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  1. The proposal was to postpone the start of the season including friendlies due to the situation with virus.
  2. Seriously?? It was specifically singled out by NS today don’t think many teams would have stuck to that guidance prior to today’s announcement. Not even the option of face masks. There will be some teams that have players that can’t drive. That will mean teams traveling with 20 cars to games. Then no changing rooms to be used. !! Unworkable
  3. If there is 33 teams this season surely it makes sense to have a 12 - 11-10 set up.
  4. Well done Eastvale worthy champions of what has been a competitive league this season. I couldn’t make the game today, told it was won in some style. Goal difference now over 100 congratulations. Enjoy your night guys.
  5. Still don’t agree Colin as if a league cup was contested in a league format Fife Thistle would still have something to play for. I also hope that the extra game is apportioned fairly however it’s not going to be easy to juggle the fixtures.
  6. Due to the heavy rain Rosebank v Glens Ams is postponed.
  7. Great to see Vallyfield back in the league. West Fife for some reason doesn’t have many amateur clubs. It will now mean 30 league games for the bottom division many of which will be meaningless for a lot of the teams.
  8. Best of luck at Rosyth Russ
  9. Gents in AM soccer's defence we played a good AM reserve side on Tuesday night while their first team played and won against Leven. I think AM soccer are to be commended for running two teams. I know how hard it is to run one!!
  10. Well done to both Leslie and St Andrews Uni all the best for next season.
  11. Sad to see Valleyfield fold. Great club with good football people running the club. Hopefully it won't be long before they're back.
  12. Pete the merger was stopped by the Kingdom League clubs which is fair enough if that's their choice. Hopefully in time the Kingdom Clubs opinion will change and common sense will prevail. Until then we will just have to accept the Status Quo.
  13. Fair to say both options put to the floor and most of the clubs voted for the 11/10/9 option. Not the best numbers however forced down this path as there is no way clubs could play 30 league and possibly 10 to 15 cup games on top. I think there will be another cup introduced for the bottom league to bolster the amount of games played. The 3 league set up will greatly reduce the amount of meaningless games especially in the middle league. I also have to say well done AM soccer adding another team which will effectively be an U21s team. 4 new teams joined tonight which is encouraging.
  14. honouraniams are the problem and the FAFA committee are greedy - absolute nonsense. I think you will agree a big league like the FAFA costs money. The people on our committee do a fantastic job and we are starting the new season with a new chairman who will do an excellent job. It's only right and proper that our committee are not out of pocket. We were all disappointed when the Kingdom clubs refused to join the two leagues 2 seasons ago with negotiations at an advanced stage. So what has changed since? Only when the Kingdom position changes will there be any chance for a joint set up. I only speak for myself but I wouldn't see much opposition from the FAFA for a merger.
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