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  1. veteran

    result 19th may 2019

    Playing rugby the day
  2. veteran

    Hearts of Beath

    Looking at the fixtures it seems some teams already get that advantage of not playing 1st round Cup ties until March
  3. veteran

    Results 12/1/19

    Am on one knee Charlie
  4. veteran

    KFAFA RESULTS Saturday January 5

    Ceeejay you coming bk on one knee here pal
  5. veteran

    Pitches 01 Dec

    Bowhill look after there own park and get the final say if games are on or off
  6. veteran

    Results 18th

    So whaaat
  7. veteran

    Results Saturday 13th

    Ylum 2 am soccer 3 still trying to work out how we never took anything from that game
  8. veteran

    KFAFA FIXTURES  Saturday October 20

    Muchty at home on the website neeb
  9. veteran

    Fixtures Saturday September 29

    Already told the boys Saturday n the day if we’re 2-1 up with 2 to go stick the ball ⚽️ in our own net at least xguns gets turn
  10. veteran

    Strathmiglo Utd

    Smiler agree with your post but also agree with yc on teams folding to easy few year ago we lost our opening game against Leven 9-0 and it didn’t get much better that season n played the season out with committee members but got through it thankfully on the cup ties one surely would make sense to keep divisional cup games until after Xmas at least to keep teams interested only my opinion though
  11. Pedro to be honest if only everyone had the balls to say it instead of saying everything’s ok we’ve got 6 games at home out of 7 it’s great we would maybe get something done at the end of the day it’s not right n a feel for gpr n Burntisland to
  12. With respect a great word by the way treat every team fairly end off
  13. Just went up to speak to our sponsor to reassure her we’ve no packed in
  14. Where r u Charlie Fife amateur football needs you