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  1. Results Thursday 19th

    you slagged him Pete and sooked up his erse I'm one sentence Lol
  2. Games off Tuesday 17/04/18

    Oh the specky geek has sharely stolen somebodies WiFi password tonite
  3. Games off thursday

    well our park is well and truly fecked now ,after playing on Tuesday ,it was bad enough before we played Lol
  4. Games off thursday

    joke min been beautiful all day and games off ,we played on Tuesday in dreadful conditions , I think a few boys have the Pete Muir Syndrome Lol

    They Folded , only one Uni team now
  6. Midweek games

    We should have had the game out off sight the first half Tawtie , but Thistles Goalie had some great saves , but to be fair Thistle came right back at us and played really well in the second half and had a few good chances , Fife Thistle have came on leaps and bounds And are turning into a good young team , and hopefully do us a favour and take points off other teams at the top end of the table
  7. Results Tuesday 3rd

    Your team played well Colin and your number 9 is quality , what’s his phone number Lol , I hope Greg Barrie is ok as well bud a good guy
  8. Midweek Game

    I would like to mention that we managed to play 90 mins tonite in pish weather , so Pete Muir I hope you have the decency to apologise to the match secretary for all the drivel you have been slavering the last few days, pmsl
  9. Results Tuesday 3rd

    Some Game Colin in horrendous conditions , our park is now getting hired out for mud wrestling lol
  10. Games off thursday

    Pete give it a rest min ,like a broken auld record
  11. Mid week games

    How ?
  12. Midweek games

    It’s easy to make up fixtures for 8 teams , tongue in cheek don’t take it to heart , but as Pete Muir aka YaCant says , true neebs
  13. Fri 16th suspensions.

    The player and club new he was suspended , but the rule states they have to have a letter 2 weeks before suspension starts ,letter was posted in time but not lifted by Royal Mail due to the recent bad weather, absolute joke min,but that's football Lol
  14. KFAFA FIXTURES Saturday March 10

    What youll do to save a tenner hungry min Lol
  15. Friendly

    Any team got astro booked for Saturday , Kirkcaldy YM Ams wanting a friendly , we will split all costs thanks Ligi (YM Manager)