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  1. Results Tuesday 24th

    Strathmiglo 5-5 AM Soccer Some cracking finishes but as you can imagine, some howling defending.
  2. Results Thursday 19th

    Is that a real question?
  3. Results Thursday 19th

    You’ve tried for a few weeks to get me to bite. I might aswell give you yer pound of flesh Pete. I didn’t want to have ask reserve team players to help us out that night, otherwise we’d get slaughtered on the internet.
  4. Results Thursday 19th

    I hear eaxactly what you are saying but you are missing the point of my post. Nobody from the first team went to the reserve game apart from a young full back, who is showing potential but hasn’t quite pinned a place down in the first team. Surely you take the opportunity to develop and motivate the player with the chance to play in a match? Or do we lose the player from football due to lack of action to keep things fair? What i find remarkable is that guys are unhappy about AM Soccer ‘benefitting’ from having two teams. It’s cost a fortune to run and doubled up the traffic on our facilities making them less desirable. In fact, it’s cost more than normal too because when both teams are cast at home, you’re looking at over £100 for the Astro and changing at the Howe Rugby facility. It’s another team to play against too. Why do we do it? Because there is a group of local lads who want a kick at the ball and our club want them to get that opportunity. We also have a full pathway of youth teams that need the opportunity to get used to adult football when the time comes to make the transition. It’s a big challenge to run two teams, it doesn’t just happen and has brought many challenges that you could really do without. Clubs may well opt to change the rule about the way players are registered and if they do, that may well put a stress on existence of the reserve team. Yes, it has it’s benefits with reserve players getting a shot in the first team but that is what a ‘club’ is for in my own opinion. The set up has helped young lads achieve scholarships in the USA and professional football. It’s how football clubs work to develop players at every level apart from here, where it is deemed a bad thing. I’ll go on the record as saying well done to Dunc and the reserve lads too, as I know they are chuffed that they dug it out lastnight.
  5. Results Thursday 19th

    The first team has played six games in 2 weeks including a graft v Leven on Tuesday night. They travel to Bowhill on Saturday, so it would take someone pretty stupid to send his players to another game tonight instead of giving them the night off. Sounds like you are deflecting.
  6. Reversing Cup ties

    We’ve been stung by this too, despite the whole country being shut down over one of those weekends. I was quoted a rule on page 40 of the handbook "The Match Secretary may reverse any local/domestic cup fixture after it has been called off twice." The word ‘may’ interested me. Two feet of snow is not something we can do much about but we’re required to crack on.
  7. Fife select team

    Confirmation that Sunday’s game is off and will be rescheduled for a later date.
  8. Fife select team

    The next fixture is on Sunday 4th March versus Midlands Select. 2pm kick off at Duffus Park, Cupar. Home of Cupar Hearts.
  9. Fife select team

    This match has now returned to its original venue, as the weather has improved and it was felt that the players would prefer the experience inside the stadium . 7:30pm kick off. Stenhousemuir F.C. Ochilview Park Gladstone Road Stenhousemuir, Falkirk FK5 4QL
  10. Fife select team

    Sorry Jim, that bit is a secret
  11. Fife select team

    Tonight’s match has been moved to Lornshill Academy, Alloa due to snow closing the original venue. Kick off is 8pm.
  12. Results

    AM 1-5 Leven. Home side punished for a rough performance.
  13. Results 3/2

    AM 3-3 HOB Lost the lead on two occasions but fought very well to salvage a point in the end.
  14. Results

    Pennies 4-2 AM Soccer Club A very poor showing from us in the first 45 and it might have been 6. Showed far more character in the second half and with a little bit more belief, might have set up a grandstand finish. 3 top class goals in the game and 3 howling mistakes.