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  1. In an ideal world. Get teams back into training in May, then into friendlies in June. Start July with a new group stage cup format, participation optional, say 4 or 5 teams per group, top two teams into the next round. Split the groups regionally, so a Dunfermline group, a West Fife Group, Kirkcaldy & Glenrothes, the North. Remaining teams into a consolation cup. All group games plus knockout rounds finished for mid August Then First Round of the Fife - August 21st First Round Taylor Sullivan - August 28th League Cups to be played after Christmas League Starts September 4th, maybe even 11th. The later the start, the more chance we have to adapt if things go wrong. Surely that’s something we could get behind
  2. How many teams have been setting running or individual training for their boys over lockdown. I’ve seen maybe one team. A lot of boys have taken to working Saturdays etc without the football, that’ll need to be rearranged with notice. So will childcare for a lot of guys. The idea that we can just click our fingers and be back playing this weekend or next is daft. Boys will need a good pre season as well, give or take the few weeks we had post summer, we’ve been out of organised sport for a year.
  3. April restart very unlikely if League 1 & 2 won’t be back (even with testing) anytime soon. Null & Void, start again May/June, have a winter break and play all the cups
  4. What would everyone prefer. Finish the stop and start season between now and September. Or null and void, and start again in June with a longer season and play all the cups?
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