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  1. At the final at Coaltown of Balgonie yesterday there was a tracksuit top and mobile phone left behind the goals , if you know who belongs it call Bill Hendry Balgonie Scotia Chairman he has them thanks
  2. we are still looking for friendlies on July 17th and 24th July
  3. wats appenin goggles not heard yir tripe for ages, still sneaking into kelty games up top gate
  4. Kinross are in the jon harrison memorial comp , hope this clears this up
  5. there will be 3/4 weeks contact training at least before wee move into games, hope this answers your question pal
  6. aye a good man and gentleman , RIP Jon Harrison
  7. Changing rooms are not allowed in any shape or form at this time , it is getting tested with Fife junior teams in the coming weeks but at any other level it is still not permitted and illegal still due to covid restrictions
  8. How will the league pay for cleaning bills , when teams agreed to start season without shower facilities or toilets R U A Raj min
  9. Any team within Fife wanting a friendly this Saturday ?
  10. you can play any age Saturday Amateur , Sunday pub fitbaw from 18 years old
  11. you cant play signed under 19 players
  12. Condolences from all at the YM
  13. Thanks for clearing this up Lee, didn’t think a player would be so immature cheers
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