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  1. Midweek games

    If the games start and don’t get finished which they won’t will the league cover all the costs that the clubs have to pay out
  2. Midweek games

    Ceejay please please come out of retirement
  3. any games on sat 10th march

    We could’ve traveled to Ayr quicker than pittenweem yesterday as yc says because the roads are not covered in snow doesn’t mean it’s not dangerous not having a go at pittenweem neeb just stating the facts
  4. any games on sat 10th march

    No disrespect to anyone and pittenweems park definitely playable but yc has a point think the league should’ve called all games off yesterday
  5. KFAFA FIXTURES Saturday March 10

    Should be interesting this week am sure you only get 2 chances to play a cup tie at home then fixture is reversed as happened with hob v bayside earlier in the season

    Agree aswell
  7. 3rd rnd Fife Cup

    Any fixtures for this week Charlie
  8. Results Saturday 28th

    Why cast the fixture then
  9. Results Saturday 28th

    Any news on fossway v bayside score
  10. KFAFA FIXTURES Saturday October 28

    No moaning bomber just want to try n make sure we have a fixture
  11. KFAFA FIXTURES Saturday October 28

    As you no Pedro we tried on Monday to have two parks available for Saturday as ours took a pounding but were told straths park not due to be cut or lined until next week wonder if sir boss can confirm if this is true
  12. League Tables @ 21st October

    You got next weeks fixtures Charlie
  13. KFAFA RESULTS   Saturday October 14

    Scottish 4th Nov bomber
  14. Results

    We couldn't get a game because council said they couldn't line the park too wet