lol.
  11. There might be one especially since there are still a lot of problems with COVID. If I were you, make sure that you have everything in order. Of course, there are other people that you have to deal with which means that you need to talk to everyone involved to make sure that no one has the virus. It's tough nowadays but you have to do that. Hopefully, there is a fix sometime soon because I am sick of having COVID everywhere and I feel sad for the people who catch it.
  12. Really? The referee packed in sure to the abuse he got from sideline? Hmmm that is sad to hear. Are there any updates about it? Hope everything is going well despite this.
  13. Nice nice nice! Thanks for listing the stats here haha. Also, is this an updated list? Where can I find an updated and reliable game stats? I know that Google shows it but I think referring to a website is more reliable. Thanks in advance if.... someone will send it
  14. AkiU

    Level 3

    Is it already at level 3? Hmmm... was not updated about this. What are your thoughts guys? Well, for me? I am not really sure. Everything seems to happen so fast haha. Hope that there will also be new updates about this.
  15. Yikes, hope that they will have a good match. It will be a waste if they did not. Are there any new updates? I think I am not updated with the latest news about them. Will definitely look it up later. Well, almost forgot about this. Thanks for reminding haha!
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