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  1. kinch

    Level 3

    We take it on face value everyone is feeling well. We test temperatures and apply the anit bacterial stuff also.
  2. kinch

    Level 3

    One of our players from Saturday woke up feelin unwell on Sunday. Got a test and came back positive. They say your infectious 2 days prior to showing symptoms. So as a result it effects our game v st monans. Track and trace telling us. If you are in very close contact. I.e football all you need is 30 seconds exposure to potentially get the virus
  3. kinch

    Level 3

    We have 19 isolating from today
  4. Fife athletic 1-6 Markinch
  5. Leslie hearts 1 -5 Markinch
  6. If it is a later start, a possible way to play it with promotion and relegation could be play each time once, after that split the league in half, top half play for winners/promotion. Same with relegation
  7. I'm not asking this was sent out from league at 1.15am
  8. A week to decide Was sent out during the night
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