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  1. Pedro to be honest if only everyone had the balls to say it instead of saying everything’s ok we’ve got 6 games at home out of 7 it’s great we would maybe get something done at the end of the day it’s not right n a feel for gpr n Burntisland to
  2. With respect a great word by the way treat every team fairly end off
  3. Just went up to speak to our sponsor to reassure her we’ve no packed in
  4. Where r u Charlie Fife amateur football needs you
  5. That’s Ochil view park number 1 as you call it
  6. lumphinnans does have a home park tom jist incase you forgot
  7. veteran


    Getting older n wiser no bombscare
  8. veteran


    If he wasn’t there you would have no game simple
  9. veteran

    Results Saturday 1st

    Ylum 3 Eastvale 1 decent game Eastvale good side n Cheers for good turn out back at the pub
  10. veteran

    New season set up

    Bomber a was top goalscorer 5 seasons in a row a took some penalty’s
  11. veteran

    Results Saturday 5th

  12. veteran

    Results Saturday 5th

    What a seen the day he would get a game wi Cupar
  13. Thursday 3rd May strathmiglo v auchtermuchty
  14. veteran

    Fixtures Sat 5th - Fri 11th May

    Sure bowhill has played hob at bowhill
  15. veteran

    KFAFA RESULTS Saturday April 28

    Dinnae play 6 games on it every weekend n expect council to sort it