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  1. east of scotland cup athletico rosyth 0 gotham city 5 craigshill thistle glenrothes rovers craigshilll walkover cvd afc dunfermline utd gunners wallyford utd hillpark minto lounge lochore castle tamfourhill sky pathhead fife sunday trophy round one steadings 5 kinross colts 2 premier league styx 4 yeoman 5 wellesley 18 west end bar 0 division two bruce arms 4 novar rovers 0 dunfermline town 1 cairneyhill ath 2 torleys 6 the empire 1 ciswo 4 west fife albion 1
  2. j,s anderson cup rd one steadings p-p the empire novar rovers 0 gunners 6 dunfermline utd 4 styx 3 cairneyhill ath 4 sky 1 fife sunday trophy rd one west end bar 3 dunfermline town 3 4-3 pens west fife albion 2 bruce arms 3 premier league athletico rosyth 0 yeoman 4 glenrothes rovers 0 lochore castle 2 walkover minto lounge 1 wellesley 3 division two ciswo p-p torleys kinross colts 1 wheatsheaf 5
  3. scottish cup round 2 carronvale 1 yeoman 1 5-2 pens gunners 2 scaur afc 1 highland park 2 wellesley 4 irvine csc 3 steadings 1 keppochhill 3 styx 5 lochore castle 1 minto lounge 2 ruthwell rovers 4 bruce arms 1 west end bar 4 shirlaws 1 westside afc 9 sky afc 0 js anderson cup round one dunfermline town 10 ciswo 0 premier league glenrothes rovers 1 athletico rosyth 0 division two kinross colts 1 cairneyhill ath 5 dunfermline utd 6 novar rovers 1 west fife albion 0 the empire 4
  4. valdas

    scottish results

  5. valdas

    players releasing themsells

    no mate, they are asked to hand all back before release, if club says he has gear and he says he hasnt, then it goes to the exec for a decision
  6. valdas

    players releasing themsells

    who apologised ??? certainly not me
  7. valdas

    players releasing themsells

    its amazing how you know whats happening minutes after i spoke to grant, youre either psychic or still have an interest in dufc, i know what i believe
  8. valdas

    players releasing themsells

    you are miles of the mark . ive just done another two then
  9. valdas

    players releasing themsells

    thanks for that bomber
  10. CEF LEAGUE CUP RD ONE yeoman 2 wheatsheaf 1 glenrothes rovers 1 sky 2 ciswo 2 steadings 3 the empire 3 dunfermline town 3 4-3 pens JS ANDERSON CUP RD ONE bruce arms 0 lochore castle 3 FIFE SUNDAY FIFE TROPHY gunners 2 minto lounge 3 PREMIER LEAGUE styx 5 west end bar 0 wellesley 5 athletico rosyth 0 DIVISION TWO cairneyhill athletic 4 west fife albion 2 dunfermline utd 4 kinross colts 0 torleys 3 novar rovers 1
  11. valdas

    players releasing themsells

    craig got the email pal, and spoke to the secretary. all will be sorted at the next meetin ye think id post on here wi the safa secretary already following this thread lol
  12. valdas

    players releasing themsells

    yes richie, it will be, the email myself and craig received over the weekend there stated the safa are happy with my way of doing things, and as i said before not all releases need a signed form. a text or email is acceptable
  13. valdas

    Team Folding

    i heard last night they are still going to be competing as normal, good news
  14. valdas

    players releasing themsells

    i could explain how players or clubs dont need a signed form, but im gonna leave to the next general meeting.
  15. valdas

    players releasing themsells

    you are 100% wrong. forms are NOT a must