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  1. Marconi


    Godaddy watchin the punishment hawnded oot tae the st Mirren chairman oan last nichts reporting Scotland 7A87E2F4-3E87-4004-AE61-112D10147352.MOV
  2. Didny get this at the time but been pointed oot tae me the day comedy Gold son
  3. Am nae expert bit ad hazzard a guess yer a coward hoo hiz bin deleting stuff
  4. Another point ye fail to recognise fella is that if Bertie wisny proud of it why hiz he no cum oot and said so. Club are guilty by association
  5. But but Andy is an auld man and he’s been witch hunted for a historic crime.
  6. Hink yer missing the point fella. He’s the main man at a senior Scottish fitbaw club. Dermot Desmond and Ian Bankier are auld men tae ye dinny see them spouting p!sh like that on follow follow. Disny matter how auld ye are or what tier yer club play at still in the public eye. Imagine the outrage if that had been Douglas Park who posted that on Facebook. Dae ye hink fans wid be sayin ach its awrite he’s an auld man. Naw they wid hunt him until he resigned so Ian Patrick is lucky aw their looking fer is an apology.
  7. Welcome ZBP, a sure did. No anything wrang wi yer eyes fella. Which is great, al no need tae explain why noo cos you’ll have seen this anaw eh
  8. First a junior club and noo this. Never good to hear of any club folding or going into abeyance. Canny remember if read it here or on Pie and bovril but can mind somebody predicting this would happen this season and boy was berated for it. Eastvale were a well run outfit and enjoyed a lot of success ower the years, looking bleak for a lot of others.
  9. Wid be karma if true their aboot to fold. Bad enough somebody in his position spewing such backward views but even worse that the rest of them haven’t held him to account. Very least they should have done was distance them self’s. That they haven’t after all this time makes them every bit as bad and a hope they do fold.
  10. Whit aboot the Ramzans cup pretty sure the won that when in the lower leagues
  11. Marconi


    Is it take me down the bigot tree path?
  12. Only just heard aboot this should post it on pie and bovril
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