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  1. Markinch 2-1 strathmiglo United
  2. Fife athletic 1-6 Markinch
  3. Leslie hearts 1 -5 Markinch
  4. If it is a later start, a possible way to play it with promotion and relegation could be play each time once, after that split the league in half, top half play for winners/promotion. Same with relegation
  5. I'm not asking this was sent out from league at 1.15am
  6. A week to decide Was sent out during the night
  7. FOR or AGAINST only. I therefore need you to please read this proposal carefully and understand why we are asking you to vote in favour of this motion, which if passed will be sent to the SAFA for approval by the Council of the Scottish Amateur Football Association. Please Note there is no relegation with proposal and depending on League set-up. These numbers for each division will have to be Decided at AGM. I’m using them to ensure you understand the set up. 14 Premiership, 12 Championship, 13 Division 1 or it could be 12-14-13. 1) No relegation this season for ANY teams. 2) 3 top teams moving up to the Premier from the Championship to make 14 teams. 3) 5 top teams from the 1st Division to move up to the Championship to make that number up 12 4) 7 New teams coming in to make up the 1st Division numbers to 13. 5) This is for this coming season ( 2020/2021) only. Which means 4 Teams being relegated at the end of the season 2020/2021 from the Premiership and 2 teams promoted from the Championship to go back to the 12 teams as per the normal league format Promotion/Relegation as Stated in hand book. Please note if the SAFA Executive reject this change then we revert back to local rule 3 page 36 Composition of League/Association with promotion and Relegation happening.
  8. Hearing Nicola sturgeon on the TV there, looks like social distancing will be a part of life for the rest of the year and maybe beyond. Ya Cants point earlier about 18 boys in each changing room will not conform with guidelines if it's made mandatory. Were unlikely to see any football until well into next year I think. Hope I'm wrong
  9. Can only assume our leagues will follow suit Congratulations Leven Down Lumphinnans Cupar hearts Congratulations Kinross Promoted Kelty Down Rosebank Us (Markinch) Congratulations lochgelly Promoted Fife thistle Welcome the new teams and look forward to a 3/4 hour restructuring AGM for the league's. Probably the most sensible outcome to be fair, but a few teams will feel very hard done by with games in hand etc for league's.
  10. Markinch 2-2 burntisland
  11. Markinch 0-2 Kinross
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