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  1. you can play any age Saturday Amateur , Sunday pub fitbaw from 18 years old
  2. you cant play signed under 19 players
  3. Condolences from all at the YM
  4. Thanks for clearing this up Lee, didn’t think a player would be so immature cheers
  5. maybes aye maybes no ! , im not disputing the fact, You are !. Do you think Cupar shouldn't get relegated ? and if you dont why? living off the name I think, and with all this pandemic going on you've embarrassed your club with your stupid self centred comments.
  6. same points can you not read ,so they must have had a season like us. This season anybody could have beat each other when they have a squad to pick from , probably the most competitive league there has been for some time.
  7. Hahahah your a first class imbescile and talk some nonsence lol, all ifs and buts ,Cupar have been shite this season like the YM and Lumphinnans and Balgonie and numerous other teams , but we don't blow our trumpet like you , we just get on with it , you should be embarrassed with your stupid statement.
  8. hahahahaha that's the funniest thing you've ever posted lol
  9. They shouldn't have contacted Walter it should have been Tam Doyle fixture secretary , he's the guy who arranges the fixtures not walter
  10. I will bring it up at the executive meeting as we are always looking for help .
  11. When did you offer assistance ? as we are always looking for help.
  12. EOS not junior ,with the Bluebell bud , and he,s playing very well there also
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